EYE ON Maricopa: AMERICA'S AUDIT Almost Complete


As people from all over the globe share disgust over the evil 'Tall Tales' Fauci's recent email dump (Here they are: All 3000 Fraud-chi emails!and his blatant lies about ties to China and 'gain of function' research (Flashback: 'Gain of Function' documentary) there is very good news in the latest Maricopa Audit update. 

Ken Bennett: "Everyday this week some elected official is coming (from other States)" and "We are beyond 80% ... as far as counting the ballots."

The Gateway Pundit on Rumble

Published June 7, 2021

6:06 viewing length

RumbleKen Bennett: "Everyday This Week Some Elected Official Is Coming" - GA, AK, CO Tour Audit Facility

Below are highlights of the video interview:

Jordan Conradson:
What is the current ballot count?

Ken Bennett:
I think we're going to probably be about 80% completed by the end of the day, and I'm hearing that we'll be all the way through the hand count this week. Now there's also the paper evaluation that is running well behind the hand count of the votes on the ballots but anyone who's been watching the floor can see that we've reduced the number of counting tables and increased significantly the number of paper valuation tables that are doing the images of the ballot and things like that. So we're shifting resources to the area that we're a little bit behind in which is the paper evaluation.

When can we expect a result that either confirms or denies Biden won?

Well that's going to be several weeks thereafter. In addition to the hand count which might be done this week, the paper evaluation is going to probably take all of June and we have the facility through the end of June. So, we're going to have to do a lot of work to catch up on the paper evaluation but both of those things need to be completed and then there will be a few weeks of putting the report together. We still also have the opportunity, and I think it's imperative that we take the opportunity to verify at least thousands of the envelope signatures to make sure that there weren't blank signatures allowed to go through the mail in process — because that signature of the voter on the envelope is the voter's affidavit that their ballot is inside. We've heard rumors that there may have been thousands of envelopes allowed to go through and opened and ballots counted without any signature whatsoever on the envelope. If that happened that's a huge no-no and so there are other very important things besides just the hand count and the paper evaluation that yet or yet to be done.

This just came in, please share - Fund the Audit: Volunteer


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