The world is turning right-eous


From Canada to Sweden to Italy to Brazil, the world is waking up to the Davos tyrant cult and choosing new populist leaders. It will seem chaotic for some time as brutes get frothy, struggling against history itself. However, there's no stopping what is coming.

Righteousness is the right use of the law

Pierre Poilievre ran away with the leadership vote for a renewed, more populist Conservative Party in Canada, stomping Canada's "Laurentian elite" favorite, Jean Charest, also heavily promoted by Canada's state propaganda media. Upon losing 68% to 14% to Mr. Poilievre, Mr. Charest announced that he would now quit politics. Canadians told him to get lost.

It's obvious that the criminality of the Davos gang in Ottawa, fronted by the actor we call Castreau, had EVERYTHING to do with this surge of the people becoming active in their politics.

That's all it takes folks, is to not let them get away with anything.

Sweden is seeing an historic turnaround, seems people there have had enough of the globalists' war-by-migration which Swedes are realizing they've consented to for too long. Too many lovely blonde daughters becoming rape victims will do that to people.

Italy is desperate to get their country back and the communists are thrashing. Bannon calls an emerging leader there a possible "Italian Maggie Thatcher."

Brazil is shrugging off their commies and have already shown they can raise up their own Donald Trump in Jair Bolsonaro. The re-election of Bolsonaro is less than three weeks away.

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Mi Trumpo is all about the people taking their power back

Perhaps the French Canadian side of me was trained to turn a jaundiced eye towards "Her Majesty;" nevertheless, the "royal houses" of the world have been exposed for their true predatory natures hidden behind all that pomp. Surely, the counterfeits are reduced to objects of mockery and revulsion, whilst amongst us we must honor what is held in the hearts of many, and what might have been, and yet shall be, the ideal and noble deeds and demeanor of True Kings and Queens.

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