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Independent investigative journalist Laura Loomer was driving home from the hairstylist, passed a bunch of Feds making like Nazi white supremacists on the side of the road in Altamonte Springs, Florida, then decided to find out more.

She parked and walked over to talk to them, finding out eventually that they are Fed assets that love "Joe Biden" for funding and arming their Ukronazi buddies with whom they've even fought the Russians in Ukraine.

She also found out that Ukronazis were used to help gin up the Jan 6 fedsurrection false flag.

We have Laura's recent interview with Russia Today (RT) on video plus the transcript. We recognize that the information Laura is revealing so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our RELATED articles will show you some of our Ukraine coverage of the past year and a half.

Laura Loomer exposes how Ukraine worked with the FBI & CIA to commit an ACT OF WAR against the United States!

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Published Sep 8 2023
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RT News Anchor 0:00
Investigative journalist Laura Loomer says the FBI has identified Ukrainian spies who operated at the so called January 6 riot on Capitol Hill two years ago.

This is massive. You all need to read this. I have exclusively confirmed that the FBI identified Ukrainian operatives and Neo Nazis who were at the US Capitol on January 6, and even questioned January Sixers about these Ukrainian spies during interviews with the FBI.

The protests outside the US Congress building devolved into a riot with supporters of then President Donald Trump storming into the legislature. They were outraged by national election results at the time that would pass the presidency to rival Joe Biden later that month.

One protester was fatally shot during the incident. Over 1,000 people were arrested and more than 200 people were sentenced to jail time.

Alright, let's cross it live now to Laura Loomer herself to discuss this further. Laura, you've said that the FBI questioned participants of the January 6 riot about Ukrainian operatives present near the Capitol. How did you get that information?

Laura Loomer 1:14
Thanks so much for having me. This pastweekend in Florida, where I live, there was a Nazi rally. There were Nazi individuals waving swastika flags and protesting on the side of the highway.

I filmed it and confronted some of these individuals. One of the individuals who I confronted was shouting "Slava-Ukraine!" I reported this information in social media and one of the January 6 defendants, probably the most famous and well known, saw my reporting.

He messaged me that he's been released, he's on probation. His name is Jacob Chansley. He was known by the media as the Qanon Shaman and he said, it's really interesting that you're talking about Ukrainian operatives who are working with the CIA in order to instigate neo Nazi movements in the US.

When Jacob Chansley was arrested and interrogated by the FBI, the FBI showed him a photograph of a Ukrainian operative by the name of Sergai Dybynyn who entered the Capitol on Jan 6 filmed around the Capitol under the guise of working with a Ukrainian television station called One Plus One Media, which is owned by the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. He was arrested this last week and is under investigation for fraud.

Kolomoisky is a really big backer of (Ukrainian President) Zelensky and is tied directly to the Hunter Biden and Joe Biden Burisma scandal.

They (FBI) showed him (Chansley) a photo of Dybynyn asking him, How do you know this Ukrainian spy? According to Jacob (Chansley,) when he was outside of the Capitol, Dybynyn, a Ukrainian spy operative asked him for a photo and posted it.

FBI confirmed to Jacob that Dybynyn was a Ukrainian spy and that he had entered the Capitol. They kept pressing Chansley thinking that he was lying about not knowing this individual.

The media has never reported this. The FBI certainly never informed the public that a Ukrainian spy operative who's tied to one of Ukraine's most corrupt oligarchs, entered the Capitol under the guise of working with a TV company to gain entry to our Capitol where our political affairs are conducted.

This is an act of war by Ukraine against the United States of America. Yet, in return, the United States government has been sending billions of dollars - $200 billion worth of what they call military aid to Ukraine, in their fight against the Russians.

It's very disturbing that our federal law enforcement agencies - these FBI agents and CIA agents are not only using American Nazis who are being flown overseas to fight with the Azov Battalion - Ukrainian Nazi soldiers - but they're also using Ukrainian spy operatives to penetrate the United States Capitol and instigate what I'm calling color revolution tactics here in the United States of America.

RT News Anchor 4:32
Laura, how do you think these revelations from your excellent investigative reporting will affect the perception of the 2020 US presidential election as well as all the political pressure that's been on Donald Trump?

Loomer 4:46
The media here doesn't want to talk about it. It's funny because the media here doesn't want to talk about these things. They want to convince people that non violent Trump supporters who walked inside the Capitol with police assistance are some how criminals and terrorists. Then they hide and they withhold information about Ukrainian spies coming into our country.

Joe Biden announced his run for president against President Trump in 2020 with the lie that we have white supremacy and Nazism in this country at record high levels thanks to Donald Trump. But when I was filming these Ukrainian sympathizing Nazis outside of this rally where they were doing Sieg Heil salutes and praising Hitler and waving swastika flags, they said that they're for Joe Biden because he keeps sending money and rockets to Ukraine.

This completely kills the narrative that Trump supporters are white supremacists. That's why the media doesn't want to talk about it. The media has reported on so many hate crime hoaxes, and so many fake Nazi stories. They call me a Nazi and I'm a Jewish woman. Yet when you have actual Nazis on camera who are talking about how they're being recruited by the CIA to go overseas and fight with the Azov Battalion with our taxpayer dollars and how they love Joe Biden, the media doesn't want to talk about it. Right? Those are clearly protected assets by our government.

RT News Anchor 6:09
Laura, I know that the Left calls this a conspiracy theory about US government agents being directly involved in the January 6 riot. Have you personally uncovered any evidence that points to them being involved?

Loomer 6:26
When you have FBI agents directly interrogating American citizens and imprisoning them, asking them whether or not they know a Ukrainian spy who was there, you see that there's not just Ukrainian assets that are being protected but there are other individuals here on the ground in the United States of America who have been photographed instigating violence.

One in particular who's received a lot of media attention is a guy by the name of Ray Epps. Yet even though you have messages and you have video evidence of some of these people being violent or directing violence outside of the Capitol, they haven't been arrested, they haven't been held accountable by the Feds. Yet, for example, the leader of the Proud Boys who wasn't even in DC on January 6, got sentenced to 22 years in prison.

You have actual domestic terrorists, people like this Nazi, who I uncovered outside of the rally the other day in Orlando, this guy by the name of Kent McClellan, who goes by Bone Face, who was arrested by the FBI for domestic terrorism in 2012, is able to evade prison time and commit acts of assault and battery and home invasion and not serve any prison time, because clearly, he's a protected asset.

RT News Anchor 7:45
Laura, you said that the Left leaning media isn't likely to talk about this. But are there any American media outlets that will take your claim? Seriously, I'm just wondering, as we look back to, for example, the Hunter Biden allegations, which originally the media in America swept under the covers, and then eventually it got to the point where they couldn't ignore it.

Speaker 3 8:06
The only publication that has written about it is Newsweek. They said that they reached out to the FBI and the FBI didn't respond. The FBI didn't deny, they didn't confirm, they could have easily issued a statement denying it if they wanted to say that it wasn't true.

Look, we can't trust our intelligence agencies here in America. Clearly, they all lied. About the Hunter Biden laptop, you had 51 individuals from the intelligence administrative state here in our country, FBI officials, CIA officials, saying that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation.

We know that the Hunter Biden laptop was certainly not Russian disinformation. The president's son is a crack addict and he is addicted to pornography, loves taking pictures of himself naked and loves recording himself committing all types of crimes that our governments and our intelligence agencies and our media always like to brush aside as Russian collusion or Russian election interference or Russian disinformation. It's exactly what they did to President Trump with this phony Crossfire Hurricane investigation. With the release of the John Durham report, we know that the FBI made everything up.

RT News Anchor 9:24
If Ukrainian operatives were involved in the January 6 riot, do you think that could ultimately influence public opinion about the Biden administration's ongoing support?

Loomer 9:36
I think that's the reason why the media doesn't want to talk about it because they have to continuously push this fake narrative that Russia is the aggressor and that somehow these Ukrainians are innocent and that our money is for the sake of exporting democracy. In reality our government is exporting our taxpayer dollars to export Nazism.

That's what we've seen with the admissions of some of these Nazi operatives here in America, as well as photographs and evidence we have from US officials interacting even with some of these Neo Nazis themselves.

They don't want to have to explain to the American people why Joe Biden's administration is funding Nazism abroad. And they also don't want to have to explain the fact that they lied about Vladimir Putin when he said that he suspected that our intelligence agencies were trying to not defy Ukraine and working with Neo Nazis and Ukraine. It turns out that's completely true.

There are a lot of Nazis in Ukraine. They do have a Nazi problem. It looks like Putin is trying to denazify Ukraine.

As we've seen, the FBI lies, the CIA lies and they clearly have no remorse or no shame about working with Nazis while they falsely accuse Trump supporters and conservative Americans of being Nazis.

RT News Anchor 10:58
Alright, we're gonna leave it there. Laura Loomer investigative journalist, thank you so much.

Loomer 11:02
Thanks for having me on.


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    terry125 · 12 days ago
    Thanks for this informative interview! This needs to be exclaimed throughout USA to rethink the persecution of Jan 6er's who weren't at the Capitol ?? Very explosive maybe the fingers and the dike are broken and the tsunami is about to break thru the untruthful lies and deception.
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