#MAGA, The Spirit of the Founding Fathers

MAGA, The Spirit of the Founding Fathers

You have certainly noticed Franz ❤ and I do not shy away from spiritual issues when they arise on the one hand; while on the other hand, we do zero recruiting, attempting to convert anyone to any spiritual group or faction.

Originally published August 11, 2018

We've known each other for almost 30 years, and have held a personal testimony of the fundamentals of what Q is shaking the earth revealing, for even longer. We have been directly fighting evil daily for all these years, using the knowledge discussed herein. Our faith and practice are not Sunday dalliances, they are tools tempered in continuous battle, with every form of evil, by the Infinite Grace of God.

We follow the same deeply spiritual path our Founding Fathers did. Yes, they were Freemasons, before it was infiltrated and perverted into satanism. Free Masonry originated in the liberation of the knowledge of how to build bridges, towers, buildings and cathedrals, by devotees of Christ's True Teachings.

Hence 'free' masonry, not only the liberation of the mathematics and geometry, but the teaching of reading, writing, the healing arts etc outside the dominant, oppressive theocracy; this liberation also known as the Renaissance, ending the 1000 years of engineered genocide referred to as the 'Dark Ages.'

The knowledge of the foundations of civilization, was kept under lock and key while keeping us starving in the mud for 1000 years, by the same creeps who locked Christ's True Teachings in their basements and worked to eradicate them from the earth in satanic, genocidal orgies. Especially how to heal the sick, feed the hungry, clothe the poor, raise the dead, perform miracles etc, which Jesus Commanded his followers to teach to every person on planet earth.

Just over 200 years ago and prior, our average lifespan was 27 years of age. Engineered. Agenda 21 began 2000 years ago.

The moment Christ was no longer physically present, the earliest 'Christian' church set about hunting the people who knew these Teachings down and slaughtering them. They murdered every disciple they could get their hands on except John, who survived unharmed, their repeated attempts to boil him in oil.

Which killing spree has continued relentlessly to this day. It was the first priority upon formation of the Catholic Church, which organized genocidal Crusades, institutionalizing the satanism wiping Christ's Teachings off the face of the earth. The Third Crusade, dispatched by Pope Innocent III to hunt down and slaughter the direct ancestors of Christ's surviving followers, who fled together en masse the murderous 'Christian' rampages against them in the Holy Land including his mother Mary, his siblings and his betrothed, Mary Magdalene, whose legacy and lineage the Knights Templar were indeed specifically founded to guard.

Beginning when our Lord physically walked among us, true Christian brothers and sisters have fought continuously, to preserve Christ's Teachings. You know the ones which have been discovered, by the chorus of curses against them, uttered to this day not only by every faction of Catholic and Protestant 'Christian' theocracy and their herdfollowing drones, but in our schools and in relentless alliance with the pedovore media as well.

People think it's the most Unthinkable Mystery, that the vast majority of what they and their ancestors have been told about the world is a lie? And to fight like bad religion, exactly like addicts, anything that challenges the lies and the groupthink how goofy is that 🙂 they must fancy the appellation 'Father of Lies' is a metaphor.

Gnosis, knowledge of Christ's Teachings, is "Of the Devil," one of the very few things all of 'Christianity' agrees upon. The Hidden Knowledge, The Sacred Mysteries uniformly cursed, the very word 'Occult' having been twisted into a curse, employed against us by church, 'science,' 'medicine,' 'law' and the mouthpiece pedovore media, bedfellows in satanism.

All of those agreeing about something, should be a hint.

'Occult' means 'hidden.' The tradition of hiding Christ's Teachings, is to keep them out of evil hands, and to avoid the nonstop genocide. Mysticism--learning to experience God directly. Alchemy, the Art and Science of Self-Transformation. The Esoteric Traditions, another name for the Occult, hidden as in, if they find us with Christ's Teachings, they'll slaughter us down to the last cousin, grandchild and puppy dog.

Starting with cursing and attempting to exterminate the Gnostics, among whom Jesus and his disciples counted themselves, lived among and who were the original Chroniclers of his Forbidden Teachings.

This sacred tradition has continued in unbroken lineage, to this day. Each group typically suffering the inevitable infiltration and perversion by the monsters who had already infiltrated Christ's Original Church prior to his crucifixion, and who worked swiftly to murder his disciples and usurp control of Christianity not long after his Resurrection.

The devil is in the details, and the satanic details are embedded in the bureaucracy.

Countless known and unknown groups since, including many Persecuted Christian Saints who have walked and talked with Jesus in person, fighting all of death and hell to preserve Christ's True Teachings. More recently the Knights Templar, the Rosicrucians and Freemasonry, also eventually systematically infiltrated and overthrown in genocidal orgies.

As the RKM Rothschild Khazarian Mafia recruited and funded Satanists in Europe, Marx, Kant and others to create the systems weapon, marxism-socialism-communism to infiltrate and exterminate both Christianity, and the shining star of freedom blossoming in the New World, a Nation Under God rather than under the claw, they funded and equipped a group led by a villain named Albert Pike, to infiltrate and overthrow the Custodians of Christ's Teachings just mentioned, while scripting Three World Wars.

Those three organizations were founded by the same man, who was also the father of the science of cryptography. Additionally, this man authored plays, penning his theatrical works under the name of an obscure playwright named William Shakespeare. At the same time, this superb gentleman led the rediscovery of the earliest-known source-documents of the New Testament at the time, leading a team of scholars and disciples, initiates into the Sacred Mysteries, in updating the existing Bible snatching it from the jaws of Catholic mutilation, and shoving it down the throat of one King James to get it published.

We know this with certainty, by applying the cryptographic techniques he invented and published. These accomplishments and many other fascinating revelations are found encrypted in the original manuscripts of the King James Bible, and the plays of William Shakespeare.

By these works including directly supporting the invention and proliferation of the printing press, he is the Bestselling Author in Human History. There are countless villages, mountains, churches, streets and so on named after him all across Europe, while his name has been eradicated from the official histories and common knowledge in every nation.

One of the reasons there are so many things named after this saint, is also why there are so many government documents, court records and personal accounts chronicling his prolific activities in behalf of the kingdoms and principalities of Europe, and mankind. These record this beloved gentleman's activities over a span of 400 years, he was acknowledged as a Master Alchemist. Similar feats of longevity and other 'miracles' have been demonstrated repeatedly by initiates into the Sacred Mysteries for thousands of years. Have you any smallest cabinet in your relentlessly engineered awareness, for the reality that a handful of Christ's original followers whom by following his Teachings eluded death, and are walking the earth to this day?

You may guess from this why Christ's True Teachings are so enthusiastically suppressed by the same crowd rabid to suppress President Trump: These Teachings render them and their endless voracious parasitism upon us null and void.

No need for food. No need for healthcare. No poverty. Abundant Free Energy. Joyously loving Self Government. Visiting daily and attending classes with Christ and countless other Ascended Beings, walking and talking with us. Eternal Victory, Immortality, Liberation unto The Ascension, taught in Sunday School, by angels directly from heaven ❤

This man was present, at the Signing of the Declaration of Independence, and the drafting of our Constitution. The man recorded shouting "Sign that document!" from the gallery above the squabbling. Then and now, we affectionately refer to him as Uncle Sam, as much a Founding Father of our mighty nation as the worthy initiates in his Sacred Order of Christian Mystics, the Freemasons named on the Documents.

While Pike and a small army of Satanists were busy slaughtering our brethren turning Freemasonry into satanism in Europe, the Custodians of Christ's Teachings in America were fighting not only to found the New Jerusalem, they were consciously bringing forth the New Atlantis, the United States of America, the Children of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah ❤

Any who follow this mystical path, including several people participating here in FTF, can illumine you at length regarding the mystical foundations of our nation, depicted in detail in the Capitol Rotunda, One Nation Under God, founded in the Heart of the Sacred Mysteries, the True Teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

These men and the mighty women who served alongside them, revered, honored and respected the original inhabitants of our nation to the degree, they borrowed from them the architecture of the government they built for us, the knowledge retained by the natives as a colony of Atlantis including the ancient city of Atlanta. 'Mazatlan' means 'New Atlantis' in the language of the sunken continent Poseid, Noah, was an Atlantean. There are references to this, the Hopi Prophecies, and a depiction of the Mayan Calendar in the Rotunda, they knew exactly what these things meant--the Lord our God is One God.

Soon after Masonry fell in Europe, it was infiltrated here in America while the surviving Founders were still in embodiment, while the RKM satanic hordes ruthlessly infiltrated our nation perpetrating the slaughter of 100 million Native Americans. At the fall of Freemasonry, Christ's Teachings passed on to other groups. The ones which are publicly known, are of course universally cursed and reviled by all 'Christians.' Agni Yoga, Theosophy, the I AM movement, followed by the founding of The Summit Lighthouse, by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, which at present is the last formal group carrying forward this lineage, with tens of thousands of imposters, pretenders and malignant imitators.

As the others before them, infiltrated and overthrown by the monsters. As they have also infiltrated our hospitals, schools and universities, our farms, our judiciary, government, publishing, media, our drinking water, etc etc etc and most certainly: our churches.

There is no higher priority for these monsters, than interposing themselves between us and our God, and preventing us from learning Christ's Teachings as Jesus Commanded them to be taught.

The 'Christian' churches have never, not been infiltrated. There is not a major 'Christian' denomination today and for the majority of their existence, if not from their inception, which does not actively conceal pedovores within the membership and leadership.

Pray tell me what possesses those who parrot and stridently defend the doctrine of such, actively refusing and aggressing even the suggestion of examining the endless fallacies and inconsistencies, starting with the utter refusal to obey the First Commandment of Christ, or to even acknowledge that it exists: "Love one another as I have loved you," Kindness. While ruthlessly suppressing the knowledge of how to obey it.

We do not seek to actively promote Christ's Teachings, we seek to embody them. We are dedicated to using them to defeat evil, and to directly support the Rising Tide of Mass Ascensions, welcoming the Children of God into embodiment and liberating them by the hundreds of millions forever, from the clutches of the Death Cult; by our fruits, shall ye know us. We invite you to judge us by the strength of our devotion and dedication, and the diligence of our service, rather than by the 'Christian' reactivity to the actively suppressed elements of Christ's True Teachings which we share when the occasion arises.

Forgive us our enthusiasm for wanting to arm you with the knowledge and practice which renders you and your family in Christ, invincible against evil, as has been repeatedly demonstrated beyond doubt by us here in FTF.

We are not worried about whether or not you agree with us. We follow the Nazarene Master's Lost Teachings. The Elements of these Teachings are timeless, repeated over and over again in every language and culture, hidden treasures going back to the beginning of time. Regardless of how forcefully you fret or squabble, there is and has only ever been One God, in whose Image we are made. Not simply before Christ was born, but before even the planets and stars were born, before Abraham was, I AM.

Our message to you is simple: Beg, plead, shout to the Heavens from within the Sacred Temple of your earnest heart, to be shown the Path of Fire, the Path of the Ascension, the path directly into Christ's Sacred Heart, into the Arms of Your Bridegroom, and you will win your own unshakeable testimony of these hidden things, won by your diligent application following not man, but the Lord God Almighty.

WWG1WGA, our Ascension in the Light, Amen.

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    Beverly · 1 years ago
    My heart overflows with joy that I am now a part of this fold! In agreement to the umpteenth degree!
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    Franz · 1 years ago
    All love. Always Victory!
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    MsPat · 1 years ago
    💞 Amen
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    Franz · 1 years ago
    Love's full expression involves also - and perhaps most importantly - the tough, loving boundary setting that helps a lost or confused soul get shaken out of a very bad and dangerous relationship with evil.
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