INTO THE DARKNESS: The NWO Has Nowhere to Go But Down

Presenting astute words of wisdom written by Georg who is daily, along with his team at ORGONISE AFRICA, creating a #WorldOfUnityWorldOfWonder with pertinent truths and unique healing methods.

A dying beast is a dangerous beast

This one, the so-called New World Order Cabal, is thrashing about wildly and you must be careful not to be hit by its scaly tail. The resistance to it's agenda grows and chip by chip its power is being taken away by the more and more awakened people on this planet.

And yet it is still a fearsome beast and it can still do great damage. 

Presently the crazy hunt for the last non-jabbed resistors is totally out of control. 

It is becoming obvious that all the additional deaths are due to the vaccines and yet they blame the non-jabbed for...for what actually?

It is so crazy that only 20 months of trauma and extreme stress can explain that anybody is still following their narrative.

But now people see healthy people drop dead in their prime of life. The sudden death or collapse of super fit soccer stars is already becoming common knowledge.

And yet the madness continues.
(The beast's thrashing about)

It is so clear for all who want to see: None of this was ever necessary and yet they will not let up until they are either removed from power or gain total control over all of us.

Parallel reality: How it could be: Since India and Japan have rolled out Ivermectin on a large scale, COVID 19 has virtually disappeared.  

As Clif High (one of the few last of the talking heads that I can still listen to with joy) says: This is a serious test for humanity, a further step in our initiation to becoming fully awakened humans.

We are being shown the full extent of the intended "New World Order" and we have the chance to reject it and become free humans once and for all...

This is momentous and leaves nobody untouched. 

Everybody has to take a stance and fight for this stance when push comes to shove.

It is an irregular war, mostly an information war, waged by the elites against us the ordinary people of this planet, whom they wish to control and above all greatly reduce in numbers by any means possible.

For most people it will not turn into a shooting war, but there are real casualties and they could become massive: Already the excess deaths due to the shots are in the hundreds of thousands and it will go into the many millions. The perpetrators of this push for humanicide will continue shifting the goal posts and somehow miraculously attribute these deaths to "new variants" or try to somehow blame the healthy non-jabbed ones. But at some point very soon, a majority of "Normies" will grasp that they've been taken for a ride and they will get very angry. They will need some wisdom and guidance from us who have seen these things clearly for a much longer period of time and are way past the anger phase.

Our main weapons are truth, noncompliance and voting them (anybody who supports this Covid or "fake climate change" agenda) out wherever possible and on all levels. Do not support businesses who are part of the agenda if you can avoid it.

And do not forget humor: They have no weapon against it. 

Memes are great: They can cause a flash of insight, combined with the stress relief of laughter. Is it any wonder the censors are already blabbering about forbidding them? OMG, these guys don't have any sense of humor in them.

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May it help you to up your orgone defenses even more and create an energetically liberated zone in your neighborhood.
Orgonite is very powerful on a consciousness level.

The raving madness is really having a much harder time being maintained in the presence of a strong positive orgone field:

  • A very good friend in Botswana who gifted the highest echelons of government and secret service agencies described it aptly as suddenly noting a "surprising sense of insecurity" among these people of power.

If I was religious in a classical sense, I would probably say "Orgonite helps to bring about god's will". It sounds a bit too big for my taste, just isn't my language, so let me rather say:

  • Orgonite empowers the Woo! (the self-actualization of consciousness)

On this note I wish you a great day!
Georg and the Orgonise Africa team


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We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense. You won't know what you can accomplish, until you give it a good try taking it to the next level. We are here to support you overcoming the technical hurdles to sharing your thoughts, wisdom, art, vision, with the world via the internet, the most powerful communication medium in human history.
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