Whether you love him or hate him, President Trump's enthusiasm and the exuberant Love he has for the masses throughout the World - and they for him - has already given him the win!!!

We need only sit back and watch; but I ask more from those of you who know what is at stake. Let us come together and serve, as one, to usher in a brilliant new golden age built on the foundation of our LOVE for one another. Do not allow hate to enter even when it is thrown in your face. Remember many great citizens of America and the world still do not know that it is hate and anger that fuels our enemy and thus fools them into hating where there is no basis for it.

We have heard it chanted, as coherently as it is emotional, by thousands upon thousands at many 2020 MAGA rallies, all focused toward one man who has become the voice of a great and wonderful nation:


When have you ever heard this coming from powerful men like Rush Limbaugh, let alone the millions at home in their living rooms chanting right along with those thousands of rally goers? This is not just exceptional, it is moving beyond words!

Brothers and sisters of the world, my heart goes out to all of you with loved ones who do not understand why they may hate President Trump, except they were told to do so by a media who works in tandem with a very evil, corrupt Democrat political party system.

For far too long the lies have kicked Trump and Truth believers about like a can being kicked down the road. Your spouse, your children, your parents and friends all love you for a reason they are currently blind to because they have been co-opted by extreme, hateful media lies and false narratives. I tell you, though, they still see in you the goodness and hope that has always been there. They are not letting you or others know it because they are being swayed by fabricated stories and lies that they believe helps them fit into the fold they think they belong to. Yes! Unfortunately my friends, group-think has taken hold.

One day soon, millions just like them will have a choice to make, when reality hits them in their hearts. That will be the very moment truth gains a foothold in their world. That is the time we need to be present and ready to help them, even to console them.

It is time to seek truth and not war.

Listen to this man tell you why he loves Trump. Who inspired that? It is God and Trump who inspires this. By actions and accomplishments, not by mere words. Trump is showing us the way.

At this moment, along with some of your loved ones, there is a world full of 'many many more' who are watching as this election 'crisis' unfolds, and wondering "how did this happen?" (and thank God they are all watching because the outcome is about to wake up millions; and THAT is by design, my friends.)

It is obvious that our media and our social media giants are lying. From the censoring of people and groups on social media like Twitter and Facebook leading the Gestapo way, to lack of proper media coverage of MAGA rallies and President Trump press conferences, it is clear they have been trying to keep us from the truth for years. From the first time he called them 'fake news' to the millions who have rallied with him and for him in the months leading up to the election, the media black out of the expression of the Patriot Spirit in America was done on purpose. WE the PEOPLE have united with Donald J. Trump's righteous cause and they don't want you to know that! 

In spite of the complete lack of integrity on the part of the Deepstate Democrats and their Leftist Media, the world is witness to a movement created in 2015 that has grown to millions upon millions strong in just a few short years. It has grown leaps and bounds beyond any expectation.

President Trump knows. He knows all too well, that 'the many' have to see for themselves how they've been lied to. Then and only then will they fully understand. The many, many MAGA rally events we witness even to this day, and the truth that comes from POTUS, his administration and his legal team as well from countless others who have been singing out the truth for years, come from the heart of Americans and those worldwide who understand what is at stake and are demonstrating it by their actions.

It is an evil Democrat political machine and their "fake stream media" that have created the illusion that Biden and Harris are winners, not the first time this has been done.

When that sinks in, as it will during legal proceedings, many people will be rejoicing and crying at the same time.

Hence the liars, cheaters and freedom grabbing thieves who have tried desperately to orchestrate the theft of this 2020 presidential election are showing us in their desperation what a bunch of deranged evil psychopaths they are.

Of course, the questioning of President Trump's integrity, and thereby our integrity, will continue. As it does I ask you to remember this: 

As we live through the most unique and exciting time in history, be as gentle and kind as possible in the face of anger and hate. Quite a few who are swayed by the darkness do not even know it is anger and hate that sways them, but it is. Our end game is to do what we are here to do: to evolve with the truth as we discover it and find avenues to share it with others who need the light. But one day soon, the light will be so bright, no one will be able to escape it.

So my dear friends, the most important thing we can do now and always, is to shine our light in love and hope. 



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