Kim Klacik Fights for the "Great Baltimore Comeback"

YT-SC-Klacik-Ad-Baltimore-Lives-Matter Klacik: Baltimore Lives Matter

This very smart, articulate and attractive congressional candidate for Baltimore, a 38 year old mom and entrepreneur, has great ideas to improve life there, "... to reclaim its status as a manufacturing powerhouse, to maximize the potential of the Port of Baltimore and connect its world-class importing and exporting abilities with the I-270 Biotech corridor and West Baltimore's Federal Opportunity Zone. This will bring manufacturing and medical supply chain industries back to the US through Baltimore, creating more high-paying careers with benefits and business opportunities for entrepreneurs in the District."


Kimberly Klacik on LinkedIn: Great honor to be endorsed this evening by Senator Rand Paul. A Senator | 69 comments

Great honor to be endorsed this evening by Senator Rand Paul. A Senator that has been on the frontline, a true patriot, I am forever grateful. We are ... 69 comments on LinkedIn

Kim wants to "create careers not just jobs." (see above)

She wants to "provide real education choice."

"Many schools in the Baltimore region continue to fail our most vulnerable students. This is no longer acceptable. Families should have the ability to determine the best school that meets the needs of their children. School choice must include a 100% tax credit for all school-related expenses. Federal funding should follow students so parents can send their child to the private, charter, religious or home school of their choice."

 ... and more from her campaign's website ... 

Kim spent two hours on 9-11 in a sit-down in-studio livestreamed interview with broadcaster Tim Pool on his "Timcast IRL" YouTube account with 689,000 subscribers. They covered:

  • how she once voted for Obama, eventually waking up from that nightmare
  • how she became a Republican and a fan of Trump
  • how she went around Baltimore registering hundreds of voters, many who had NEVER met a Republican, let alone voted for one
  • how she views the Baltimore corrupt Dems like Mfume and Cummings (now deceased)
  • her thoughtful discussion of many issues facing her Baltimore constituents

The Streets of Baltimore campaign ad that made Kim a star ... 

Kim's two-minute speech for the Republican National Convention in August ... 

She told Mike Huckabee on his show on August 22 that she had raised $2 Million! Views of her famous ad then were at 10 Million views and are now up to 12 Million views.

Kim's pinned post on her Facebook page has had 103,000 shares, over 11,000 comments ... 

We've created a Group in MyRR containing links to Kim's online presence, her social media accounts and appearances ... 


Ruby Ray Media - Kim Klacik for US Congress for Baltimore

Kim Klacik for Maryland's 7th Congressional District


Kim Klacik and the urban GOP effort | Spectator USA

Kim Klacik said voters in her Baltimore district have expressed concerns to her about taxes and crime — the bread and butter of the GOP

Be Part of the Great Baltimore Comeback - Kim Klacik for Congress

Vote Kim Klacik for Maryland’s District 7. A bright future for Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Howard County.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Beverly · 8 months ago
    She is a dynamo who's mark on this world will be lasting! Candice move over, she's gonna sit right next to you and help make Blexit stronger!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 8 months ago
    Kim presents a very mature and balanced expression. She was born to represent her people.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Beverly · 8 months ago
    What well deserved recognition she is getting for her moral compass, courage and tenacity! Makes me proud to see these great stars coming forward as patriots to give there all for we patriots!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 8 months ago
    Trump's America gives rise to Her True Destiny.
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