RX Inoculations are Standardized WMDs


Covid vax deaths and injuries are mounting.

But that isn't what the fake news will tell you. Their seamless collusion with big daddy pHARMa and socialist commie left political affiliates keeps the corporate media hushed about covid vaxx dangers. WE ARE THE NEWS NQW means We the People must inform others ourselves to help save lives.

Watch the three short videos below to get a 40,000-foot view of:

  • the conspiracy facts
  • how it's been proven for years vaxxes are dangerous 
  • and how YOU can fight back! 

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You can't make this up!

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 19, 2022
Length 2:17

The stage was set for covid "Crimes against Humanity" in 2015.

There is a written agreement between Moderna and the US government that dates back to 2015 which includes...wait for it...agreements made concerning the CORONA VIRUS. I will let Glenn Beck explain the huge connection to covid-2019...

This Video Can Save Your Life!

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 20, 2022
Length 6:38

In 2019, Dr. Paul Thomas PROVED vaxxes cause significant injury. What was the response of the Medical Board?? Well, to pull his license, of course! The medical industry makes it impossible to win because they are controlled by medical money. And who controls the medical money? Q know who! 

This video is a haven of facts that solid sources back up. Dr. Paul Thomas of DrPaulsFight demonstrates the proof he gathered with a team using a control group, the unvaxxed, a group of those who are vaxxed. Here we have undeniable evidence of severe vax injury. There is a transcript supplied with the pertinent facts. 

Research like this is why I label all vaxxes, not just the covid vaxx, Weapons of Mass Destruction. 

(Transcript Speaker: Dr. Paul Thomas)

So the medical board came to me in February 2019 and said, Prove that the vaccine-friendly plan is as safe as the CDC schedule...I hired an outside expert. We got every single data point for every patient born in my practice; 2700 variably vaccinated, 560-some unvaccinated, and we age-matched them and compared them. 

And this is what we found...you'll see vaccinated orange, blue are the unvaccinated kids.

Here's asthma blue line, unvaccinated yellow, vaccinated allergic rhinitis, eczema, sinusitis, gastroenteritis, respiratory infections, otitis media, conjunctivitis; those are eye infections. Wait a minute; I thought vaccines prevented infections. What's going on here? 

  • Vaccines shift the immune system to allergy and autoimmunity, and you have more and more infections of other kinds. Here's other infections. 
  • Here's breathing issues. 
  • Here's behavioral issues, ADHD; there was none in the unvaccinated patients for ten years in my practice. That's unbelievable, folks. So what was the response of the medical board to this landmark study? They yanked my license.

I want to tell you something you'll hear; oh, association does not mean it's causation. You heard that? That's the reason your story of your vaccine-injured child doesn't count. It was just a coincidence. It's not a coincidence if we have multiple other studies and we have a mechanism of action. I've already explained the aluminum mechanism.

There's another mechanism of too many vaccines too soon causing immune activation, which causes problems. So here's some other studies. This was the Moston study. If you see the little white unvaccinated child, relative to that child, the vaccinated kids had twice as much chronic illness, three times as much eczema, four times as much neurodevelopmental autism, ADD, and learning disabilities, and 30 times as many allergies. The published study is peer-reviewed.

Here's another one, Hooker and Miller in 2020 published this one. Top three graphs show odds of two, four, and two times for developmental delays, asthma, and ear infections at very significant levels. Then last year, they published another massive study of multiple pediatric practices. They pulled all their data, and here's what they found: Highlighted in yellow allergies, autism, gastrointestinal disorders, asthma, ADD, ADHD, and ear infections, all massively increased in the vaccinated. Odds ratios are going from 4.3 all the way up to 27 times. This is real data with positive P values, meaning it's highly significant.

Now I'm gonna blow your socks off. How many of you have seen the control group data? Raise your hands? Oh, boy, this is great. You haven't seen something 'til you've seen this—Controlgroup dot org. You can go get it yourself, and it's also on doctorsandscience dot com. Look at chronic conditions. Orange is vaccinated. Green is unvaccinated. How about chronic conditions in adults? How about arthritis? Wouldn't you like to never have to worry about arthritis? There was none in the unvaccinated. None whatsoever. This blows my mind. We all know heart disease is a major killer. None in the unvaccinated. Diabetes. If you're struggling with diabetes, giving yourself insulin every day, wouldn't it be nice if you had known that not vaccinating, you wouldn't have had to deal with that? Digestive disorders, eczema, asthma; zero asthma in adults who are never vaccinated.

By the way, how many here have never had a single vaccine? I see a couple of hands, two, three. You guys are the control group. So everybody has been subjected to this, but I want to point out one super important thing. Okay? .26% of the United States, one-quarter of 1% of us have never had a single vaccine.

How many of you have not had a COVID vaccine? Yeah. Okay. You are the control group for what's really coming. (which are)

  • So here's allergies...
  • Here are developmental disabilities,
  • epilepsy, which is seizures,
  • and autism.

They keep saying there's no link between autism. We just showed you four different studies with massive significant links between autism and vaccines. ADHD, remember my study? None. There's zero ADHD in this control group, as well. 

  • Learning disabilities, chronic sinusitis, SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome; your healthy, beautiful baby just dies. Guess what? 97% of SIDS cases happen in the first ten days after vaccines. 
  • It's absolutely cause and effect. It's been published. Okay, how about cancer, folks? How about cancer? 
  • There's no cancer effectively in the unvaccinated. This stuff's mind-boggling.

"Sue Your Doctor" - They've Violated Their Oath and Failed to Give Informed Consent.

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 19, 2022
Length 2:00

We have the right to know precisely what is in any substance a medical doctor suggests we put into our body and what all the risks may be. Period. There are no exceptions unless you knowingly consent. 

The lies manufactured to get people to agree to be vaxxed by dangerous substances are unconscionable and have deadly consequences. Big pHARMa has made it impossible to sue them, but the doctors who go along with the scheme and vaxx their clients CAN be sued. 

Ryan Cole, MD, tells us to take action NQW!  


JUST IN - "CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky signed off on Pfizer, Moderna mRNA shots for children as young as six months. First injections are expected next week in the US." 

And as is typical of the liar and chief's staff to do, we find out: 

"White House Health Official Makes False Claim About COVID-19 Vaccines. A White House official on June 20 made a false claim about COVID-19 vaccines while encouraging parents to get their young children vaccinated. Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House's COVID-19 coordinator, said that "there have not been any serious side effects of these vaccines," which is not true. Severe allergic reactions, blood clotting, heart inflammation, and paralysis are among the serious side effects linked to the three COVID-19 vaccines available in the United States. "There is a well-documented risk of myocarditis from the COVID vaccine, especially in young men and adolescent boys, and an elevated risk of clotting in young women with the Moderna vaccine," Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University, told The Epoch Times in an email. "It's not right for government scientific advisors to downplay documented risks of the vaccine because it ultimately undermines confidence in public health," Bhattacharya added." ~ TheEpochTimes

In the short video snippet below, watch as Dr. Walensky almost gleefully makes the vax for infants announcement even though deadly lies being told by the Biden Administration are coming to the surface. They seem to have absolutely no conscience. 

Those who have orchestrated this death cult and those complicit in it must be held liable.  


"Mass formation is a form of mass hypnosis that emerges when specific conditions are met, and almost always precede the rise of totalitarian systems." Get the details in the excellent video interview with Mattias Desmet in the image link above. 


Your MyRR Profile and Timeline, Pages and Groups are your Arsenal, where you store the ammo securely, out of reach of the rampant censorship war being waged against the people and against decency and truth.
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