Laptop From Hell? Juan O Savin: Just the Tip of the Iceberg


After spending a few days with the best minds on this, it's quite clear to me now, that info found on Hunter Biden's laptop, the one President Trump frequently refers to as the "laptop from hell," only gets us started when it comes to what Steve Bannon calls, "The Party of Davos," a global cult of kleptocrats and psychopaths that trade in NATIONS, let alone their resources and their people, with which the Biden Crime Family has been heavily engaged for decades, selling out America for filthy lucre, worldly pleasure and above all that, a predatory addiction to other people and children.

What ISN'T For Sale? 

Does Hunter like them young? He sure does, and as we've come to see, so do many of these creeps playing around with global power and influence. They like their countries young too, but are not too concerned about that, they'll play with the ancient ones as needed, like China, to feed their insatiable appetite for human beings. The Big Kahuna, of course, with its wealth and energy, is America, targeted for what could be, if she were left alone, unlimited prosperity and so much youthful promise.

It's a good thing that Donald Trump has created an environment with his presidency that encourages patriots the globe over to act courageously in defense of human dignity and mankind's freedom, where they are. Without that, the tyranny and terror brought by "The Party of Davos" would put all of earth's nations at risk for utter dystopia.

In the attached video recording of today's broadcast of Steve's "War Room" talk show, they zero in on a top Chinese called China's "spy chief" by Hunter, that has been revealed to head up the Chinese business. Jack Posobiec reveals that Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg is referred in the emails as being in on one of the deals as an investor. We wonder why the social media oligarchs suppress this story?

In the second attached video, Juan O Savin adds some fascinating details to the War Room reports for the benefit of YouTuber VGuerrilla's audience, and we are introduced to sources from Taiwan that are eager to expose the corruption of their ancestors' homeland by the Chinese Communist Party. The information is related to what's found on Hunter's laptop but it's separate and it's so much more. Juan gives us a descriptive account of how devastating an impact these "rounds" of revealed secrets are having - and will continue to have - on the bad actors in the Democrat Party, as well as many RINOs, ending any vain imaginings the freaks may have had to stop President Trump and the American patriots from taking their country fully back from that "deepstate."

As a bonus, we've included a third video of the Oct. 27 Tucker Carlson interview of Tony Bobulinski blowing the whistle on Joe Biden. A double bonus is a link to Juan's ebook which he says in his video he will supplement with his magazine shipping next week!

We highly recommend a purchase of Juan O Savin's ebook which Juan tells us in the above video he will supplement with a magazine he's shipping next week.


Kid by the Side of the Road

We've all been bystanders watching events go by, not understanding their true meaning.



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    Beverly · 4 months ago
    A very revealing trio of videos...listening to Juan now. Information EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW is right here....
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    Cindy · 4 months ago
    Excellent! Great idea Franz--putting these together! I have to listen too...Juan used to be on AbleDanger all the time, way too long mostly. Couldn't keep up! hehe
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    BeautifulChaos72 · 4 months ago
    I want a hard copy , I ordered the E-Book ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸
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    KathieB393 · 4 months ago
    Great job my friend.

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    rubyrayarts · 4 months ago
    NOT this Christmas
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    rubyrayarts · 4 months ago
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