Lin Wood's Latest Sunday Wisdom

Sundays bring out the best in Lin. He adds to an already impressive string of weekly communique's with this one that we've gathered from a string of Telegram posts today, March 7, 2021. Enjoy!

Lin Wood Shares His Wisdom on Sunday March 7, 2021

Tens of millions of Trump supporters are undoubtedly pulling their hair out and demanding “action” to reverse the fraudulent election and to have President Trump recognized publicly as the President of the United States.

Everyone knows Trump won except the willfully ignorant or those still blinded by their political anti-Trump agenda. The truth is that Trump won bigly.

I believe the military knows it. I am sure the enemy knows it. An increasing number of Americans know it, even some who foolishly supported Joey “Bribes” Biden.

So why the delay?

Why no high profile arrests? Why no use of lawful force? Why are we still twisting slowly in the wind waiting for truth to prevail?

The country is sure getting an increasingly good taste of life under CCP/Globalist/DeepState control. Their goals and tactics are now in public display.

What is going on America?

That is a question worth exploring as from all outward appearances we seem to be living in a communist version of The Twilight Zone.

While I certainly was looking for signs of a quick remedy or fix in the few weeks immediately following the November 3 attempted theft, I was short-sighted.

I had knowledge about the election but I was lacking wisdom regarding it. The latter comes from longevity and a variety of experiences. Over the past 4 months, I have attempted to view the trauma our country is facing with wisdom.

Maybe I am wise or maybe I am not. But I am happy to share my “wisdom” with you so you can reach your own conclusions.

So here we go.

Wisdom suggests:

(1) If nefarious actors attempt to overthrow your country and its form of government, take your time and identify each and every one of them for prosecution. The crime of treason carries serious punishments, including death by firing squad. All traitors face that potential penalty regardless of rank or the level of office they hold. Get them all.

(2) if you correct the fraudulent election and identify all of those involved, are you done? Nah. You must fully drain the swamp or its creatures will plot another coup or election theft in 2 to 4 years. The CIA, like the Communists, has infiltrated all aspects of life inside our country. And that is just one of the “3-letter agencies” that make up the Deep State. It takes time to drain that deep swamp.

More efforts at wisdom to follow.

Wisdom suggestions continued:

(3) After the Deep State, who must also be identified and prosecuted to avoid another attempt to overthrow our government? Brace yourselves for the answer. The Cabal. Yes, I said it. The Cabal of the super rich and powerful. The globalists. The individuals and entities who own the world’s financial systems and control major companies that make up the world economy. May even include individuals in the House of Windsor and the Vatican. Rothschild’s? Rockefeller’s? Who knows? We need to know who these people are and then take the time to prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. I am willing to wait, are you? I want to see them ALL brought to justice. Don’t you?

(4) Now the ugliest part of the truth that must be faced and addressed. It relates to the Cabal and its desire to make even more money, satisfy its members perverted sexual desires, and execute their worship of Satan who gave them fortunes and power in exchange for sacrifices of young children

Child sex trafficking and pedophilia.

We must take the time necessary to locate and save these children. They are enslaved all over the world. They number in the millions. Many have suffered for years and will face lifetimes filled with pain and despair.

Wisdom counsels me to be patient. Justice is coming. Good will triumph over evil. In the battle between powers and principalities, remember God has already won. God is on our side.

We are talking about more than an election. We are talking about more than political parties.

We are talking about our humanity.

I pray that I am correct in my analysis of the perceived delay in “action” in reversing the fraudulent election.

I pray I am correct for the children’s sake.

Thanks for listening.

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸

Oh, one more “pearl” of wisdom. The enemy is likely planning use of street violence and possibly warfare as we get closer to identifying and prosecuting the perpetrators of these heinous crimes. It takes time for our military to mitigate these threats while being in a position to defeat them if and when they occur.

I suspect our military has its hands full at the present time.

Pray for the members of our military. They keep us free. In the final analysis in the real world, we rely upon them. In the final analysis in the spirit world, we rely on Almighty God.

Stand firm. Pray. Wait on the Lord.

I have given you the benefits of my thoughts on where we are as a country and what may be underway to solve our problems.

I could be wrong. Time will tell.

In the meantime, organize your communities and then your states. Identify and promote honest men and women to serve in government out of a sense of duty and public service. We cannot again rely on officials who only hold office to get wealthy and gain power.

ALL of the power belongs to We The People.


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