Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson's case goes 💥BOOM💥

Jackson's attorney, Robert Barnes, says this court case against Pfizer will become "the biggest whistleblower False Claims Act in the history of the United States." Yet the corporate news conglomerate will not cover it because, if they do, they will leak out facts instead of lies. 

Whistleblower Brook Jackson came forward, submitting proof Pfizer created false statistics about their vax trials, claiming efficacy to become certified. As the court case rolls along, Pfizer admits fraud, with an interesting caveat: they move to have the case dismissed. 

What is their premise for case dismissal?  

Hold onto your Maga hat for this one, Patriots. Pfizer claims they are not guilty of fraud given that the government "was in on it" !!

You really cannot make this stuff up, folks.

Watch the short video below for details of one of the most bizarre and incriminating defenses ever presented by a pHARMa organization. 

You may be asking yourself why Pfizer is not intimidated by the ramifications of such an absurd yet true admission? 

Think about it. Q know why! 

Pfizer Admits To Fraud In Court But Claims It's Not Fraud Because The Government Was In On It

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 15, 2022
Length 2:43

Video Transcript

Attorney Robert BarnesI represent Brook Jackson, who is a whistleblower who exposed that the Pfizer clinical trials were riddled not only with error but with fraudulent and false certifications to the US government. That's the suit.

Viva Frei Allegedly.

Attorney Robert Barnes: Yes. She's got a lot of evidence of it. But what's fascinating is Pfizer has moved to dismiss the case, and their grounds to dismiss as they repeated in the scheduling conference we had this week, is that it doesn't matter if they submitted fraudulent certifications to the government. It doesn't matter if they submitted false statements under penalty of perjury to the government. It doesn't matter if they lied about the safety and efficacy of these drugs, mislabeled in my opinion, as vaccines. Because the government was in on it with them. The government knows what's going on. And the government still would have given them the check anyway. So is it really fraud if the government's their co-conspirator? That is, in essence, Pfizer's defense so far to the case. So it'll be an interesting case. The judge said that we would be entitled to discovery about any issue related to the motion to dismiss. And so that covers some territory.

Viva Frei: That's an interesting thing. In Quebec last time I checked, if you make a motion, anytime you file a new affidavit in support of a motion, you get to examine on the affidavit. So if they filed the motion to dismiss basically saying, Look, we're innocent, but even if we're guilty, they authorized to do it, they authorized us to do it. Do you not get to examine them on those new allegations, which were not part of the original proceeding, and are new to the file?

Attorney Robert Barnes: See? That's what the judge said. The judge said we're entitled to discovery on those issues, which they were going ballistic about. They kept saying, Oh, well, we've just moved to dismiss a motion to dismiss is on the four corners of the pleadings. Not their motion to dismiss. Their motion to dismiss includes a bunch of extra extrinsic information, documentation, and testimony, which we're absolutely entitled to contest and dispute and to get discovery concerning. And the Court recognized the same; very, you know, straightforward, old-school judge. So he was talking about when he first saw the, you know, some federal rules, he thought that they were communist back in the day, 30-35 years ago. But he goes, they really work well. And it involves, you know, disclosure and discovery in a timely material way. So they'll be able to limit some discovery, but not as much as I think they wanted to. And it was a fascinating defense, fascinating defense to say, Yeah, maybe we lied. But even if we did, it doesn't matter, because some high-ranking government people were in on the lie. I don't think that's going to be a defense that the court's ultimately going to buy, but it entitles us to discovery in the interim, so it's going to be Brooke Jackson's case marches onward. Probably the biggest whistleblower False Claims Act maybe in the history of the United States.


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