Scott Ritter - you've poked the bear long enough


Scott Ritter has had the fake news and lawfare jackals sic'd on him by the deepstate for many years for outing their insanely criminal lies about WMD in Iraq and their maniacally contrived War on Terror. Today, he's blowing up the Khazarian war-lusting mob's absurdly clownish narrative on Russia and Ukraine.

That nuke-scare thingy

Full disclosure: we don't agree with the assertion made by those with their Doomsday Clock spoken of by Scott Ritter in Cynthia Pooler's interview with him, that the world is at the 11:59 point of the doomsday clock of a looming nuclear war due to the recent freakish nuclear threats made so dramatically by BYEDONE THE MASKED PREZYDONK and the UK's Liz Truss against Russia, followed by President Putin's response, essentially, "don't mess with Russia, we've got lots of nukes and they fly better than yours."

The reason we don't agree with that assertion is simple - and it may point to the fact that Scott is really just playing an important role here: it's God's theater for waking up normies.

("Normies" is a term coined by students of Q called "anons," referring to people in our society who have sheepishly accepted the normalization of brazen lies and corrupt deception, even when that fraud is stuck right in their faces.

A psychological condition called "cognitive dissonance" is largely at play in the mind of normies. We humbly submit that we're all - everyone of us - at various stages of leaving the normie consciousness, without exception. Although, there are some, sadly, who will never leave the normie consciousness, as if they were created as normies, to be normies, forever. There's a LOT to learn! It's a lifetime of learning.)

Despite strong stately words aimed at promoting national pride in the Russian people, President Putin in reality has very likely been the most restrained Russian leader in her entire ancient history. This reflects the great restraint that's been consistently shown by the Emperor of the World, Donald J. Trump, who gained the capitulation of the world's psychopaths about five years ago.

Both leaders exercise this other-worldly self-discipline out of a great abundance of compassion for the people, to save as many of their lives as can possibly be done in the grand scheme of things, always keeping that 40,000 foot view that is so necessary for world peace and prosperity.



Scott Ritter talks about Putin's speech and Biden's response
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Sept 23 2022
Length 28:14


Eliminating the Nazis in Ukraine

The Fall of the Azov is the title to journalist Jacob Dreizin's latest video report. This was the primary goal of Vladimir Putin's Special Military Operation, along with eliminating the Ukraine military, which is almost done. Some of you may experience a hiccup in your brain from the fact that you get lied to 24/7. This is a sticking point with us, of course, but we will stick with it. We are the warriors of truth. #GoVlad

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