Jab Tales


Are you being dutifully quiet about jab injury? Perhaps you should consider coming out with it, huh?

Jab Tales
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Sept 23 2022
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Alright, a little story time here, guys.

So you know, I'm an audiovisual technician. I do sound lights and video for corporate events around the city. And I meet different crews every day. And this guy that I saw today, I knew from school, we went to school together for audio engineering and production; it's basically people that were in bands, and their bands don't make it big. And then we learned to record other bands, and we learned to produce our own music. And he had a really good band, really good voice, really good songwriting; the guy had it all. And he's working in the Union, and I'm just happy for him.

And then I said...He's asked me what I've been up to. And I said, Well, I got out of the game for over half a year because of vaccine discrimination. He's like coughing; man don't even say... No, no, tell me your tale. And he said that he held out as long as he could. He knew it was a bad deal. But they were going to withhold the unemployment when our whole economies were shut down if he didn't get a jab.

And I said, Well, I know that because I turned down unemployment, if it was based on a job, all of our rights were removed. And, of course, it's coercion. And so he said, Yeah, he held out as long as he could. Then he got the jab. And after his second jab, he had three weeks of heart pain, that he didn't report to anyone. And I get it, too, you don't want to; you don't want to know how bad it is. So he suffered through it, and he's over it now. And God willing, he's going to be healthy for the rest of his life. But how many people are walking around with unreported vaccine side effects that they're just telling people, Oh, no, it's just anxiety. It's just COVID anxiety. We're living in this weird world where everyone's pretending you're back to normal, but under the surface or discussions they're not willing to have with themselves or with their doctors, Dr. Hoff mentioned that 60% of people that he tested in his group of 1000 that had the jab had a micro blood clotting in their blood with the D-Dimer Test. How many people are walking around utterly mutated by their government? And they're okay with it. That's the biggest crime against humanity of our time.

And everyone's on... Look at this. Everyone's going about their day, guys. It's just a little heartache. Just a little heartache. Everything's back to normal, though. You've got to be kidding me. This is a mad world, and it can't run like this for a long time. If they're not working to get class action lawsuits to get justice for what was done to them, it's going to happen again. Of course, the lockdowns are going to come. You haven't reacted appropriately to the last ones, or to the fact that you were coerced into a jab that mutates you. It's just gross what they've done to human beings, conflating this jab with the other live attenuated virus or inactive virus vaccines, considering mRNA technology to be one of those, and if you doubt it, you're an anti-Vaxxer akin to the ones that were doubting measles vaccines. It's a crazy world, guys, and we're destined to repeat it until we face it honestly, and humanity's not ready for yet. It's just a sleepwalk; sleepwalk to catastrophe, guys. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

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