Tucker on X Ep 18 | Into the abyss: Colonel Douglas MacGregor tells us why the Ukraine war must end now


This Ukraine story is an old one for us, we've covered it up one side and down the other.

Nevertheless, Tucker Carlson puts the counter argument on Ukraine squarely on the map with 11 million views of this intelligent interview with Colonel Douglas MacGregor who exposes the foreverwar state in much of its ignominy.

We have the full video and a carefully edited transcript.

The transcript's section headings are:

Lack of readiness for war in the United States military

Ukrainians being led to slaughter and ripped off

Who is Zelensky?

Victoria Nuland and the Neocons and their deep hatred of Russia

Russia has grown strong kicking NATO and Ukronazi butt

The bankster-warmonger rape of America's wealth

Military Industrial Complex FF from Eisenhower to Biden

War propaganda diverts national attention from the economy

The deeply anti-human effort of the West vs Russia's Christian resurrection

Tucker Carlson Interviews Douglas MacGregor

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Published Aug 29 2023
Length 47:30 (Transcript below)


Colonel Doug MacGregor 0:00
If we intervene in western Ukraine the Russians will be ready for that; and the consequences for us and for NATO will be devastating, because we are not ready to fight the Russians.

Tucker: Why? MacGregor: Oh, I think the readiness has been on the decline for a long time. You've had an almost steady uninterrupted decline of the discipline that makes soldiers fight.

Discipline is a tough thing. We don't always understand it. Discipline is really a form of habit; and you build those habits over time through repetition but you also build it under stress and under pressure, so that it sinks in, and then you build cohesion within the framework of those units.

You don't build cohesion when you're dividing the force on racial grounds, when you're pushing people who are clearly unqualified up the ranks to command and when you're rewarding people for anything other than demonstrated character, competence and intelligence. All of those things are demoralizing, destructive, to military establishments.

The Army and the Marines are suffering with it. So is the Air Force and the Navy; and there's no easy fix. These cracks, they're just cracks at the moment and will become giant fissures if you go to war.

Lack of readiness for war in the United States military

Tucker Carlson 1:15
You spent the bulk of your adult life as an Army officer, went to West Point, commanded troops in battle. You're a decorated combat veteran. You entered the Army right at the tail end of Vietnam. That's when it was famously at its nadir.

How would you compare the readiness of the current U.S. armed forces to say 1975 at the end of Vietnam?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 1:38
I think that in terms of morale and discipline we are close to where we were in the late 70s. We have a lot of people that are confused about what needs to be done, we've lost a sense of what's right. In other words, you don't have people that have served long enough in formations to know what right looks like. You could see a battle group whether it's a battalion size or brigade or larger and what makes things work, what it takes to fight in battle.

We don't have very many people like that because since 2001 most of the fighting has been on a very small scale against a fleeting enemy, running around in sandals with an AK 47, relying heavily on explosives, mines, to kill and maim Americans. About 87% of our losses have been a result of explosive mines.

This is not an army that is accustomed to fighting anybody who can fight back. If I were going to compare it to an army, it would probably be the French army before the Franco-Prussian war because the French had fought Mexican bandits, Mexican rebels, they'd fought Arab bandits, Arab insurgents. They'd had a little experience fighting disgruntled demoralized European troops such as the Austrians in northern Italy; but they hadn't faced a truly modern enemy. Still, people were convinced that the French army was the greatest army in the world because they'd fought in North Africa and Indochina, Mexico all over the world.

That war was a catastrophe for France; and that army was decimated in months by a Prussian army that was a modern force, highly disciplined, very confidently led, trained and equipped.

So we're not there. We have equipment that is decades old. The tanks that I served on, for instance, when I went to war in 1990, were virtually brand new state of the art at the time. Those tanks are still out there (30 years later.) They've been rebuilt but they're not new anymore. They're no longer as capable as they once were.

I'll give you a quick example. We have a turbine engine in the M1 series tank. That turbine engine burns up as much fuel sitting still as it does moving because it's a turbine engine that was designed to be used in aircraft. We put them into tanks. So that means you've got an eight hour tank. Every eight hours operating you've got to refuel this thing.

This thing also burns fuel at a very, very high temperature - over 1000 degrees. And there are 40+ connections around the engine that are very brittle and they can easily cause fires if they accidentally touch these little tubes that carry various types of fluid - if they actually touch this engine that's burning so hot.

The engine is so hot that you can track the movement of U.S. Army ground forces with tanks from low earth orbiting satellites. If you think you've got to hide or conceal yourself or outpace somebody, you're just a glowing target from space.

To this must be added the ridiculousness of not having replaced that engine with a reliable state of the art diesel electric engine which is much cooler and which could go for 24 hours or more without a refuel.

These things are extremely problematic when you go to war because you have to pull forces back, refuel them, then return them to the front. That's not easy to do and you're operating as frequently as every six, eight or nine hours.

Apologists say, We can put a generator on there to make up for this when you're sitting still. The problem is that you don't sit still for very long in combat, because if you do, you're going to be targeted and destroyed. That is what we're seeing in Ukraine. Persistent surveillance from space, from overhead surveillance, makes everything visible all the time.

If you're going to embed yourself in the ground, if you're going to set up a permanent position where you've fired from, you're going to be targeted and destroyed very, very quickly.

That's why this defense right now looks a lot like World War One because anybody who moves is identified and killed. The only limitation on your ability to target and destroy the enemy is ammunition. The Russians have had no shortages whatsoever.

You recall the beginning of this, people were talking about all these supposed weapons shortages, saying, The Russians can't keep up with missiles, the Russians can't keep up with shells? Well, they have multiple manufacturing facilities operating seven days a week, 24 hours a day, while we have no surge capacity in the United States. It would take us many, many months to come up to that kind of standard where we could actually compete in high end conventional warfare.

That's why people like me and others worry that if we get into a confrontation that we cannot win because the world has changed, warfare has changed. Integrated air defenses will knock virtually everything that flies out of the sky so we will be forced to fall back on a nuclear deterrent, a tactical nuclear weapon that says if you keep advancing, we'll have to use a nuclear weapon. We don't want to go there because the notion that there are so called tactical nukes - you've heard that expression, oh, that's just a little nuke that won't precipitate a major war - the fact is that the use of any nuclear weapon is going to precipitate escalation very rapidly because your opponents will assume that if they don't use their nuclear weapons, they're going to lose them.

We're living in a terrible dilemma right now. The smartest thing that we can do is to end this war.

Tucker Carlson 7:19
What is Russia's objective? Do you believe, assuming objectives change over the course of the war...

Colonel Doug MacGregor 7:24
The original objective, obviously, was very different. I mean, if they'd made peace with the Russians back in, let's say March or April, I think the Russians would have retained very little territory, probably only Lugansk and Donetsk, the so called breakaway provinces. There would have been guarantees of neutrality for Ukraine and guarantees of equal rights before the law for Russians.

That's what people don't understand. Most of this has to do with abuse meted out to Russians in Ukraine by the Ukrainian government. It's this radical Nationalist government that came to power in Kyiv in 2014. As soon as that government came to power they started launching a war against the so called breakaway provinces.

Putin kept trying and trying and trying - the Minsk accords were another good example - trying to get to a solution that would not involve confrontation. Now we know, thanks to Angela Merkel the German Chancellor, that the Minsk accords were just a ruse, a way to kill time and give the Ukrainians more time to build up their forces - to build up their forces for what? It's pretty clear they were building up for an offensive against Russia.

The next step was that we bring in our missiles and station them in eastern Ukraine, which puts them in a couple of minutes away from all of Russia's cities and all of Russia's nuclear deterrent. This was unacceptable.

That original deal is gone now. And the question is, what will the Russians accept? I think they're going to demand that whatever remains of Ukraine - a rump Ukraine is what most people are calling it now - most of what's west of the Dnieper River has to be neutral. It can't be part of NATO. The Russians will never tolerate NATO forces on Ukrainian soil because we've demonstrated conclusively that we are fundamentally hostile to Russia.

That's the minimal requirement. How that's governed is another question. Who knows, I'm sure Moscow would want to have some say in that government and who is there, to ensure that, behind the scenes, they are not once again subjected to the treatment that we subjected to them to in the Minsk accords.

Ukrainians being led to slaughter and ripped off

Tucker Carlson 9:37
What is the Ukrainian objective?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 9:39
More and more Ukrainians just want to survive this. That's becoming very hard. Zelensky and the radicals around him are basically committed to fighting this war to the last Ukrainian.

I'm sure that Mr. Zelensky and his friends are anxious at some point to retire to their estates in Florida, Venice or Cyprus, to collect on the billions that they've managed to steal or siphon from all the aid that we've provided. Remember, Ukraine is probably one of the most corrupt places in the world. A friend of mine who had spent time in the old Soviet Union and also lived in Mexico came back from a visit to Mexico. He said, It's hard to believe this but Ukraine is more corrupt than Mexico. Wow.

I think that's true, this is a world class disaster. 14 million Ukrainians have left the nation, presumably never to return because when they're asked in Germany, France, Croatia, Spain or wherever they go, they say, We will never go back.

What are you going to do with this country? We've had the usual suspects, the great agricultural business conglomerates along with Blackrock who had their eyes on the fertile Ukraine ground in western Ukraine. I suppose there'll be a big effort to get control of that in some fashion. That may not work though once this war ends with the complete and utter defeat of the Ukrainian regime.

Who is Zelensky?

Tucker Carlson 11:06
Who is Zelensky exactly? How would you characterize the landscape? George W. Bush called him our generation's Winston Churchill.

Colonel Doug MacGregor 11:13
This is W right? Not a very thoughtful man.

Zelensky was a comedian who made a living acting on stage frequently pretending to be a transvestite, doing things with the various body parts that I won't go into. He was picked up by an oligarch named Kolomoisky who is the individual who is probably more responsible than anybody else for funding this atrocity that we call the Azov Regiment that runs around with swastikas and Nazi gear and so forth.

Zelensky was picked and blessed by Victoria Nuland and the State Department as their man. Now when he originally ran for office, he ran on a peace platform. He was overwhelmingly elected across the country because he said, If I am elected as your president, I will make peace with Russia. Ukraine did not want to go to war with Russia. They were looking for a way out, a resolution to the crisis. Once he was in there, he took a different road and I can't help but think that that road was defined for him by us.

Victoria Nuland and the Neocons and their deep hatred of Russia

Tucker Carlson 12:25
Who is Victoria Nuland?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 12:26
Goodness gracious, all these hard questions. I do not know Victoria Nuland. Personally, I know Fred Kagan and his brother Bob is married to her.

She's a long term committed neocon. This is someone I would not characterize as either Democrat or Republican. These are people with this agenda which says, Until the entire world is garrisoned by U.S. forces and is converted forcibly to some form of democracy that we approve of, the world will not be safe, and we must continue to fight.

I think in the case of Russia, Russia has special appeal, because I think these people have ancestors who came from that region of the world and have a permanent axe to grind with the Russians. I don't think most Americans do and nor do I think anybody in government should shape policy based on whatever unhappiness their ancestors experienced in a place like Russia.

So that's the nutshell but I think it's enough and wherever she goes, usually there is conflict, crisis and fighting; and she's a strong proponent of fighting to the last Ukrainian.

Tucker Carlson 13:40
Does she have relevant experience that would qualify her to be in charge of this war?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 13:48
Obviously she doesn't. It's like asking somebody who has never snaked a drain or replaced a garbage disposal, to be a plumber. I think we have a lot of those in Washington. She's not the only one. No, I don't think she understands the gravity of the situation.

These are the same people - Tony Blinken is in this with, you know, what's his name? Sullivan. I keep mixing him up with the previous guy, O'Brien who was in the White House. Not much difference. Sullivan will tell you, the Russians are weak, the Russian economy is fragile, the Russian armed forces are poor, their generals are terrible, and they can't possibly win; and all we have to do is to keep up the pressure, and they will collapse. That's been a hell of a strategy.

Russia has grown strong kicking NATO and Ukronazi butt

It's killed large numbers of people and created millions of refugees and destroyed the country; but it hasn't hurt Russia. Russia today is stronger than it has been in 30 or 40 years. You have a Russian military establishment that is now more potent and more capable than the Russian military was in the mid 1980s.

Tucker Carlson 14:58
Why? Wars typically, don't they degrade the military force?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 15:02
The Russians have been very, very careful and deliberate, very cautious about the expenditure of life.

Tucker Carlson 15:07
What do you think the casualty numbers are in Russia?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 15:10
That's a hard one to estimate, I think probably 50,000 killed. Maybe another 40 to 50,000 wounded.

Tucker Carlson 15:18
As compared to the Ukrainian losses?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 15:22
400,000. Dead. So this ratio is one to five, minimum...

Tucker Carlson 15:27
You believe those numbers are roughly accurate? And these are 50,000 to 400,000. That's a larger country compared to a much smaller country with a much smaller military. I mean, that's a grotesque...

Colonel Doug MacGregor 15:40
Oh, it is; and the manpower is leaving Ukraine as quickly as it can get out because people don't want to be thrown into the meat grinder.

You can't defeat what the Russians have built. They were the first back in the 1970s to understand the criticality of linking intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in space (ISR,) as well as on land and at sea, with strike weapons. What's a strike weapon? Rockets, missiles, guided artillery, for precision.

They've done that extremely well. That's one of the reasons they have thousands of guns, hundreds of rocket launchers, hundreds of ballistic missile launchers, cruise missiles and so forth. These are then linked to that ISR and the response time is almost instantaneous.

A typical scenario would have a Ukrainian formation located at a particular spot next to a building on the outskirts of say, Kharkov. The Russians can have missiles on the way to those targets - or rockets or drones - within the space of perhaps 5, 6, 7 minutes. This is a very well structured, well organized machine. The machine is grinding up everything in front of it. It's not going to be defeated.

Tucker Carlson 16:57
What about the Space Age military technology that we've been sending to Ukraine. That hasn't brought parity?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 17:05
First of all, a lot of the equipment we send over there is quite frankly obsolete. It's very old, it's not new. We've given them a few new items, but not much. Remember what I said about missiles, we sent them some Patriot missiles. At this point in this newest round of money, 750 million, something like that. We're sending 33 Patriot missiles. These are missiles that are used to shoot down aircraft or cruise missiles, incoming opposing forces.

In air defense, people will tell you, if there's a target out there, you shoot two missiles at it as a minimum, to make sure you get to target. Well, you run out of our missiles in the space of a few days. 33 missiles will be gone in two or three days. You can't possibly defeat the thousands of projectiles that are being hurled in your direction.

The radars emit, so your radars light up and become targets. This is a no-win situation.

The Russians, though they were not prepared in February 2022 for this kind of war, they are ready now and they're continuing to prepare, which includes continuous mobilization. They're up to 750,000 troops in and around Ukraine. Most of them are on the outskirts below Russia, western Russia, down in southern Ukraine.

That number is going to rise over the next year, I would expect to 1.2 million. Reservists are being pulled out of universities, people who've been through the military now working in universities to become engineers, architects, mathematicians, whatever. They're being pulled out, putting on the uniform and readied because, again, our intransigence, our demonstrated hatred and hostility for Moscow and Russia has convinced the Russian people as well as the leadership in Moscow, that they are going to have to fight us and anyone who is allied with us. So they're preparing for that eventuality.

That's why it's so important that we have to wake up and understand what we've done has backfired. Whatever we set out to achieve has failed. What we need to do now is stop this and come to a settlement that we may not like but that needs to happen - and SOON, before this thing is out of control. If you keep this up within the next six to eight months you'll see hundreds of thousands of Russian troops on the Polish border. That is not what we set out to achieve.

The bankster-warmonger rape of America's wealth

Tucker Carlson 19:44
No, it's a terrifying disaster - at what cost do you think to the United States?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 19:50
The latest estimates since 2001, spending - including the spending in Ukraine, all the military spending designed to support these interventions, conflicts, wars, whatever you want to call them - spending is about $14 trillion.

That 14 trillion is largely debt financed. You have to move from the 14 trillion to where we stand now with national sovereign debt, which the economic luminary stick is meaningless. But you have 130 million workers. And you look at those figures. And suddenly, you realize that every adult male or woman in the United States who works for a living, has has a debt hanging over them of roughly $240,000, in order to deal with what the 14 trillion have added to the national sovereign debt.

This is part of the issue that people are walking away from this war for good reasons. The average American earns about $31,000 a year. That's it. The average American pays about $16,600 a year. Now the people in Congress, this doesn't affect them or on the Hill or inside the beltway.

We're talking about the real Americans who live out there scratching out a living. Keep in mind that a person who works all his life and then tries to draw on Social Security, can expect a monthly payment of probably $1,400. If they're lucky $1,400. We hand every alleged asylum seeker, illegal migrant, pouring into the border in Texas or wherever else, we hand them when they get there, $2,200. And we put them on that $2,200 diet, from there on out per month. Yet, somebody who works all his life retires to draw Social Security gets $1,400.

The Afghans who were hanging on to the planes in Kabul trying to come to the United States, when they arrived, they received $2,200 a month. Now, if you can make sense out of this, please try. Because I don't think most Americans can make sense out of this at all.

That's one of the reasons people have said, not because they know anything about Ukraine, most Americans don't. If they knew anything about the history of Eastern Europe, they would all say, get out. Because the wars in the blood and the hatred that have been characterized in that part of the world for hundreds of years, is something we can't sort out. We can't fix it. We shouldn't try to arbitrate it. We don't know anything about it. We shouldn't be in an endless war. That's the bottom line. I think Americans have figured that out.

They're beginning to look at the numbers and the figures and they say, What happened to consent by the government? Instead, we have contempt for the government. Whatever the governed want, they don't get. Who gets it? Well, the donors get what they want.

Somebody was joking the other day and said, you know, Doug, if the donors were cannibals, they'd feed the American people to them. That's the attitude in Washington, DC. What's the donor want? Give me more money.

It's a catastrophe. It's the destruction of our whole Republic. I don't think people realize how far gone things though a lot of Americans sense it. And I think we're on the path to some sort of national come-to-Jesus moment, where we're tired of being the contemptibles. We want to have a say in what our government does.

Tucker Carlson 23:42
You mentioned the donors. We just had a conversation with Vivek Ramaswamy running for president on the Republican side. He doesn't need big donors but he has said publicly that he can't get money from any big time Republican donor because his position on Ukraine is similar to yours. He doesn't buy the NBC News version of the Ukrainian war.

Why are donors on both sides so attached to a war that's clearly hurting the United States?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 24:12
First of all, you've got to go through and identify the donors. What's their background? Where did they come from? Why do they feel the way they do? I think there are more personal issues here than we realize with many of them.

Secondly, you have to look at the monetary benefits to them. t's It's not just being heavily advance-invested in the defense industry. You've seen that report from the Oakland Institute which talks about arable land and Ukraine, the breadbasket of Europe. Some of the richest, most fertile soil anywhere in the world.

A friend of mine who's Ukrainian, said, all you have to do is take take an old boot, stick it in the ground in Ukraine come back in six months and something grows, the boots transformed into something you can eat. He said, That's how fertile this is.

There are people that are interested in getting control of an oligarchy, they call them oligarchs in Eastern Europe, I'm starting to think that we should talk about oligarchs in the West, because they're also invested in this, they have an interest in it.

That's part of it, and you have the advantages of people on the Hill, you have somebody like McConnell, who says, we're so fortunate that we're doing so much damage to the Russians, this will set them back for 10 years, they've lost all this equipment, the Ukrainians have done a great job. That's a lie. That's a blatant falsehood.

He follows up by saying, and We're all floating equipment that we can replenish with newer equipment. The new equipment we're going to buy looks an awful lot like the old equipment. So you're not necessarily getting new top of the line material. You're just getting new versions of what you've already got, which, of course, is what Congress wants. Unfortunately, that doesn't prepare you for a future war, because your your probable opponents are investing in very different capabilities from the ones that you have.

All the things that we once monopolized, all the precision, all of that's lost now, everybody has it. There's nothing that we can do that they cannot also do in Moscow, in Beijing, and probably in many other countries that we don't even know about yet.

It all means money. Where does the money go? Does it go into the Defense Department? Sure. Then it's transferred over into industry. Industry then contributes money to PACs. And the PAC money goes back to the Hill. It's a wonderful sort of recycling machine, where the washed is washed again and again.

What happens in Ukraine? The equipment shows up, some reaches the troops, a lot of it is sold off, ends up in arms bazaars, like Kosovo, or we see it now being used by the drug cartels. We saw somebody working for one of the major cartels who is also involved in human trafficking walking around with a Javelin missile. The whole kit. Where did that come from? It came from Europe, may have gone from Europe to Afghanistan, Europe, to North Africa, Europe, to the Balkans and then over in the United States, south of the border.

Military Industrial Complex FF from Eisenhower to Biden

Tucker Carlson 27:26
You can't be the only person who spent your life as an army officers who's reached these conclusions. What are they thinking at the Pentagon? There have to be people who come to the same positions.

Colonel Doug MacGregor 27:39
We have right now 43 - could be 44. it's usually 43 or 44, four star generals and admirals. You have to think about that. We have a force of 1.12 million people in the armed forces, when you add up all the armed services, 1.12 million.

In World War Two at the height of the war, end of 1942 into 1943, when we had 12.2 million men under arms. We had seven Four Stars. Seven Four Stars. I can tell you they were.

You had George Marshall chief staff of the army, Douglas MacArthur commanding in the Pacific. Eisenhower commanding in Great Britain and in the European Theater. Hap Arnold for the Air Force. Unofficially he was the vice chief but he was effectively commanding the air forces. And then you had Leahy who was in the White House. Admiral Leahy was the liaison officer. He was effectively the unofficial Chairman of the Joint Chiefs for FDR. Then you had Nimitz and King who was the CNO and Nimitz command in the Pacific.

Now, somehow or another, with only seven Four Stars, we managed to survive the greatest, most destructive war in history, and fortunately end up on the quote unquote, winning side.

Now, we are blessed with 43 to 44 Four Stars organized into multiple commands designed to blanket the globe with American military power and interest. I think it borders on lunacy, especially since we don't live in the world of 1920, 1945. This is the 21st century.

Today, if you have forces forward, they're easy to identify easy to target, easy to destroy. So what's the point of having a lot of forces forward? "Well, we can always reinforce them." No, you can't. How do you get across these vast oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific when your opponents have submarine fleets? How many ships do they have to sink - supply ships, transports, before everybody says, That's it. We're not going.

Same thing true for aircraft. Well, we have better aircraft. We may have better aircraft, but we don't have very good air defenses. We've neglected air and missile defenses for years. In the army, they always treated (garbled) air and missile defense is sort of the redheaded stepchild because we haven't fought anybody that compelled us to defend ourselves from missile and air attack.

Those days are over. In other words, if you press this war with Russia, in Central Eastern Europe, it will reach us here in the United States. People aren't thinking about.

Tucker Carlson 30:37
How many Americans do you think are assisting or fighting on the side of Ukraine right now?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 30:45
I imagine it must be hundreds because the President of the United States has authorized combat pay for Americans in uniform in Ukraine. He didn't specifically say uniformed, just an American serving in Ukraine. I imagine that large numbers are in other uniforms, not necessarily American, some maybe assisting contractors or working with them - a substantial number.

The Russians have been very careful not to target Americans. It would be a mistake to assume that the Russians don't know where they are. The latest strikes that we've had over the last couple of months have been all the way out on the border with Romania, the border with Poland, the border with Moldova, precision strikes, Kinshasa, missiles carrying 1000 pound warheads, great accuracy, very destructive, why the Russians are sending a message, if you think you're going to hide from us, if you come in here, you're not going to do that. If you cross these borders, we will annihilate you. You will never get to the deeper river. We won't permit it. We need to come to terms with these realities, because we can't defeat it. And see, this is the sad part. Somebody will say to me, well, daga You don't sound very patriotic. I'm not patriotic, I put my life on the line for the country. I have no compunction about fighting or killing anybody. If we need to do it. Don't get me wrong. We don't need to do this. That's the point. This is unnecessary.

Tucker Carlson 32:21
I think a lot of Americans suspect that maybe our military forces are weaker than what we think it is. You're saying it's much weaker than we think it is.

Colonel Doug MacGregor 32:30
Think of it like an engine. You have a 500 horsepower engine and that 500 horsepower engine goes from 500, to 400, to 300, to 200, down to 100. You don't notice very much because you don't put the pedal to the metal, it's good enough to get to the grocery store, drive on the I-95 for 50 miles. But if you put your foot down on the pedal you're going to discover that this is a very weak engine. It's not performing very well, it doesn't have what it once had. In other words, we've gone down in horsepower, militarily.

This is the warning. This is what people need to understand. People say, Well what about all the money we spent? That's a damn good question. He spent all this money, what are you getting for it? Where did the money go? Who's making the decisions?

You have separate services, each service lives in its own world, has its own doctrine, its own bureaucracy, its own way of war. All this jointness is just nonsense. You've got lots of generals and every general has a reason to exist. Every General has a thousand men in his headquarters, every Four Star needs money for his projects. It just becomes a giant feeding frenzy for people on the Hill.

Nobody ever bothers to stand up and say why? What are we doing this for? Because look at what's happening in Africa. Niger decided they'd had enough of their French overlords. The French retained ownership of virtually 50% of everything of value in their colonies in Afrique du Nord. That's French business. Whatever the French want to do, it's fine with me.

My point is, we're involved there because we built an airstrip in Niger and we marched in there to defeat Islamists. The truth is, there weren't very many Islamists until we showed up. Now there are lots of Islamists. What's wrong with that picture? The whole population, in addition to hating the French has decided they hate us.

We've had a coup in Niger. It's now being backed by the Algerians as well as the neighbors; and people are saying, we trained them. We gave them assistance and they're turning on us. Oh, it must be the Wagner mercenaries. There aren't any Wagner mercenaries in the place! In other words, we may have gone in there and blown it on our own - made mistakes of our own, backed the wrong horse, whatever you want to call it - it doesn't it occur to anybody. Instead, it must be those Russians or maybe those pesky Chinese.

We have this unfortunate habit of seeing ourselves as always wearing the white hat, always doing everything right; and we miss the truth. The truth is, soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines do what they're told. They'll go wherever you ask them to go, they'll put their lives on the line. But it doesn't always make sense. Sometimes it may be for profit, not for national interest, not for the interests of the American people. That's the problem.

No one's been watching this thing. They see the flag, everybody salutes, listens to the music. Everyone's enthralled; but the old 500 horsepower engine is gone. We're down to 100 horsepower, and a 100 horsepower engine is trying to make it all over the world. It's not going very well. We haven't even talked about our economy.

Tucker Carlson 36:05

What you're saying is horrifying. Some of it with respect does seem kind of obvious. Almost nobody in the Congress is saying what you're saying. Chris Christie never served in the Congress but he was a governor. He's been on the national stage for quite a long time. He's running for president now. He recently went to Ukraine to meet with the world's highest paid actor who runs it. I think we have a clip...

Video clip of Christie 3 36:35
I believe that the overwhelming majority of the American people understand that we need to be with Ukraine on this fight. Do you maintain the current commitment? Do you expand it? Or do you contract it?

I increase it. My position on Ukraine is that we haven't done enough. President Biden has certainly done better than President Trump. President Trump did better than President Obama on this. We still have more to go, we can spend this money now and have Ukrainian soldiers fight our war. Or we could spend a lot more money and American blood later to fight in Taiwan.

Tucker Carlson 37:16
How do you respond to that?

Colonel Doug MacGregor 37:18
When we were in Vietnam, I was 16. I remember General Westmoreland telling everyone, We don't fight these people in Vietnam and to fight them here, we'll be fighting them in Los Angeles and in all our major cities. So we have to stay here and win this war or that's what's going to happen.

Tucker Carlson 37:40
A lot of them did go to Los Angeles and build private businesses!  (Shared laughter)

Colonel Doug MacGregor 37:43
My hat's off to them. That's fine. I have no problems with that but I think it's (Westmoreland's propaganda) a lot of nonsense. 

Same thing with Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson 37:53
Chris Christie is not stupid. He's very dishonest, obviously. But he's not stupid.

Colonel Doug MacGregor 37:57
Well, he has donors. Tucker: That's what that is. MacGregor: Of course! Where's he gonna get his money? "Well, Governor Christie, we want this war in Ukraine. We want to see that man Putin removed, we got to get rid of him and his regime." Why? "Well, it's not democratic."

Most of the world is not democratic. There are a lot of people that don't think we're very democratic anymore. Tucker: We're not. MacGregor: So who are we kidding?

I think Americans are waking up; and Christie's probably there for name recognition and more money but I don't see him winning anything.

Tucker Carlson 38:30
No, but in a blustery way, he's expressing the same thing that the rest of them are - Nikki Haley and all the rest.

War propaganda diverts national attention from the economy

Colonel Doug MacGregor 38:40
Doesn't it also divert attention from far more serious matters here at home? It really does.

What does it cost Christie to say, We have to beat those Russians? Nothing; it doesn't cost him anything. It costs the country a great deal in terms of money, prestige.

Fitch just downgraded our credit worthiness one more time. People say, Ah, it's not a problem, the bond yields are on their way up and prices are on their way down. When is the treasury bond firesale going to happen? When do banks offload these treasury bonds that they bought when they were at zero interest? Because they're now worthless. What's going to happen in China and Japan, Saudi Arabia, where they have lots of bonds? 

We're fragile and vulnerable. Nobody even mentions it because nobody wants to fess up and tell the truth. We've overreached. We're running on fumes.

What about this economy? What are we building? What are we producing? That's what made us a great power between 1865 and basically 1920. That's when your industrial base was created. That's when you had people like Edison and Tesla, Rockefeller, all these people. They were tough, they were intelligent and they were effective.

The only person I see out there now remotely like that is Musk. He's building something, he's creating something. When you do that you create employment. I don't see that happening. High tech startups? What the hell are they? What are they doing for us? A new app on your phone? We got to wake up!

Everybody's hyping AI. AI is better algorithms. Better algorithms do not replace human beings; and they don't necessarily create opportunity for people to work. We've got to think this thing through very carefully. We haven't done that. 

What about our energy sector? Oil, Gas, we've killed it. We have half the refineries we once had. California had something in the neighborhood of 43 or 44 refineries. They're down to 23. How long before suddenly we're in another energy crisis and we need to rapidly refine fuel? Can we do it? Well, the answer is going to be tough. 

The same thing applies to Raytheon. We want 200 missiles and we want them now. We have no surge capacity. There's no excess capacity built into anything.

What are we going to do with the scientific industrial base? What about our agricultural sector? What are we doing for that? High end manufacturing is dead. We need to repatriate lots of industries. That's what President Trump talked about. We absolutely need to do that. People say, We want free trade. I'm 100% for free trade as long as it doesn't kill us. If it kills us then I'm for protection.

We need to understand how we got where we are today. I don't see anybody talking about that. Americans are really turning these people off - Democrats, Republicans are the Uniparty. Who are we kidding? What are they doing for us? The Swamp gets bigger and richer. The rest of the country gets poorer. I don't see any any good outcome right now, from any of these candidates. Perhaps I'm too harsh, but that's the way I feel.

Tucker Carlson 42:05
Last question, about a piece of tape that I want you to respond to. It's come to a lot of people's attention. This is just so perfect.

One of the spokesmen for the Ukrainian military is an American guy, a leftist, dressed up like a woman who's now wearing a Ukrainian army uniform and talking about killing Putin. Watch this.

Video clip of U.S./Ukronazi tranny 42:30
If you look at Putin's mouth, you will notice that blood drips from it. He's a vampire, carrying out genocide against both Ukrainians and Russians alike. Vlad Putin bathes in the blood of innocent children and enjoys it. This is why the dictator of the Russian Federation must be deposed; and why peace talks have to be focused on President Zelensky's 10-point peace formula and the full liberation of Ukraine.

Tucker Carlson 43:03
There's something so perfect about that, the convergence of every ugly anti human trend and modern...

Colonel Doug MacGregor 43:10
Is that a transgender person?

Tucker Carlson 43:12
That's a guy with fake breasts.

The deeply anti-human effort of the West vs Russia's Christian resurrection

Colonel Doug MacGregor 43:14
Yes, that's interesting. Everything else is fake too.

We estimate that at least 60,000 children from Ukraine have disappeared, vanished since this war began. Where are they? What about all of the women that have been sold into prostitution that once lived in Ukraine? This war is a catastrophe.

The people bathing in blood are in Kyiv - and Washington, not in Moscow.

This sort of thing is going to play well until it can't; and that's the sad part. We're going to see this whole thing collapse and implode. It's coming.

Tucker: ...and with it NATO?

MacGregor: I would think so because the Europeans right now - Germany is well into a recession. It has systematically deindustrialized itself by casting its lot with the anti Russian crowd. In Europe, it was not very difficult to supply stereotypes leftover from the Second World War of the Soviet armed forces.

The Soviet army was an exercise in barbarism and savagery, mass rape, you name it. That's not Russia today. Russia today is a very different society, very different state. That's been Putin's effort from day one. He's been interested in restoring Russia as an Orthodox Christian state, with a true national identity and a strong national culture. That's probably another reason why so many people want to destroy Russia, because it's the last European state that has not been flooded with foreigners and turned into some sort of polyglot experiment which is failing badly, by the way, because at some point, all of these unwanted people in Europe, and for that matter here as well, I suspect, when things fall apart economically, it's gonna get very hard on them. People are going to look around after going through all of this and say, wait a minute, I'm an American, who are you? What are you doing here? Why are you living that way? Why are you being subsidized? I'm a German, you know, you don't belong here...

Tucker Carlson 45:23
I'm getting 1400 bucks a month in retirement that I paid into my entire life. And you just show up from Congo, and you're getting 2200 bucks.

Colonel Doug MacGregor 45:32
The President announced yesterday on one of these tweets - somebody tweets for him, obviously - that the people that have lost everything in Hawaii, thousands have lost everything, are going to receive a one time payment of $700.

I haven't been to Hawaii in a long time. I'm not even sure I've ever been there but I know that $700 isn't going to take care of a family for very long. In the meantime, hundreds of millions, billions of dollars continue to flow into this black hole called Ukraine, which I think is an exercise in fraud, deceit and criminality, to be blunt. 

When's he going to stop? When are we going to take care of Hawaii? Let's go back to Ohio where we had the derailment and the chemical spill and the 4,000 human beings living in this area. The water is still not fit to drink as I understand it. We wouldn't even invest the money to move those people to a safer area, even if it meant temporary housing or permanent housing, until this thing was cleaned up.

What have we done? This is the problem. It is America last on every level. The last people who are consulted, the last people who are benefiting from anything that goes on in Washington, are Americans. This cannot go on. It's got to end and I think it will end. Unfortunately, it's like everything else, we're going to have to be pushed over the cliff into the abyss. I think that's where we're headed.

Tucker Carlson 47:05
On that cheerful note, retired Colonel Douglas McGregor, thank you, it was great!

The following Truth was reTruthed by President Trump on August 31 2023


Killing Fields of Ukraine

Fewer Americans, Canadians and other people of the West are flying the Ukrainian flag knowing now that they've been bamboozled by the lying warmongers in their respective nations into being promoters of what amounts to the slaughter of Ukrainian people being fed as cannon fodder into the meat grinder cauldron of a no-win war. Sound familiar?

This isn't Putin's fault, his nation and his people have been the targets!


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