"DNA" means "God's Fire is Lord at the Center of My Being"


DNA = dioxyribonucleic acid

dioxy = God. ribo = Lord. nucleic = at the center. acid = chemical fire

"God's fire is Lord at the center of my being."

Book of Genesis: In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was God. And the Word was with God. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among men. 

DNA is the blueprint for a God free being in man-ifestation.

mRNA are the DNA's messengers to make things happen in the body.

mRNA shots by Bill Gates and co. are these fallen ones playing god as eugenicists.

Word Knowledge on DNA and mRNA and Bill Gates

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (upload of Facebook video posted by Louis Van Der Vyver)
Published Dec 21, 2021 (originally by Louis Aug 22, 2021)
4:23 viewing length (transcript below)


DNA is just an abbreviation for a much longer name: Deoxyribonucleic Acid. That's what DNA stands for. Now, Deoxy. See, that's a Latin root. If you trace its meaning, that means God. So Deoxy Ribo, in the Semitic languages, Ribo is the same as Rabbi or in the Arabic, we say Rab. It means the Master, the Lord. So here we have Deoxyribo: God, Lord, and Master.

Nucleic acid: Nucleic, meaning at the center, and Acid is like chemical fire. So Deoxyribonucleic Acid, DNA, what does it mean? God, Lord, and Master. The fire at the center of my being. So what does the Bible say about it? It says, In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was what? The Word was God, and the Word was with God. Then it says, After many days, the Word became flesh, and dwelt among men, was it as DNA. So now the DNA basically is the God molecule that actually is the blueprint for how to make a human being. Every molecule, every protein, every substance in your body was coded for, programmed for, in the DNA.

But how did it get expressed as a protein, say in muscle or bone? How did that get expressed physically out of a word? How did it manifest into flesh? That's the messenger RNA. See, the mRNA, the small case m stands for messenger.

So it's almost theological. If DNA is the God molecule, well, how does God communicate with the world? He sends messengers, prophets, teachers, with a message. So in the cell of a body...Okay, suppose some injury took place, you know, suppose you cut your skin, like I got a little thing here. Okay, so a message went to the cell from the DNA, Oh, there was a protein that got destroyed in some cell. We need 300 of those units to replace what God destroyed. So the messenger RNA comes out with that message to code for that protein. And then the cell gets busy and makes 300 copies of that exact protein, fixes whatever the injury was.

We call that healing. We take it for granted. But how did it happen? The DNA was in charge and gave a command to the messenger RNA to go make a protein. This creation taking place every minute, every second. Why? Because it's God that's at the very center of our being.

So what does the enemy to God and the righteous want to do? It wants to send in an alien word, an alien messenger RNA. Not the word of God coming from the Divine, but coming from the outside, and literally coming from Bill Gates. So what kind of message does Bill Gates want to send into your cells? A two- or three-generation-old genocidalist. Eugenicist. 

Now, he's hated black people, even his father, his grandfather. They all believed in eugenics, population reduction, but they didn't have the means to carry it out. And so now here's little Billy: he's got the means in his hands to actually carry out the depopulation agenda of his father and his grandfather.


The ultimate way to avoid getting caught in the Covidiocy storm is to avoid buying into the political game that government knows better than we do how to take care of ourselves.

Too many people are still clueless to the depth of evil perpetrated toward mankind through the use of this man-made health crisis now known worldwide as the Covid Plandemic.
I surmise that those reading this are either just waking up to the horrors of how the elite are using covid to destroy people and control the masses, or are awake and here gathering information to help others become more aware. Either way, read on for information that can save lives.


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