Uganda Discovers YUGE Gold Ore Cache: Has the UN Already Interfered?


"Uganda Announces Discovery of Huge Gold Deposits Estimated at 12.8 $Trillion", Jun 8, 2022

That's a Lot of Gold, Uganda! 

The security issues this discovery creates are herculean. Vultures from within and outside Uganda will flock for a piece of the wealth. The evilest of them will be the New World Order vultures, fresh out of their Davos coven meetings, looking for a way to steal more gold to prop up their failing plans to rule the world.

Listen to the video below for 'controlled news' about this colossal event, then read on for insider information regarding United Nations shenanigans

Uganda Announces Discovery of Huge Gold Deposits Estimated at 12.8 $Trillion

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 10, 2022
Length 2:02

The United Nations is the NWO's wingman. 

In March 2022, the Nilepost reported the UN deployed diplomatic services to investigate allegations that Uganda is offering safe sanctuary to Congo warlords and allowing shady business dealings, but the allegations were never proven. Yet, within four days of that visit, ABC reported the US placed sanctions on a Belgian businessman "over allegations of illicit gold trade in Congo." No proof of wrongdoing was found by the UN or law enforcement, yet punitive action was taken and reported.  

The news cycle is now poised to report on manufactured border issues with Uganda's neighbors stemming from bogus allegations and unfounded sanctions. And when needed, the fake news will spread lies about aggressive actions (most likely false flag events) in Uganda, gaining tacit consent from the world for the military to move in and resolve the issue. Working with and for the US, the United Nations' actions go far beyond diplomatic overreach. This is a psychological warfare game leveled against Uganda and set up by the NWO's wingman, the UN, for an eventual hostile takeover. 

So why is the United Nations even involved? 

The UN was set up under the lie that it's a Peace Keeping Organization, ready to resolve countries' internal and external irregularities before bloodshed occurs. We now know the UN Organization is a scam set-up, used as a long arm for the deep state, reaching into countries' governmental systems, setting them up to become targets for NWO interference. 

Uganda is now in the greedy cabal's overlords' sights. 

Uganda struck it Big

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 14, 2022

 Information has arisen: Is trouble Brewing for Uganda? 

A source known on Telegram as "Q/The Storm Rider /Official Page" has given us insider information:

UN headed to Uganda

>South Sudan
☝️ Military from these countries and rebels forces are FLANKING the borders of Uganda.

Now the UN has turned off flight trackers and is moving in artillery and munitions sound Uganda.

The DEEP STATE CABAL is already setting up assets and FALSE FLAG EVENTS to remove the President and take over the country.

  • you know, Gaddafi was killed for gold and wanting to start his own banking system through gold.
  •  And PUTIN was labeled a WAR monger for wanting to go back to GOLD Back SYSTEM.
  • Several countries in the past hundred years were infiltrated by the DEEP STATE CENTRAL BANKING SYSTEM if they did not join the system and give control of large portions of their wealth to the Elites (stolen through FALSE trading Markets/ CORRUPT installed regimens in those countries ) 
  • then WARS were created in those countries using FALSE FLAG OPERATIONS
  • > COLOUR REVOLUTIONS< *_ creating civil unrest in their countries that lead to WARS and overthrow of the government. Which then a DEEP STATE SYSTEM is installed > central banking system.

Now UGANDA became one of the richest counties overnight and the UN, CONTROLLED BY DAVOS, ROCKEFELLERS/ ROTHSCHILDs/ Dupont/ Bush's, ETC ETC ECT ETC, now want the money!!!!!!

We all know how mainstream media will vilify the current president and forces and start to overthrow the country into the hands of UN [DS] operations

WIRES; UGANDA president has reached out to other African countries who are against UN POLICIES AND UN REGIMEN, including PUTIN/XI!

It's going to heat up🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Kim Clement "'I AM' Restoring The Fortunes of Zion" / Gold Standard coming in 2022!

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 9, 2022
Length 3:53


Russian Military poised for more swamp clean-up. Putin's biolab clean-up in Ukraine is a success. And Nicaragua noticed.


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