Maverick Gaetz Orders the Federal Bureau of Lies to Fess Up

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Matt the Maverick keeps us grinning. Great wordsmiths are so foreign to Congress, this guy is really breaking the mold; and breaking with the moldy past.

Oh. Did you know that the FBI sent an anonymous letter urging Martin Luther King to commit suicide? Surely you've heard of COINTELPRO? Watch the Scotty Films vid featuring Natural's "Imagine Dragons" featured in this article.

Dept of Injustice Federal Bureau of Insurrections

Matt Gaetz: Did The FBI Have a Direct Role In The Escalation of January 6th?

Red Voice Media on Rumble

Published June 17, 2021

1:19 viewing length


Ruby Ray Media on Rumble Upload of a Bitchute Video from Robert David Steele

Published June 18, 2021

1:05 viewing length

Imagine Dragons - Natural

Scotty mar10 on Rumble

Published June 17, 2021

6:43 viewing length

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Federal Bureau of Insurrections (Or, Are Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow the Same Person?)

Federal Bureau of Insurrections

With all the constant propaganda we've been pummeled with over the generations in this country about our vaunted FBI, we've come to realize that your law enforcement agencies are only going to be as good as how well people live in reality vs the silver screen reality that so many seem to have gotten lost in over the years. It's something that seems to be up for a final judgment in this "crucible moment" of history as General Flynn likes to call it.

The public is suddenly presented with a disclosure of how fake was this fake news story of a "Capitol Insurrection," a call we made the moment the producers began broadcasting it January 6. Obviously, like all the other staged panic events over the many decades, it would be the psychos at Federal Bureau of Insurrections doing the dirty deed, with Dr. Evil's henchmen Clowns In America directing the movie, mind-wiped mockies in tow. ("mockies" = agents trained by CIA Project Mockingbird for directing public narrative through the "news media," hollyweird and the breathless and truthless pronouncements from District of Creeps.)


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