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The longer this goes with the most sophisticated and wide ranging sting operation in mankind's recorded history that is the 2020 fraudulent election, the more willing the dummies seem to be to step out and be counted as criminal traitors to the American republic and its people. We also understand that many election officials may have had their lives and families threatened by the CCP. Strange times indeed when you're trying to restore law and order here in this fair land. Patience, lads and lasses, this too shall pass!

Vid SC Pulitzer with Bobb on OAN

Jovan Pulitzer on Individuals Saying This was the Most Secure Election in History – “If It Was It’d Be Very Transparent” – And It’s Not (VIDEO)

"Jovan Pulitzer is attempting to forensically validate the ballots in Maricopa County Arizona. But the Board of Supervisors in the county is attempting to prevent him from doing his work there.

"Pulitzer has also offered to review the ballots in Fulton County Georgia and the Georgia Senate approved his effort there. But the last we heard on Georgia was that the FBI came in and took custody of some ballots and sent them to the shredder."

Joe Hoft - Gateway Pundit

(Please tap or click image below to launch the 4 minute OAN interview with Pulitzer)

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Trump calls for vote fraud investigation

Vote Fraud Is Real And Every Citizen Deserves To Know The Truth

This presidential election cycle is like none we've ever witnessed. Unprecedented events have taken place so far this year which make this election unique. First we had an endless supply of entertainment in the form of the sham 'impeachment' of a duly elected president, which ended without conviction due to a fraudulent case. Then came the China virus, aka the 'covid ' plandemic pandemic which has changed the way a large part of the world's population lives and does business, including the way many states plan to collect the vote. From instituting strict health guidelines forcing the wearing of facemasks and "social distancing" at voter precincts, to the bulk mailing of unsolicited ballots to every person, dead or alive, legal or illegal, in the state, voting this year will not be the same, raising concerns of voter fraud, about which there have been many confusing reports in the lamestream media.



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    capture · 1 months ago
    The Faux Chekkers are saying that the Bidan didn't even say that "We've put together the most exclusive and extensive voter fraud organization in the history of the United States":Which only brings even more credence to the fact that it's true.

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