Dr. Buttar Outed Mysterious Death of Top Virologist Years Ago...


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This is becoming more common than expected….

I don't know if you have been noticing this….

But there is a huge increase in the silencing and mysterious deaths of those who speak the truth!

Back in early 2022, the late Dr. Rashid Buttar pointed out how Luc Montagnier, who was a Nobel Laureate and considered to be the number 1 highest-rated virologist in the world, mysteriously died a month prior.

And if you think it couldn't be any weirder, here's what Dr. Buttar said about Dr. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test:

"He died in August of 2019, just a few months, you know. So, he dies in 2019, and then in October 2019, they had Event 201, the mock simulation for a worldwide pandemic caused by a coronavirus.

"And the following month in November of 2019, they had the perfection of the patent, that was issued to Pirbright corporation in Europe, which is controlled by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,

"Which issued a patent on COVID-19, not on a vaccine or on treatment, but on the virus itself on the pathogen itself, which, how can you do that? You can't patent a naturally recurring substance, right?"

This begs the question…. WHY is this happening?

If these so-called "vaccines" are so deadly (which they are), WHY would they be pushed and viscously try to silence those who stand in their way?

Dr. Rashid Buttar said it best….

"I've always felt that it was something that was designed to reduce human population."

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  • Ronnie Cummins, who tragically passed away April 26, 2023, was the undisputed leader in the regenerative food and farming movement for over two decades. During that time, we turned the tide against chemical agriculture and forced more transparency in our food systems
  • Ronnie was a founding member of Health Liberty. We partnered back in 2011, and started the funding to gather signatures in California's Proposition 37 to label GMOs at a time when fewer than 5% of Americans realized such a thing even existed
  • We were also fortunate enough to co-author "The Truth About COVID-19," which became the top selling book on Amazon in the midst of the plandemic disaster
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