What is "Smart Cities Connect" and What is the Real Agenda?


Over the past three years we have seen many attempts by the globalists to figure out a way to lock us down and control our every move, sort of like herding cattle into giant pens. All of the proposals by the WEF (World Economic Forum) and those who think they rule world, is meant to lead us into global slavery, where our every move is monitored, we can only travel 15 minutes outside of our zone, all while they control our money, both how much of it we can have as well as how we spend it.

The first part of the plan was the so called COVID-19 pandemic, which was huge failure, partly due to president Trump's intervention. While they are busy engineering a way to lock all of us down permanently all over the planet, they are now working on engineering another Plandemic in order to manipulate the next election cycle. These psychopaths do nothing without thinking it through, whilst also believing we are all too stupid to see it.

For example let's take a look at the 2023 proposed Smart Cities plan they cooked up in their psychopathic little heads.

The article below gives us just one example of how the globalists are planning to control us. They just package it up with pretty paper wrappings (their words) and hope we are dumb enough to buy it. Here are just a few quotes:

"The city of Colorado Springs, CO is installing 26 multi-modal sensors in its downtown corridor to collect foot and vehicle traffic data.

"The sensors, also called multimodal counters, detect and categorize moving objects -such as pedestrians, bicycles, cars, trucks, and buses – but do not collect personally identifiable information. Each moving object is counted with information on direction of travel, date, time stamp, and mode of transportation.

"The sensors are provided by Numina, which states that it specializes in the computer vision-sensor solution to measure where and how things move at street level: "intelligence without surveillance."

"The collected data is expected to benefit stakeholders, including: downtown businesses, and the city's departments of traffic engineering, economic development, planning, and parks – all with the goal of improving city life for residents and visitors."

Notice how the plan is supposed to benefit "stakeholders". This is Crony-capitalism in disguise, as I said wrapped up in a pretty little package. The link to the rest of the article is below.


MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: The Plan for a Global System of Slavery

  • A slavery system, steeped in the ideologies of transhumanism and technocracy, is being created right before our eyes — and the current lockdowns, closing of small businesses and the redefinition of "normal" are all part of a planned global governance system that will end sovereignty and individual rights
  • How do you implement a financial system that no one wants? You frighten people with an invisible enemy such as a virus, and then capitalize on that fear, saying that this new system is necessary because the pandemic destroyed the old system
  • The pandemic also allows for the implementation of new, more invasive surveillance systems
  • The riots in the U.S. were not random. It appears more likely that they were part of a real estate acquisition plan
  • Pandemic measures have severely limited people's ability to congregate and share information face-to-face. Internet censorship by Big Tech has decimated information sharing even further. Ultimately, they're trying to get people to buy into a solution before they understand the full ramifications of doing so

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    SunnyJo · 15 days ago
    Come on President Trump, show the world what these people are all about! 🥰😊
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