Jeff Zucker Stepping Down - We Saw This One Coming!

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World's Top Trump Basher, Zucker steps down as President of CNN.

When O'Keefe barged into Zucker's business meeting weeks ago and dropped a nuke on him, well, we knew that was the end of him - how do you recover from a nuke?

CNN President Jeff Zucker Says He Will Step Down Next Year

"About 18 months ago, a hidden-camera video leaked by Project Veritas showed several CNN staff members expressing their dismay with how the company was being run at the time, saying that the network had a left-wing bias while focusing on sensationalism and incessantly featuring Trump in a negative light.

" “I hate seeing what we were and what we could be and what we’ve become,” Patrick Davis, a manager of CNN field operations and a 25-year veteran of the network, said in the clip, released in October 2019. “It’s just awful.”

"Others said that before Zucker, who previously worked at NBC, took over, CNN used to be “really just straight news … there wasn’t as much opinion and panel [discussions] and the same people.” "

Jack Phillips - Epoch Times

Project Veritas Video Shows Jeff Zucker Admitting CNN Avoided Hunter Biden Story

b2ap3 large Rumble SC Tony Katz covering James OKeefe Project Veritas in Jeff Zucker Meeting

"Project Veritas has once again done the job of exposing the lies and obfuscation of our media. What James O’Keefe and Project Veritas has revealed at CNN is a major story. There is nothing here that you didn’t know already, but you will still be shocked and appalled by what you hear.

"9am every morning, CNN editors and staff get on a call to discuss what they will (and won’t) be covering that day. Project Veritas has been sitting in on and recording the calls for months.

"The first drop of audio has been released to the public. We review it with you one clip at a time, including audio that reveals Jeff Zucker instructed his staff at CNN to willfully avoid the Hunter Biden emails story."

Tony Katz

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