Fighting the Pharmacide: No one need die of cancer. NO ONE!

Without question, there has been an uptick in severe disease-related deaths since the toxic c19 jab was introduced. The corrupted global media will not investigate it, our pHARMa-backed medical elites will not openly acknowledge it, and there are dozens of cabal-controlled governments in countries worldwide being subsidized to keep it from becoming common knowledge. Yet we now have the masses making a solid, firm connection between pHARMa-created treatments and their harmful, deadly side effects for the first time in recent history.

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Nuremberg 2.0 Advocate, Beloved REINER FUELLMICH, Arrested and Jailed!

In a prison in Germany sits a hero. 

He has given his all to reveal the covidiocy scam since early 2020. You may remember his name: Reiner Fuellmich. RRM has written numerous articles about his classic medical investigative work and the results he brought forth publicly.

Shortly after lockdowns were announced, he organized the four-member German Corona Investigative Committee in July 2020. Their research helped uncover the PCR test hoax and dozens more c19 fake science claims.  There, of course, was no corporate media coverage about him and his team's work, but he didn't go unnoticed. 

He has tens of thousands of supporters, friends, and followers due to his no-nonsense reporting of facts. 

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DAVID SORENSEN, STOP WORLD CONTROL: MASS MURDER by government, witnessed by funeral director John O’Looney

Funeral director John O'Looney saw to his horror how thousands of vulnerable people were murdered in care homes, to start the covid pandemic in the United Kingdom. Later he was contacted by a government official instructing him to label every natural death as covid. John O'Looney also saw how the death rates suddenly exploded, once vaccinations began. John O'Looney is connected to 45 other funeral directors who all told him they see the same things: mass murder by governments, relabeling every death as covid, and massive death waves following the vaccinations.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: 'COVID Unmasked' — How to Take Back Our Nation


  • Children's Health Defense (CHD) has released a four-part documentary, "COVID Unmasked," which details how the COVID pandemic was used as a convenient opening act for a global takeover
  • Part 4 details how we can peacefully take our country back by ensuring our county sheriffs are willing to do their duty, which is to uphold and protect the constitutional rights of their residents
  • Any law that violates the Constitution is null and void, no matter who makes it, and an unconstitutional law "imposes no duties, confers no right, creates no office, bestows no power or authority on anyone, affords no protection, and justifies no acts performed under it"
  • No matter how dire the emergency, the Constitution may not be suspended or violated
  • No government agent or agency has the authority to overrule the local sheriff's decisions. The sheriff is the ultimate authority and law enforcement power in his or her jurisdiction

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  • "Plandemic — Indoctornation" reveals the driving forces behind the vaccine agenda. It looks at the roles of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Dr. Anthony Fauci, mainstream media, Silicon Valley tech giants, Big Pharma and many others, connecting the dots between them
  • The U.S. CDC owns the patent for SARS-CoV (the virus responsible for SARS) isolated from humans. In 2007, the CDC filed a petition with the patent office to keep their coronavirus patent confidential. They also own patents for detection methods, and for a kit to measure the virus
  • By law, one cannot patent naturally-occurring DNA. If SARS-CoV is natural, then the patent is illegal. If the virus is manmade, the patent is legal, but the creation of the virus would be a violation of biological weapons treaties and laws. So, either way, the CDC has engaged in illegal activity
  • Because the CDC owns the patent on SARS-CoV, it controls who has the ability to make inquiries into it. Unless authorized, you cannot look at the virus, you cannot measure it or make tests for it, since they own all those patents. This means the CDC has a major profit motive
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill owns a patent describing methods for producing recombinant coronaviruses
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CVD-19, Snake Venom, and Your Health, in a FREE eBOOK!

Thank You, Larry Cook, for this great information! 

"This eBook delves into scientific revelations that draw an undeniable link between C0V!D-19 and snake venom…"

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What do the jab, V-AIDS, and Israel have in common?

Hidden in plain sight. 

Let's connect the dots between the massive failed c19 jab experiment pushed by thousands of people in leadership and celebrity positions to what is happening today in the medical community and finally tie it to Israel. 

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"What in God's name have they done to those injected?"

Why is Pfizer pushing c19 pills laced with HIV drugs?

Watch this video from 'The Jerusalem Report' with Ilana Rachel Daniel (CHD-TV) and listen carefully for the important connection between HIV, Fauci, and the c19 jab. 

As you process this information and do the research, it becomes evident big pHARMa's mafia machine corruption goes far beyond greed and power grabs. Yes, big pHARMa money, mayhem, and murder are behind the creation of disease and its supposed cures, but the ultimate objective of their evil posturing is to wipe out free will and personal identity and destroy anyone in their way. This is as much a spiritual battle as it is a physical and psychological one. 

Please watch and share, especially with those who still trust the traditional medical world with their life. 

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​Novax Djokovic a national and world hero

Tennis' recently crowned US Open champion and World No 1, Novak Djokovic of Serbia, is celebrated as a national hero there, not just for his winning ways but for his courageous stand against the globalists and their medical mafia and media sycophants.

The phenomenally fit 36 year-old's victory in New York over a man almost 10 years younger brings his career Grand Slam tournament wins to 24, tying the legendary Margaret Court as the most any man or woman has won in a career. That's 2 more than the next man, the surgery-recuperating and vaxxed Rafael Nadal, 4 more than the recently-retired Roger Federer, and 10 more than the long-retired Pete Sampras, who is fourth among men.

(A Grand Slam tournament refers to the sport's four annual major tournaments that bring the world's best men and women players together. These include the winter season's Australian Open (their summer), the spring season's French Open, the early summer's Wimbledon and the late summer's US Open.)

Many around the world view "Djoker" as heroic for not giving in to the maniacal cancel culture even when it might have cost him all-time career records that might never be reached again, making him the unrivaled Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) in his sport.

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HEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS: Comprehensive list of treatments for covidiocy concerns

Is anyone paying attention? 

There are thousands of videos and pages of research backed by factual sources demonstrating the staggering number of deaths, injuries, and related fallout due to the c19 plandemic and subsequent jab. The NEWS NQW is filled with carefully researched information showing empirical evidence and detailed reports of public harm to the masses.

Where is the outrage? 

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In this continued series entitled 'Health Consciousness' about how to effectively live a life geared toward gaining and maintaining better health more naturally, I include the first US medical journal-published natural protocol to detoxify the body from C19-induced spike proteins. 

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'A Pandemic Of Amnesia' by Larry Cook

How do we stop the next Planned-demic?

Larry Cook knows how! 

As Larry does in his writing below and the invitation for all to join "The Health Freedom Summit," we also need to stop the onslaught of more scam demic rubbish being pushed by big pHARMa-controlled media and its tyrannical medical industry by sharing with everyone the well-known facts about the covidiocy failure. 

The division and destruction once caused by a world hampered with covidiocy will not be allowed to happen again. WE ARE THE NEWS NQW has gotten a firm hold on the distribution of worldwide truth, and the saturation point of red pills being swallowed is tipping the scales in favor of the world not being fooled again by the same type of c19 scripted fear porn that occurred in 2020.  

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FALL OF THE CABAL: The End of the World as We Know it

Early in 2020, shortly after covidiocy was injected into society by the world's evil elite we call the 'cabal' (call them NWO, Deep State, WEF, or any other name that you may have heard, they all are a part of the subject matter at hand), Janet Ossebaard & Cyntha Koeter, creators of the Fall of the Cabal series, became well known to millions with their first series of 10 video's exposing the cabal conspiracy and their plans to control the world and all therein. 

Their videos were banned immediately. 

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Meet "the biolabs guy" BioClandestine

For a number of years now, we've covered the work of the researcher and writer, Jacob Creech, originally calling himself "BioClandestine" (still does on Telegram). President Trump and General Flynn have shared his work with their followers.

Like us and all good patriots, including President Trump and General Flynn, Clandestine was canceled from social media again and again (except Telegram and Truth Social of course) until Elon came along with Twitter 2.0, now X. He is simply "Clandestine" there, @WarClandestine is his X handle.

He's done some of the best work exposing the Khazarian Mafia's U.S./Ukraine based bioweapons program against the world, specifically against Slavs (Russians) whom the KM have an ancient hatred for almost as ugly as their wicked hatred for America's patriots.

Jacob has evolved his work to the latest release he's calling "Bioweapons Breakdown Part 2," fully disclosing himself in video format. This article covers this work and Part 1 as well.

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Dr. Tenpenny License Suspended : "The outcome is in God's hands."

Nothing loosens big pHARMa's grasp on unreality like a warrior medical truther.

Dr. Tenpenny has rattled the political cage of Ohio's pHARMa-controlled medical board for years. Before c19 hit, Dr. Tenpenny was onto the pHARMa agenda to keep the masses sick while profiting from the illnesses. Dr. Tenpenny was censored repeatedly as she spoke out against the covidiocy medical tyranny and the toxic jab. The Ohio Board of Certification got involved because they had no other way to keep Dr. Tenpenny from hailing the truth forward except to bring a claim against her. Their claim was as flimsy as it sounds. It was this: She exhibited a "Failure to cooperate.

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We have been lied to for decades (and longer) about our health

The consequences of ignorance ARE disease and death.

Whether viewed from a meta-physical or purely physical perspective, ignorance, especially about our health, is life-threatening. 

The research is clear. The evidence is in. Parasites ARE the authentic cause of many, if not most, illnesses, diseases, and chronic conditions. 

We need to put an end to this Virus Myth once and for all!

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Erik Carlson: A Virus, or a Metaphor?

Decoding Donald Trump's COVID Comms

Badlands Media on Substack | Author Erik Carlson | Jul 17, 2023

Bonus: Hear the article expertly read by Patrick Gunnels. Find the Rumble video below the article.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: ' can be a very hazardous occupation'

What happens to those who know too much? 

As with any corrupt entity, such as the well-known Mafia, it's unwise to keep those alive who know enough to damage the system of lies needed to remain evil. It's no different for big pHARMa's scheme of lies and coverups concerning the scamdemic.  

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THE WAR ON IVERMECTIN with Dr. Pierre Kory. It could have saved millions!

The big pHARMa-led lies and coverup of successful, effective treatments for the recent scamdemic by the system of evil lurking in the medical field is stunning. 

Dr. Pierre Kory was one of the first brave doctors who did in-depth research about the healing properties of other treatments for the virus. His conclusions call out every organization that cooperated to withhold life-saving treatments to the sick and dying. 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Contaminated COVID Products and Green Monkey Virus

Story at-a-glance

  • Microbiologist Kevin McKernan and his team recently discovered simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters in Pfizer's and Moderna's bivalent mRNA COVID shots
  • SV40 have long been suspected of causing cancer in humans
  • DNA contaminants may have the ability to alter the human genome. One of Pfizer's vials also had an SV40 promoter with a nuclear localization sequence (NLS), a 72 base pair insertion that makes the promoter "much more aggressive and also drives the sequence into the nucleus" of the cell
  • DNA contamination is a warning sign that endotoxin, which causes anaphylaxis when injected, may be present
  • A cinnamycin-resistant gene is also included in the sequencing vector, and it's unclear if or how this might impact human health. In a worst case scenario, it could make your microbiome resistant to antibiotics
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