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T Got Rope-a-Dope? Ya, T Got Rope-a-Dope!

If only 10% of [Democrat Party - Fake News - Deepstate - CCP] political ploys completely blew up in their faces the way they have since T-Day 2015, coming down the escalator in Trump Tower, it would be beyond coincidence.

Watching it happen 100% is beyond hilarity, it's a level of mastery of the political process unprecedented in human history.

I think the primary reason they are so rabidly attacking the "cue phenomanon" is beyond politics, it's the number of times number 8+8+1 bludgeons them with the truth:


The [Red] October Surprise: The Corner They Have Kavanaughed Themselves Into

So, the DNCCP sits, shifting their aimpoint from one foot to the other:

  • If they don't go for blood, futilely attempting to block the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, what's left of their "base," --those who have yet to be arrested for rioting, looting or arson--will turn on them with reinvigorated fury, perhaps even torching them with barrages of Molotov Cocktails.
  • If they do go for blood, the coming week will see them finish-off alienating the rest of the 100 million sunny-day liberals the burning cities haven't already completely revolted.

Oh Dear--What's a Criminal Corrupticrat To Do? 

While we lie awake at night anticipating the repeat-debacle, praying for Amy, her family and our nation, they lie awake each night waiting for the gin and valium to kick in, leaking bodily fluids counting the Sealed Indictments. Wondering how many of the 180,000+ each of them have earned starring roles in. What does a Lethal Injection feel like!

We know what they will do, all things being equal it's in their craven, yea suicidal natures: They'll go for blood.

God Bless Judge Barrett and her family, mighty prayers and mountains of gratitude from a weary nation, for their courage entering the fray in our behalf and in behalf of all life! 

We know Roe v Wade never had legal standing, the panic at its vulnerability, is that absent Judicial Activism it never had a prayer of standing, in law.

Like it's a big surprise that no actual person on earth including our Founding Fathers: harbored any particle of the notion that murdering innocent living beings is affirmed anywhere in the law we received from Moses.

Why They Hate Us: Here is a look on the face of a child, no present-day "liberal" will ever see directed at them..

#MAGA We Stand, in awe of what blessing God hath bestowed on us, in the person and leadership of President Donald John Trump 

No doubt, absent the intercession of both God and Team T++, the diseased hounds held at bay in their thirst to harm Amy and her family, would have fully devoured us and our nation by now, had President Trump not won.

TRUMP 4EVA <3 God's Kingdom come, God's will being done, let Justice Barrett and the U.S. Constitution reign Supreme for decades and forever.

Pray. Campaign. Vote. Register Trump Voters. Pray. Win: Landslide2020 Majorities in the House and Senate, Amen 


Following his announcement Saturday of Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his pick to fill the Supreme Court Associate Justice seat left vacant by the recent passing of Justice Ginsberg, President Trump hosted a surprise Sunday briefing addressing the DNC-Fake News machine's inability to stop themselves from falling into the trap, chasing millions more supporters away by attacking the impeccable Catholic wife, mother and judge.

With "America's Mayor" Rudy Giuliani and former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, two of the more formidable Catholic supporters of his administration, sitting in at the front of the conference room, POTUS highlighted the unity across the Republican Party in support of his nomination of Judge Barrett, followed by confronting the repugnant, self-destructive behaviors:

"We have noticed some comments made in the media about my incredibly qualified nominee, Amy. The New York Times said her religion is not consistent with American values. She's Catholic. That covers a lot of people. That's a very disgraceful thing to say.

"Some of the comedians — I don't think they're comedians because comedians are supposed to be funny; they're not funny, like, at all. They're nasty. They're mean. And they think they're funny. And someday — hopefully, it's in five years — but someday, when I'm not here, they're going to be off television because their ratings, which aren't very good anyway, but their ratings are going to go down like you've never seen before. That includes a lot of others also.

"In fact, I'm sort of waiting for the New York Times and the Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSDNC — I'm waiting for them to endorse me, because if they don't, they're going to drop with a thud like — you know, it was supposed to have happened long ago, and then we won a race, and it was a great — it was a great victory."

After further affirmation of the broad support for Judge Barrett within the Republican Party, President Trump specifically challenged the Left's attacks on Catholicism:

"I thought, though — on the religious situation with Amy, I thought we settled this 60 years ago with the election of John F. Kennedy. But seriously, they're going after her Catholicism. I will stand with her, fight with her, and we will make sure that these attacks stop because they really — it's unprecedented. They're basically fighting a major religion in our country. This is incredible. Fighting any religion and fighting Catholicism is just incredible that they can be doing it. Are you Catholic, Rudy?"

We will all certainly continue standing amazed, watching the Left destroy themselves by attempting to destroy America. 

#MAGA never looked so good.



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