Hussein and the Ravening Maggot Treason Club


There is a history that may not otherwise be told. The military patriots laying down their lives in fulfillment of their sacred oaths, including rallying in support of a Champion for our nation, our Commander in Chief, President Donald John Trump, would have no more whispered hints of this a year ago or earlier, the most disgusting betrayal of America and all of mankind in recorded history, than you would post a notice, "Gone on vacation for a month, key to the front door under the flowerpot." 

Originally published August 15, 2018

They are likely too furiously busy at the moment to tell you of it now. The gradual, systematic obliteration of our military strength began with the GHWB reptile and continued under his miserable successors, accelerating to the nearly complete crippling of our military under the Clowns In America fabricant Hussein and his fabricant abomination 'family.'

At the core of this satanic plot to topple our nation and slaughter us and the peoples of earth wholesale in a nuclear holocaust, was the signature of that reptile and each of the treasonous vermin since, authorizing the experimental vaxxination of US military personnel, during which 'experimentation' no batch records were kept of who got experimented on with what, no follow-on research was done, no records beyond shot records were kept of the 'experimental' onslaught, see the video Beyond Treason.

Beyond Treason 

In the first Gulf War, our combat troops suffered on average lower combat casualties than in any war in recorded history. Our technological advancements and warfighting skills made front-line combat less life-threatening, than the sodomite promiscuity our young boys are being indoctrinated in by the treasonous walking excrement masquerading as teachers and administrators in our public schools.

However, in the first Gulf War, US fighting forces suffered approximately 100% casualties, purposefully slaughtered by the vaxxes they were given 'Gulf War Syndrome', exacerbated by the chem and biowarfare munitions many were intentionally exposed to and the genocidal use of depleted uranium munitions. A large percentage of Gulf I soldiers died within two years, all who have not died since are busy dying right now from the vaxx bioweapons administered to them, which have also been maiming and killing the vaxxinated veteran's spouses, medical people and others who come in contact with them, while delivering them mutant miscarriages instead of children.

Exactly as designed by the rabid genocidal pharmacidal corporations using the tax dollars paid to them for the purpose: Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche, AbbVie, Merck, Sanofi, Bayer and however many others, which accepted the vile payments to develop and manufacture them.

In the backlash against this blatant killing spree, most heinous, wretched genocidal treason, the monsters refined their bioweapons so that instead of dying of the vaxxes, the soldiers would, after the engineered period of time, commit suicide.

We bear dumbfounded witness to the veteran suicide rate, the astonishing silence and absence of curiosity, no investigation or speculation why an entire segment of our society should spontaneously decide to exterminate itself.

Dear President Trump, I hereby volunteer to execute Colin Powell and the rest of his conspirators, the perpetrators of this unspeakable betrayal and villainy against my dawgs in every branch of the military including my son Aaron and me, with an Army-issue entrenching tool. It shouldn't take much longer than six months, from when I start-in on each one, and I invite every officer and enlisted person, active duty and retired, to join in. Take a moment as well best beloved, to piss on the vile genocidal traitor Norman Schwarzkopf's grave.

Perhaps the gentle people are too distracted by the similar sudden holocaust of reproductively sterile, brain-damaged children and adults we are experiencing including the homeless epidemic, genocide. Not to mention the accompanying genocide of any doctors, ND's or other medical researchers investigating or attempting to grapple with the above; multiple epidemics, each on their own trending to exceed the bubonic plague during the dark ages in magnitude and lethality.

Silent Epidemic


I recommend you freaks in government, and the private sector including the pedovore media, govcorp, ponder your options for avoiding our impending conversations with you.

This was the decimation of our active duty military forces. The units were deactivated, the military bases closed, as you may recall. Following this, US Reserve and National Guard forces were deployed out across the Rubicon overseas where they could not defend us from our rabid govcorp, in endless fraudulent, engineered conflicts under the fabricant Hussein, there being expended in genocidal exercises with only token replenishment, completing the destruction of our military.

Reserve means reserve, and National Guard units until their autonomy was usurped by the fabricant, operated under the authority of the individual States, they are one of the vital checks and balances in the architecture of our nation, standing ready to respond to local disasters and act as our final defense should our active duty troops succumb to a foe abroad. The National Guard's autonomy was intended to safeguard against an element of our government or military going rogue attempting a coup d'état.

As previously mentioned, no patriot at that time dared whisper how completely vulnerable we were to military conquest, in the war they intended to provoke with Russia, which was to be followed with our invasion by China at the culmination of the fabricant Hussein and his vile predecessor's treason under the brain-leaking Bobbling Witch HRC.

These patriots had already fought and won an unseen war to defeat the infiltration of United Nations forces into America, after our own military forces had largely been deployed abroad. These 'Peacekeepers' were being infiltrated to 'restore order' after our nation was thrown into chaos by some engineered calamity, herding us into the thousands of vacant FEMA Death Camps built for the purpose, which includes the conversion for our enslavement of all the military bases which were closed, while Chicom families moved into our homes and cities in the deal made with them by the Demonrats to fund their crime spree election campaigns, which was discovered just prior to the world learning who Monica Lewinsky was.

AlllBrrr Gore we are going to ram you and your fellow lizard banker buddie's global enslavement carbon ponzi scheme so hard up your backsides it will be exactly like getting rear-ended by supersonic freight trains.

It is important to recognize the Craven for what they are. Hussein, Bushes, Clintons, all the Lesser Weasels the David Brocks and Podestas of the world, Kissinger, Rothschild, of course the entire Demonrat pack of pedocidal excrement including the pedovore media, are to the last toad, pant-wetting and pooping, groveling squealing cowards. They nor their minions will attack unless they feel they have around a 50:1 advantage over us, which includes Junker and the rest of the genocidal EU freaks, the pedovore Chicoms and every leftist-socialist (Satanist) misfit on the planet.

Hence women and children being their preferred prey.

In order to facilitate the demise of us and our beloved nation, in addition to the plan to overrun us with enemy combatants masquerading as refugees and immigrants in collusion with the UN and the miserable Vatican, the Clowntown Foundation in collusion with We Don't Say His Name (but stand ready to vigorously apply the entrenching tool to cure his disease), these incomprehensible treasonous reptile freaks sold our nation's most vital secrets, SAPs including things like force strengths and deployment, submarine locations, nuclear and computer access codes; and military developments: hypersonic propulsion, energy weapons, stealth technology, advanced sensor and drone technology including weaponized artificial intelligence, mind control, scalar weapons--more devastating than nuclear weapons, which are also incorporated into the cell towers proliferating across our nation find any single school in America which does not have a cell tower on the premises radiating our children with microwaves, nonlethal weapons like the Cubans and Chicoms have been testing against our embassy people, and countless other military advancements under development to maintain the advantage necessary to deter and defeat attacks against our nation.

"Lock her up!?" Not until every Jarrett and Podesta etc are finished bleeding out through multiple entry and exit wounds perforating their Craven chests, chained to posts with canvas bags over their heads. Let Bobblehead sit and continue rotting until her brains finish draining out her nose.

Trillions of dollars' worth of technology, sold out to the Russians, Chicoms, Iran, whoever else offered cash or children to rape and eat. Profiting themselves while attempting to give the Islam and Chicom Craven the 50:1 military advantage necessary to de-liquify their bowels.

You have perhaps puzzled over why a guy who says he wants peace, is so urgently determined to spend over a trillion dollars in the next two years on weaponry, and why nobody who knows the truth is batting an eye rushing to support him doing it.

Now you know.



Ruby Ray Media - You will likely never know of President Trump's most exquisite accomplishments

You may never realize how much we will all owe him, for the many things we will never hear about.

We may not have numbers to calculate, how much he saves us by taking them down as gently as possible and in some cases, not at all. By doing so, he is certainly saving not only our country, but the nations of earth, poised to topple like dominoes into chaos, in the wake of our own fall should he fumble this..

Ruby Ray Media - Dear AOC & Co, Take Your Hate Lists, Your Bankrupt, Murderous, Mutant Criminal Religion and Shove It!

BREAKING: BBC and CNN PROCLAIM BIDEN HARRIS THE SUPREME DELUX EXALTED SUPER-POOPERS OF SPAZ, CHAZ AND CHOP...more pallets of bricks and Molotov Cocktails delivered to Portland

In related news the Unites States Postal Service, fleeing a blizzard of arrest warrants, announced their succession from the US in a joint venture with amazon.com and the Communist Chinese, renaming themselves The People's Bank of SPAZ. The new bank is issuing a revolutionary new form of currency based on surplus election ballots, which the hapless civil servants discovered were already a form of "digital currency" due to the electronic and other encrypted information embedded in them..


Ruby Ray Media - Election Reform Ends the Dim Party, Forever

George Washington's greatest concern, dominating his Farewell Address, warns us of the dangers of political parties.

This election needs to be messy, fully exposing the Fake News, Democrat Fraud Machine for all to see. This is how we end the evil of the people's power held captive by corrupt political monopolies, our "two party system" which has in fact usurped the power won for us by our Founding Fathers, formalized in our Bill of Rights and Constitution.. 



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    Franz · 1 years ago
    Lock n Load
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    johnwilson · 1 years ago
    If ever I had any doubt that I was on the wrong side of history - I don't and never had - then this op ed seals the deal for me. I swear that I will never take any of those lizard traitors or their enablers as a prisoner in this war for America and for Humanity. If I just happen to wound any one of them then I shall bayonet them until their last breath leaves their miserable bodies.
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