Pizzagate: Are You Redpilled Yet?

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Social media is flooded with posts about #Pizzagate and #HumanTrafficking and #SRA = #SatanicRitualAbuse. Even as social media cancels people's accounts for talking about it. Even as the apologists in mainstream media lie to you bald-faced about it and distract you with enough #FakeNews to make your head spin.


Many a gentle reader will have already seen some of those social media posts that refer to this monstrous practice of the elite phreaks who have been doing this for millennia.

Some of us, perhaps most of us at one time, may have even believed that child sacrifice was only done a long time ago by barbarous people in barbarous times. The question is: when have times not been barbarous?

Fake history is promulgated by psychopaths (part of their gaslighting behavior) to cover up who and what they are and what they do. Your consent - even tacit - for their crimes, is the currency they rule us with.

Have you been redpilled yet? You better grow up, fast.

This whole Bye-Dan administration clownshow is to get as many sleepers to wake up as soon as possible.

New York Post Cover Page Stumbling Biden Lies

So, we're going to add some fuel to this blazing wake-up party.

Yes, child sex trafficking is endemic in our world. And it's worse than that. Forget covid, that's a smokescreen, OK?

Evergreen Container Ship Stuck in Suez




Originally published Friday, 26 March 2021


Dutch police discover 'underworld' prison with torture chamber in shipping containers


Saint Thomas More

America Awake! Before it is Too Late!

Men and Women of Freedom's Hope,

Those who love the natural expression of truth find it difficult to understand how there can be so much untruth in men's concepts. As they gaze upon the face of nature and see the beauty of the light passing through the sky—the fretted, fluttering, fading leaves of autumn penetrated by that light, their cadences promising change—it is as though there were two gods—a God of nature where the face of truth is and a god of man where vacillation, deceit, and confusion manifest. 

You may ask why I have chosen to use a picture of the Saint, Thomas More, but just study his life then brothers to understand his devotion to God and the principles of truth and justice he espoused, thereafter your question will be answered.


Pepe Soldier Flexing

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