Stop the Steal Weekend


Trump enthusiasts from around the country converge on DC and in other state capitals to "Stop the Steal." Pretty obvious to everybody there's been a conspiracy of the Globalist Marxist Corporatist Luciferian Left to steal the people's landslide reelection of Donald Trump. "Million MAGA March" on Saturday gathered HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS, perhaps even a million people or more.

Also many gathered on Sunday for the huge #WalkAway event, according to the founder, Brandon Straka.

The president chimes in on Twitter late Sunday evening then again on Monday morning with historical commentary on the shocking revelations of pervasive criminality and treasonous activity. Also covered is the thuggery of BLM/Antifa street vermin upon peaceful families and the lack of media or dim response to this violence, which further shows them to be the vermin we have long observed.



Ruby Ray Media - STOP THE STEAL!

According to Charlie Kirk, more than a million Americans gathered in Washington DC to "Stop the Steal."

It is truly bizarre to try to find the Stop the Steal info online that is being heavily censored by Big Media and Big Tech. Fortunately, the internet is free enough yet that if you know where to look, you can find it.

Ruby Ray Media - Voting Machine Fraud - Watkins and Giuliani

US Vote Machines Made in Venezuela for Election Fraud.

Was George Soros Lieutenant's Election System Originally Designed for Malfeasance?

Ruby Ray Media - "Necessary Scare Event" Joe M

"Day 5 of the "Necessary Scare Event" is here. I am in the unexpected place of having to talk patriots off the ledge who were rock solid until Nov 3."


Whether you love him or hate him, President Trump's enthusiasm and the exuberant Love he has for the masses throughout the World - and they for him - has already given him the win!!!

We need only sit back and watch; but I ask more from those of you who know what is at stake. Let us come together and serve, as one, to usher in a brilliant new golden age built on the foundation of our LOVE for one another. Do not allow hate to enter even when it is thrown in your face. Remember many great citizens of America and the world still do not know that it is hate and anger that fuels our enemy and thus fools them into hating where there is no basis for it.

Ruby Ray Media - Progressivism Past Present and Future: Part 1, Progressives of the Past

Modern Progressivism traces it roots back to the late 19th and into the early 20th century in what purports to be motivated by the need for social and economic reform. While many may believe this movement was begun in order to help the less fort



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