6th Grade Trump Supporter - Get Ready to Get Your Heart Stolen

"Actually, my mommy was a Ted Cruz supporter in the primaries. I told her on the primary--the day of voting, I told her to vote for Trump--she needs to vote for Trump. She didn't listen to me, but that's okay, now, after the primary, she realized the mistake she made.."

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Huge Increase in New Republican Voter Registrations in 2020

“In Florida, numbers from the secretary of state show Republicans gained 162,000 voters since 2012; Democrats lost nearly 137,000.

“In Pennsylvania, Republicans gained 40,000 voters; Democrats lost 178,000."

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"Biden belongs in the Big House not the White House" Rudy Giuliani

LORI HENDRY @Lrihendry Aug 21

"That’s a fact!"

Never one to mince words, the Nation's Mayor hasn't slowed a step.

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Joe Biden "Sounds Like a Wino"

Olly Connelly (Daily Chaos) @olly_connelly Aug 20

"You can hear the gears grinding, speech slurred, he sounds like a wino. And that's on autocue.

Dementia is very sad, but the Office of POTUS is significant, and it says so much that the Dems field a man who repeatedly confuses his identity with that of his wife."


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"The Vote is Already Secure"

JoeM calms down the American heart in his inimitable authoritative tone.

Unspeakable Dregs @GitmoAwaits Aug 21

"Every night Trump screams about mail-in #VoteFraud. The swamp is depending on it. If he stops it, they'll blame their loss on him, dividing the nation, but the vote is ALREADY secure. Trump is setting himself up for a "loss", proving #Trump2020Landslide will be FAIR AND SQUARE."

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WalkAway Testimony: "You Have To Go Deeper"

"You can go from socialist Democrat to Trump supporter but you have to go deeper"

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POTUS Makes America Great Again by Honoring the Greatest Generation

"Today, President @realDonaldTrump will designate Wilmington, NC, as the first American World War II Heritage City!"

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"These are horrendous people that we must defeat on November 3rd!"

"On top of a lie made up by a low-life “reporter”, who is known for disinformation, the Democrats have taken his false words and put them into a TV commercial."

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Latinos want Trump

A former liberal calling himself "Liberal Hivemind" on YouTube does an excellent nine minute summary showing the strong support for Trump among the Latino demographic

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Kamala Ruins Biden Campaign

Ruby Ray Media author and friend, Sam Inayat-Chisti, throws down with some pearls of hilarity in response to another vlog-gem from Liberal Hivemind: "Kamala RUINS Joe Biden's Campaign! Harris VP Pick BACKFIRES HARD.."

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Trump's Latest One-on-One with Hannity

They cover the Bob Woodward interview and book, the rona and other issues of the day. Needless to say, Trump and Hannity both are not impressed with Woodward.

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Dems Will Cheat (It's What They Do)

There are reports every day of vote counts being manipulated. I want my vote to count, don't you?

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Joe Biden Promises Fewer Fires, Floods, and Hurricanes if He Wins in November

Thanks Sleepy Joe, good to know! Sounds like you're saying you'll call off the weather, as well as the rioters, looters and arsonists if we elect you!?

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Trump Campaign "Being Smart"

Trump Tweet at 9:49 AM EDT, Sep 15, 2020

"We are advertising all over the place, but as much as we do, the Fake News likes to say we aren’t. Just being smart. We have much more money than we had at same time in 2016. Also spending on other, and different, elements of the campaign. Starting to get great poll numbers!"

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Mark Knowles Shows How Trump Defeated the Left in the ABC Town Hall

Some Trump supporters say he shouldn't have agreed to an event like this, so stacked against him; but if he defeats them with both hands tied behind his back?

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Klacik vs Behar: Guess Who Wins?

The ladies of @TheView didn’t like what I had to say, so naturally they cut me off.

Why are they silencing Black Women?

Hey, @JoyVBehar — I think your White Privilege is showing through your blackface!

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Trump: "Virginia is in play" LISTEN!

Trump held a "Virtual Virginia Tele-Rally" yesterday 20 Sep 2020

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READ the Georgia Lawsuit





BRIAN KEMP, in his official capacity as
Governor of Georgia, BRAD
RAFFENSPERGER, in his official
capacity as Secretary of State and Chair
of the Georgia State Election Board,
DAVID J. WORLEY, in his official
capacity as a member of the Georgia
State Election Board, REBECCA
N.SULLIVAN, in her official capacity as
a member of the Georgia State Election
official capacity as a member of the
Georgia State Election Board, and ANH
LE, in her official capacity as a member
of the Georgia State Election Board,


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Great New Version of Lee Greenwood's "God Bless the USA"

Rendered a cappella by a gathering of phenomenal voices!

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The Speaker is soused. America, how far have we fallen?

Truly, with America Rising, we have pulled our nation out of the ashes. With Nanshy Pelushi as Speaker of the House and only 2 removed from the highest office in the land, Americans can stand aghast at how close we came to absolute ruin.

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Trump: "I'm cognitively there."

Trump's IQ is higher than Einstein's, Biden is Mr. Magoo.

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Serious Question: Why Are Conservatives Happier?

C'mon, it's obvious! Stop fighting it!

"Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report has a fun discussion with Greg Gutfeld (TV Host of The Five, Author, Comedian) about how to educate yourself, why conservatives tend to be happy and the mental health of the Portland protesters. Greg is promoting his new book “The Plus” a self help book for people who hate self help. Greg talks about how Gen Z should be using quarantine to focus on self learning. He makes the case that learning how to educate yourself might be one the best things you can do during this time. Greg sees our current educational system as wasting vast amounts of people’s time. He thinks most people would be better off coming up with their own personal development plan and creating their own curriculum. Why not learn biology from listening to Bret Weinstein, or philosophy from Jordan Peterson? Greg shares how he has lost 40 lbs under quarantine despite not being able to regularly go to the gym and how you can use quarantine to focus on self improvement and teach yourself how to adapt to this new world."

- The Rubin Report

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Confirmed: The Good Guys Seized the Vote-Changing Servers in Germany

"Servers were ‘legally’ taken by USEC, U.S. military with DOJ taking possession of them, meaning people will be indicted"

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KRAKEN ALERT: "It's Gonna Be Biblical"

@SidneyPowell1 "Georgia is probably gonna be the first state I'm gonna blow up and Mr. Kemp and the Sec of State need to go with it because they're in on the Dominion scam...It will be Biblical."

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
Big voter fraud information coming out concerning Georgia. Stay tuned!

Misfit Jazz @ZZZJazzy
Holy !, Sidney Powell just said in one state but likely all states, they started all Democrat candidates with 35K votes.

"Jordan Sekulow to Newsmax TV: Pending Georgia Lawsuit ‘Shocking’"

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Chris Miller is 'Kraken The Whip'! JFK Initiative NSAM 57 to Replace Rogue Clown Agency FULFILLED 57 YEARS AFTER HIS ASSASSINATION!

Pentagon shakeup means more civilian oversight for special operations. It also fulfills JFK's vision to get an honest force to replace and make obsolete the rogue and corrupt "clown" agency we've all learned to despise.

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"Fraud Vitiates (Nullifies) Everything"

"While it is essential to ferret out the facts of the Democrat’s election crime spree across the country to legally prove fraud, at the end of the day, all that matters is that “fraud vitiates everything”. Everything else is a distraction."
SOTN (State Of The Nation)

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Native Americans Were Paid for Their Votes in Nevada!

"But there’s another, less sensational but perhaps more consequential election scandal in Nevada that hasn’t yet made headlines, even though it’s been hiding in plain sight for weeks now. Under the guise of supposedly nonprofit, nonpartisan get-out-the-vote campaigns, Native American voter advocacy groups in Nevada handed out gift cards, electronics, clothing, and other items to voters in tribal areas, in many cases documenting the exchange of ballots for “prizes” on their own Facebook pages, sometimes even while wearing official Joe Biden campaign gear.

"Simply put, this is illegal. Offering voters anything of value in exchange for their vote is a violation of federal election law, and in some cases punishable by up to two years in prison and as much as $10,000 in fines. That includes raffles, free food, free T-shirts, and so on."

John Daniel Davidson - The Federalist

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Dominion Backs Out of Meeting With Pennsylvania Legislators!

The Pennsylvania legislature set a meeting this morning (Friday, November 20) with Dominion Voting Systems to ask open and honest questions in order to put Pennsylvania voters at ease, but at the last minute, Dominion Voting Systems lawyered up and backed out of the meeting. Why?

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What's Going On in Georgia?

The president in a tweet asks, "Why won't they do it?" referring to Georgia's Governor and Secretary of State refusing to let the president's team "look at signatures" on vote ballots.

UPDATE from Lin Wood: 11th Circuit Stays Georgia Election

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Wayne County, Michigan Board Members Rescind Vote

Wayne County Michigan Board members try to rescind their vote Wednesday after they say they were bullied and threatened for refusing to certify on Tuesday citing large discrepancies that they say they found during the vote certification process.

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Google Searches for "Can I Change My Vote" Spike After Hunter Biden Sex Tape is Released

"Searches for “can I change my vote” surged on Sunday evening following the bombshell sex tape and email leaks from Hunter Biden’s laptop, including in the crucial swing state Pennsylvania."

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Pair Charged With Voter Fraud, Submitted 8000 Fraudulent Registration Applications

Carlos Antonio De Bourbon Montenegro, 53, and Marcos Raul Arevalo, 34, were arrested and charged with voter fraud in southern California, the LA County DA's office said in a news release. "The case was filed for warrant on November 12."

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Charlie Kirk: Here's How the Church Can Save America

Charlie covers a lot of ground, the church is no exception. Millions didn't vote last time, but they'll be voting this time. My question: will Trump get 80, 90, 100 million votes?

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Why Does the 'President Elect' Need to Raise 30 Million Dollars?

"Despite receiving near-universal proclamations of victory from the corporate media and setting up a verified “transition team” account on Twitter, behind closed doors the Joe Biden-Kamala Harris campaign is begging supporters to raise $30 million for fighting lawsuits regarding election integrity filed by the Donald Trump campaign."

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Bannon to Da Nang Dick and Selena Gomez: "You're trying to steal this. The deplorables are not gonna allow it."

Senator Richard Blumenthal, Democrat from Connecticut, known largely as Da Nang Dick for the lies he told about serving in Vietnam in one of the most egregious cases of stolen valor ever recorded by someone elected to Congress, had his turn in a Senate hearing involving Dorsey and Zuckerburg, in which he expressed his desire for Zuck to take Steve Bannon down from Freakbook. And, Zuck said no. LOL. Such a moron!

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Trump is Aiming for the Three Bluest States in the Union


Donald J. Trump
New York, California, Illinois. People are FLEEING, Taxes and Crime are going through the roof. VOTE TRUMP, I will turn it around, and FAST!
7:46 AM EDT · Oct 26, 2020

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Executive Order Set the Election Trap - Leigh Dundas, Attorney

Human rights attorney Leigh Dundas explains what the president's 2018 Executive Order charged his administration to do to bring accountability to the nation's corrupt election system. These are the best ten minutes you will spend to catch up on what's going on with the fraudulent 2020 election. Well done, Leigh!

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Trump Blasts Fake News: "I concede NOTHING!"

Zero Hedge "Update: Well, as we said earlier, "we doubt Trump will agree with the left's characterization of the tweets as a concession", and sure enough just an hour after tweeting that Biden "won because the Election was Rigged", which most liberal and Anti-Trump media outlets sprung to defined as an "apparent concession", Trump followed with another tweet - which has yet to be censored by Twitter - in which he explained how he feels: "He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING! We have a long way to go. This was a RIGGED ELECTION!""

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Veritas is the Media

2,500,000+ views in less than 8 hours

Veritas is the Media


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(Oct 2 UPDATE) Minnesota's doing the #WalkAway: Ronna McDaniel's Attendance Numbers!

Seven Minnesota mayors voting for Trump saying their party has left them.

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Trump Team Does Press Conference in Philadelphia

There were many instances of republican inspectors showing up to observe ballot counting and were denied access. This happened in several states. This is illegal and civil lawsuits will be filed in federal courts.

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"Trap has been set, Check Mate!"

Sting operation activated and successfully run!

> [CISA] Watermark (2018)
> [USPS] QFS Blockchain (2019)
> [NG] activated under 50 U.S.C - 1601 and deployed in 12 states (2020)
>>Like clockwork

Trap has been set, Check Mate!

18 U.S. Code - 2381

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Dear Chris: Nothing shouts "I'm Guilty!" of something particularly vile, like publicly ditching your integrity, trashing your career and flushing your reputation, taking futile swipes at President Trump..

"Orange Man Bad?" = Orange Jumpsuit? You'd think POTUS already knew how many flights you took to Epstein's island, or something.

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"Necessary Scare Event" Joe M

"Day 5 of the "Necessary Scare Event" is here. I am in the unexpected place of having to talk patriots off the ledge who were rock solid until Nov 3."

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Democrats Freak Out When the Scrutiny is on Them

"Michigan AG Dana Nessel Sends Cease and Desist Order to Journalist Demanding He Erase His #DetroitLeaks Video Showing Voter Fraud Training — OR FACE CRIMINAL PROSECUTION"

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(Oct 1 UPDATE) Trump Hammers Quid Pro Lyin Joe and His Sidekick

President Trump to Chris Wallace: "First of all, I guess I’m debating you, not him. But that's okay. I'm not surprised."

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PREEMPTIVE STRIKE - Trump Campaign Smashes Dem Plot to Steal the Election

"President Trump wants every eligible voter to be able to vote, vote once, and have it counted."

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Breaking News! 132,000 Ballots in Fulton County Georgia Flagged, Likely Ineligible

"Huge news tonight. There are reportedly 132,000 change of address flags in Fulton County, Georgia ballots. These ballots are likely ineligible."

"Kyle Becker and People’s Pundit on Twitter announced moments ago that 132,000 ballots in Fulton Country Georgia are likely ineligible."

Joe Hoft - Gateway Pundit

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KANSAS SHATTERS Liberal Pipe Dreams!

Mike Pompeo: “There Will Be A Smooth Transition To A Second Trump Administration”

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More Evidence of Voter Machine Glitches In Georgia

"Cofounder of VoterGA Requests Interim Results to Explain Counting “Glitches” from Georgia Officials — GETS NO RESPONSE (Video)"

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