The Ukraine Scam


We feature this exposé by Truth in Media's Ben Swann in the hope that some of our friends who are stuck on the hate-Russia thing will seize an opportunity to see things as they are rather than as they "believe."

Is "the West" vainly trying to play the world?

What do we mean by "the West?"  We propose that that is fake news. There is only a thugocracy that is daily losing its grip on increasingly discontented peoples of the European and North American nations, shrugging off the criminals to win back the sovereignty of their independent nation states.

Ben Swann with Truth In Media tries to reach people inside the mockie infobubble by exposing Zelensky as a completely paid-for, powerless and craven actor-puppet for a deeply corrupt global crime syndicate (with whatever real power any of this mob retains after they all capitulated to Trump in 2017.)

Is Zelensky "Playing the West"?
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Published Sept 27 2022
Length 6:48 (see transcript below)


Ben Swann for Truth in Media

Well, you might have seen this video in just the past week; Ukraine's President Zelensky, virtually ringing the bell of the New York Stock Exchange. It was weird, to say the least. How can a president whose country we're told is engaged in a war for its existence, take the time to ring the bell of the Stock Exchange? Or when was the last time that a president of a country in a war posed for the cover of Vogue magazine, as Zelensky did in the last couple of months? And he's also making the rounds now with the Clintons as part of the Clinton Global Initiative. He's actually revived the efforts of the Clintons to get involved in their war-mongering around the world. When you start to peel back the layers of what is really happening with the so-called war in Ukraine and the celebrities who are showing up there or when you realize that the Ukrainian government just signed a deal with the largest, yes, the largest advertising firm in the world, you start to realize that maybe you're being played. I'm Ben Swann. This is Truth in Media.

Hey, guys, welcome to the show. And today we're gonna break down for you the new advertising and marketing campaign called #Advantage Ukraine, a marketing campaign pushing investors to put their money into the country of Ukraine. But when it comes to Ukraine, we are getting played here. And this story is a great example of that.

So, President Zelensky of Ukraine rang the bell of the New York Stock Exchange. But that appearance was actually coordinated with his government's newly launched #Advantage Ukraine campaign that they're making to Wall Street investors. The appeal represents a collaboration between the Ukrainian government and the WPP, the largest advertising firm in the world. Go to their website. WPP boasts on its website that it represents the majority of Fortune Global 500 companies, all 30 of the Dow Jones 30, 62 of the NASDAQ 100, and 61 of the FTSE 100. But with success has come scandal. The public relations titan, WPP, came in for harsh criticism this February, for example, when it launched a deception leaving campaign to rebrand fossil fuel giants like BP, Exxon, and Shell as green-friendly stewards of the environment.

In 2021, the Security and Exchange Commission, the SEC, actually fined the firm for bribery offenses. But now undoubtedly the WPP is waging one of its most ambitious campaigns yet, branding a war-torn country like Ukraine, whose government is consistently ranked by the way as one of the world's most corrupt, as an investor's paradise. What could possibly go wrong here?

Here's what Zelensky had to say to investors: We are rebuilding our economy. We are giving you and your companies the opportunity to work together with us for the benefit of all of us. Ukraine is a story of a future victory and a chance for you to invest now in projects worth of hundreds of billions of dollars to share the victory with us.

What Zelensky said there wasn't received as only positive. The New York Stock Exchange actually quickly shut down replies to its tweets about Zelensky's speech and the NYSC New York Stock Exchange President Lynn Martin also turned off her replies on her Twitter account after commenting on Zelensky's appearance saying, "Freedom. Powerful word, many meanings. For us at NYSC, freedom means many things. It means unfettered access to capital markets."

You know, the marketing strategy that's being used is #Advantage Ukraine, but advantage Ukraine is being promoted in lots of different areas, including at the Clinton Global Initiative, where recently former President Bill Clinton of all people, of course, interviewed Zelensky via satellite even though his country's in the middle of a war.

Here's some of that conversation. "Thank you so much, Mr. President. Thank you everyone in the audience. Quite a general question, how the world can help us."

Because the Clintons have once again come back and found a new project in order to funnel money around the world in the name of humanity.

This July, high-ranking Ukrainian and Western officials actually met to discuss the country's reconstruction, which again, Ukraine's still in the war. Unsurprisingly, the blueprint for rebuilding Ukraine, though, however, included large-scale privatization. As Russian scholar Sean Guillory wrote in 2015, "The Ukrainian leadership have shown their unbridled readiness to exchange one master, Russia, for another, Western finance and corporate capital. The Ukrainian government is willing, even enthusiastic, to implement reforms prescribed by the IMF, not only with the blind faith that they will stimulate economic recovery, but also in the name of European values, which are now subject to much scrutiny."

When the IMF gets involved, it's never a good thing. But among the reforms prescribed by the IMF for Ukraine's post-median regime was the marketization of farmland. As Michel Cohen, author of The fight against Monsanto's Roundup explained, "The IMF has required Ukraine to reverse its ban on GMO genetically engineered crops and allow multinationals like Monsanto to plant GMO seeds and sprayed the country's fields with its toxic Roundup." In that way, Cohen wrote, "Monsanto hopes to break the boycott by a number of countries in Europe of its genetically engineered corn and soy."

And that is the main point that you need to understand what is happening in Ukraine right now. It's not about the people of Ukraine. It is about huge multinational corporations, investment banks, agencies, like the IMF and the World Bank, using Ukraine as a massive multibillion-dollar slush fund. That's what's really happening there. When was the last time that you saw a world leader involved in a war for their survival of their country who could stop to take time for photos with Vogue magazine as Zelensky did in the last couple of months? Or who was asking for massive global investments into the country's various sectors while the war is underway? It never happens. It only happens now, because you have to realize you're being played by those who were using Ukraine for their own advantage while pretending to be virtuous standing in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

Guys, thanks for watching. Be sure to check out all of our videos at It is the best way to get around social media censorship, and the best way to see reports like these that will be censored by big tech companies. I'll see you next time.

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen

LOL "Mass emigration" from Russia at the Sheremetyevo airport LOL

Check out the "masses" escaping Russia's mobilization. There's never been more unity in Russia behind their leadership. Dear reader, you must do your own digging.


Russia just grew - and Ukraine just shrank - by 8 million people

Do you think Russians care that the globalist pedocult says that they won't "recognize" the referenda in Ukraine?

Wicked Losers.

Scott Ritter - you've poked the bear long enough

Scott Ritter has had the fake news and lawfare jackals sic'd on him by the deepstate for many years for outing their insanely criminal lies about WMD in Iraq and their maniacally contrived War on Terror. Today, he's blowing up the Khazarian war-lusting mob's absurdly clownish narrative on Russia and Ukraine.

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