Wondering what's real about Israel?


October 19th, 2023:

At this point calling the October 7 event Israel's 9-11 (an inside job like 9-11) is becoming appropriate.

The latest on the hospital bombing. Gaza reports 471 killed. Israel denies doing it but evidence shows they likely did it with an air-burst weapon leaving little structural damage but much human damage.

"Starting to sound like Zelensky." (Israel asking US for $10B)

Trump vows to help Israel destroy the Israeli deepstate's proxy Hamas the same way he vows to obliterate the deepstate in the U.S.

When Rothschild tried to buy Palestine in 1892 (they finally got it through their UN in 1948)

"Are we, as Christians, allowed to stand with Jesus in vehement opposition to the Synagogue of Satan?"

"Tipping Point: Has the World Had ENOUGH of Both Murderous Islam AND Murderous "Zionism?"

"People will come to the realization that this wasn't an accident. 1+1=2 #BibiKnew"

"False Flags don't work without Fake News"

"Are we at the brink of Nuclear War?"

"COMING OUT OF BABYLON: What Exactly is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia?"


"We are saving Israel for last."

"Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord..."

Let us here at Ruby Ray Media be crystal clear where we stand, and who we stand with. Neither any who killed Israelis, nor any specific Israelis who responded, as they have from the founding of Israel, by "retaliating" against cities full of people.

We stand first and foremost, with the numberless, voiceless dead, who have been murdered by monsters while simply attempting to live their lives on this planet.

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We further assert, as the cover photo at the top of this article implies, the overwhelming evidence of Israel itself directly funding the "terrorists" who have attacked Israel in the past, creating the pretext for "retaliation."

You'd have to be pretty stupid to dismiss the possibility of hidden actors employing False Flags and Fake News, when those are how the people of earth were railroaded into:

WORLD WAR ONE, WORLD WAR TWO, and the VIETNAM WAR, just for starters.

How stupid are we, if we rush past this question?

Are we "ANTI-SEMITIC!" ? 

Are we, as Christians, allowed to stand with Jesus in vehement opposition to the Synagogue of Satan?

lol, Do we, as Christians, look to media talking heads to tell us where we stand, or do we stand with our Lord and Savior.

Don't we, as Christians, pretty much expect the world to hate us?

Methinks the "media" doth shriek too loudly, not to mention being caught lying to us frequently enough--even daily, to discern exactly what spiritual power they stand with and for...


We pray it will start to dawn on so many of our right-wing, politically "conservative" and Christian friends, that the media frenzy is NOT about whether or not you "support Israel." The agenda is EXACTLY the one which was thwarted when support for the slaughter in Ukraine fizzled, after driving us to the brink of nuclear war.

This is simple bait-and-switch: This is in fact the ongoing attempt to provoke World War Three. We are in fact, at the brink of a Nuclear Holocaust.

Our nation is once again bankrupt, exactly as it was prior to World Wars One and Two. Now, as then, those who bankrupted us, are desperate enough to escape the consequences of their crimes, to plunge the planet into a World War.

Listen to them! The people frantically pushing for this are, as always, insane.

Mr. Musk is not joking when he identifies them as "Extinctionists."

Listen Carefully to Your President, as Donald J. Trump Works to Thread the Eye of the Needle

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Trump vows to destroy the Israeli deepstate's proxy Hamas to end terror on innocent Israelis similar to his vow to obliterate the deepstate here in the U.S.

Trump ROASTS "Bibi" Netanyahu

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published 10-13-2023
Length 5:03 (see transcript below)


President Trump 0:00
We will stand with Israel 100%. And we will not let them fail.

I did have a bad experience with Israel, though, when we took out Soleimani. It was us and Israel working as a group. We knew where he was. We knew how he was coming in. We knew the plane, we knew everything. We worked on it for weeks - for months, actually but we worked on it for weeks.

The night before? I don't think this has ever been told. They'll say, oh, it's classified information. Well, maybe it is. But I don't think so. The night before this happened - and by the way, Biden's got a lot of problems with those documents, he's moving them to Chinatown, he's moved the ball over, I didn't, and I come under the Presidential Records Act, he doesn't. He does it because he was vice president and he was a senator - as a senator, you're not allowed to do it. As a president, I am because I can do whatever I want, I did nothing wrong, then they go after me, but they don't go after him. We'll see what happens. With all of the different things that happened, we took abuse, like nobody else.

We had to do this because we heard Soleimani was going to be blowing up five of our really big military bases in areas all over the Middle East. He was going to be blowing them up. He was a very bad guy, a very smart guy, but a very bad guy.

He was the leader of their military for a long time. In fact, the Ayatollahs were all afraid of him. I actually think they were happy when this happened. I think they were happy.

I remember the Prime Minister of Pakistan said to me, it was the biggest event in the history of the Middle East. This is big stuff. This was a big event. He said, I left my office, Khan. Very good man. He left his office. He said, I went home, this was the biggest event in my life.

He was a great cricket player. He was like the Willie Mays, the Mickey Mantle, the Babe Ruth of cricket. He was a great cricket player, handsome guy, great guy. He became the Prime Minister of Pakistan. He said when I heard that he was dead, this was the biggest event I've ever seen I've ever been involved in; and I left my office and I went home for one week to contemplate it. He said, I've never seen anything like it. It was big stuff.

This was much bigger than anybody but we had to do it. He was gonna blow up our installations all over, kill many people, many, many people and wound people beyond recognition.

Israel was going to do this with us. It was being planned and worked on for months. We had everything all set to go. And the night before it happened I got a call that Israel will not be participating in this attack.

Nobody's heard this story before but I like to tell it to Club 47 because you've been so loyal and so beautiful.

I said, What does this mean? We're working on it with them, why are they not...? (They said to me...) "They didn't tell us why, sir, but they're not doing it."

This was a day before. I said, I don't like that. That's not good. I looked at one of my generals who was fantastic, a warrior. I'm telling you, we have unbelievable military, unbelievable warriors, just not the guys you see on television. They're real stiffs, real dopes. But these guys are warriors, they don't want to be on television, they want to win fights, okay, they want to win battles.

I said to him, General, what do you want to do? (He said...) Sir, we can do whatever you'd like to do. We can finish it ourselves, sir, if you'd like. I said, Well, do we need them? Not at all, sir. I said, So what do you want to do, General? Sir, we have it under control, if you want to do it. If you don't want to do it, we understand. Whatever you say, it's okay with us. I said, Let's do it. Let's do it. Let's do it.

Because what this guy did to our soldiers, what this guy did to so many people, including many civilians, including many of his own people, they were blown to pieces by the tens of thousands.

Let's do it (I said). And he came on the plane and we followed him right from the Situation Room, we followed the whole thing. About 15 seconds later, it was all over and we did it.

I'll never forget. I'll never forget that Bibi Netanyahu let us down. That was a very terrible thing. I will say that.

So when I see sometimes the intelligence you talk about or you talk about some of the things that went wrong over the last week, they've got to straighten it out because they're fighting, potentially a very big force. They're fighting potentially Iran and when they have people saying the wrong things, everything they say is being digested by these people because they're vicious and they're smart...

Question for all the "Christian Zionists," Beating the Drums of War: 

Does Moloch Require 1000 Dead Palestinians for Every Murdered Israeli, or is He Going For the Full Bounty of Ten Thousand Each. 

OR, is Moloch in fact Going for World War Three...

On the Other Hand: Moloch's Rothschild Wokies Want World War Too!

...or Three, not that anyone expects them to count that high. Can't have a proper WAR if you don't pimp it from both sides...

The Khazarian Mafia Fake News is thick and heavy now, turned up to a constant roar that many are seeing for what it is...

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Full video on the CNN fake here by The Quartering
(subscribe to Jeremy's channel for more great narrative busting content)

CNN Busted FAKING Attack In Israel For The Camera! This Is INSANE & Appalling!
The Quartering on Rumble
Published Oct 10 2023
Length 14:26

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CONFIRMED: Netanyahu ordered the Israeli military to STAND DOWN for 7 HOURS during the Hamas invasion.

I sat down with Jewish Charity leader, Cecily Routman, who received intel directly from her Israeli Rabbi and other top level government sources.

While I do not agree with equating the Palestinians to "rabid dogs", I understand why Israel wanted Gaza completely wiped from the face of the earth- they only needed a reason to do so, or else the UN would have intervened due to the war crimes and genocide.

It wouldn't be the first time a nation's leaders sacrificed their own citizens to start a war.

Maybe it really is Israel's 9/11.

By Lauren Witzke on X, Oct. 14, 2023

Bombing of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza

The simple truth about Israel

God did not mean for Israel (Jacob renamed, the father of 12 sons that became the 12 tribes) to be defined as a piece of land.

It is rather a state of being, true to God and His Law of Being. Israel is achieved by Righteousness, the Right Use of the Law. It is a state of Reality ("Is Real") vs the illusory state of false dogmas by false teachers and their evil deceptive sponsors and progenitors, the fallen angels and watchers revealed in detail in the Book of Enoch.

The fallen ones got us fighting over real estate, the place where the Nazarene courageously and righteously walked out his mission.

History teaches us that the 12 Tribes of Israel issued forth from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, were scattered throughout the world after going astray from God's covenant (similar to how Americans have gone astray from their founding charter) and have since regathered here in America, hearing the inner call of the Almighty's promise to the father of nations.

The Israelites are the I AM RACE (the characters making up the word A-MER-I-CA when rearranged) answering to the Almighty who revealed Himself to Moses in the burning bush.

Moses: "Who shall I say sent you"

The Almighty: "Tell them I AM sent you"

Modern Israel on the other hand is a Rothschild creation, a family among other bloodline families out of the Ashkenazi Khazarians  who pretended to convert to Judaism for political expediency around 1500 years ago, similar to how the ones Our Lord had previously called the synagogue of Satan had infested the Sanhedrin, Sadducees and Pharisees, and who persecuted and murdered Jesus, himself born a true Semite.

It's not antisemitic to call out these counterfeiters who are the original antisemites. Projecting the evil they do unto their victims is the psychopaths' sleight of hand elevated to a fine art. So calling out the wicked George Soros (born György Schwartz), for example, is inviting today's press to accuse you of being an "antisemite."

This is a tough truth to accept when, since you were knee-high to a grasshopper, you've been taught false things about the Holy Land, that magnificently historic chunk of real estate wrested violently from a truly semitic people who had long been established in what was Palestine.

History also shows us how this land has been fought over for millennia. It is the solar plexus of the world and mankind is admonished by the Son of Man to be at peace and know God the I AM of all His children.

With awareness in God we shall earn peace and prosperity in all nations, free of the psychopaths and their gaslighting divisiveness and warring ad nauseum.


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"Only at the precipice will people find the will"

The Great Awakening (Armageddon) progresses towards the vaunted "precipice" of impending doom on a global scale where MOST sleepers, though never ALL, finally snap out of it.

In other words, the Near Death Experience is proven to assist individuals (and this can be true for the collective) to gain the will to change and to learn to face the truth as it is rather than how they wish it was.

At this time of heightened alarm and concerns in the world, the red pills get more sophisticated, revealing deep dark secrets that the masses were born and raised to fear, deny and ignore, such as what the modern state of Israel really represents versus what so many people have been conditioned to think about it.

"To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"


What Exactly is the "Rothschild Khazarian Mafia?"

Massive evidence supports that a nefarious gentleman named Albert Pike did indeed participate in scripting Three World Wars, after he was hired by a Rothschild from the same Rothschild-funded Satanist Club where "Lord" Rothschild hired Marx, Hegel and Kant, and that these and other RKM Rothschild Khazarian Mafia hirelings employed General Systems Theory, programming Three World Wars. We find ourselves at this moment, in the midst of their Third World War. 

We are also however, in the midst of Armageddon. Thankfully things are NOT going as the Satanists planned.

Pike and his accomplices also engineered our global, fiat-money, debt-enslavement banking system including the US Federal Reserve, with subsequent extension of their original planning to include forming the United Nations, NATO, the European Union, creatures like the WEF and their "New World Order," architecting Agenda21 and Agenda2030, weaponized "Environmentalism" etc, etc.

Such is the power of Systems Thinking Tools in evil hands.

They also created the Systems Weapon "Socialism," the deadliest single invention by body-count in recorded history, starting with using it to slaughter their way across Russia and China. Around the same time, they installed Adolph Hitler, the illegitimate offspring of a Rothschild and one of his servants, as the front-man for the Rothchild-engineered Ukrainian Zionist, Nazi Third Reich, and then slaughtered their way across Europe as well. "Nazi" unbeknownst to all the engineered Wokies shrieking "Fascism!" and "White Supremacy!" is the abbreviation for the German National SOCIALIST Party, our liberal political illiterati are as always, exactly what they witlessly accuse others of being.

At Rothschild's behest, Pike together with a small army of Satanists, infiltrated Freemasonry, as well as the Knights Templar and Rosicrucians, perverting these sacred societies which were working to recover and preserve Christ's completely lost teachings. Indeed they unearthed the archeological treasures which updated Biblical source-texts some 400 years nearer to Christ's advent, far more accurate documents than any texts existent prior to their discovery, followed by meticulously researching, editing and publishing them as the King James Bible. 

Free Masonry was founded exactly as it is named, to free the knowledge—trigonometry, reading and writing, logistics etc, which was withheld from the populace by Systems Engineers in the Catholic Church, employing Systems as a weapon over 1000 years prior to Pike. Not only concealing Christ's True Teachings in their basements: purposefully withholding the knowledge for building civilization, the essential tools for building things other than Cathedrals, like bridges, medicine, plumbing and printing presses.

You'll never guess what the first book they mass-produced was, after working to invent the printing press. The first moment in the 2000 years of Christ's ministry, the average man or woman could hold the Word of God in their own two hands rather than having it preached at them, while also teaching them how to read.

Freemasonry sparked the Renaissance, intentionally. It's what they set out to accomplish. The Renaissance was the resurgence of Christ's ministry unto the entire planet, after the earliest Churches, followed by the Roman Catholic Church, infiltrated, seized control, destroyed his teachings, and largely extinguished Christ's light from the earth, delaying the worldwide liberation of Christ's Naissance by over a thousand years.

Freemasonry was indeed, the singular agency responsible for the conception, formation, birth and liberation in our Declaration of Independence from the Satanism enumerated herein, of the greatest nation on earth, the greatest beacon of freedom the world has ever seen. Virtually all of the Founding Fathers of the Unites States of America were Freemasons.

Which is precisely why the Satanists were frothing to infiltrate and overthrow them.

RKM "Zionists" also hired C. I. Scofield (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._I._Scofield) and many similar Christian "authorities" worldwide to further infiltrate and brainwash all of Christianity, particularly changing the definition of "Israel," Is-Real, from a universally-recognized name for a heavenly estate destined to envelop the entire planet, to "legitimize" their invasion of a patch of land occupied by remnants of the Twelve Tribes, who are still being slaughtered by the Ukrainian Ashkenazi ruling the extermination camp called "Israel" to this day.

While we joyfully celebrate the millions of splendid, dear Catholics who have risen despite the Church's dark origins, Christianity was fully infiltrated and perverted by Roman Systems Engineers, Pedosatanists, in the formation of the Roman Catholic Church. Who then employed Systems Theory in its capacity as the world's deadliest weapon, engineering the Dark Ages, the first edition of "Agenda21" mass-extermination. 

Infiltrating and overthrowing Islam as well, turning it violent, transforming a religion that in its origins embraced and celebrated Jesus Christ, into mortal enemies to perpetuate the Foreverwars the world's hidden rulers use to enrich themselves, while tricking us into doing their dirty work for them, slaughtering ourselves down to manageable levels.

How can Christianity "Love one another; as I have loved you," without the tools for the job:

The Catholic Crusades exterminated both Christ's True Teachings, and the Children of God by the tens of millions, particularly any who held any remnant of the True Teachings, the Greatest Treasures in All of Creation: Walking on Water, Casting out Devils, Healing the Sick, Raising the Dead, Feeding the Poor, the Alchemical Manifestation and Transformation of Matter—our liberation from hunger, disease, poverty and death, forever. 

Which Jesus taught all who wanted to attend, in a single class, exhorting the graduates to go forth and teach the entire world.

In Christ Jesus, we gain the power to combat and destroy evil, which no other besides Jesus Christ has ever offered the people of earth. Which I learned from Tibetan Buddhists by the way. Buddhism and Hinduism accepted Jesus with open arms 2000 years ago, which prior to Scofied, was common knowledge. Hindus and Buddhists are the earliest Christians, converted during the Missing Years in his ministry traveling all the way to Tibet as Saint Issa, prior to his return from India to Palestine to begin his ministry there.

You don't agree with some of the things Hindus and Buddhists are alleged to believe? Ya, me neither, who says when I study any religion, that I am compelled to agree with everything I find? Try once again, digging past all the sweet Christians, into the Zionist-founded Jehovah's Witnesses and their carefully engineered, subtly mutilated "bible." Or the Pentecostal Church, which no kidding in its origins conceals African Vodou on the back-side, behind a semblance of "Christianity" on the front end, for examples of thousands of "Christian" cults that easily rival the worst Satan has to offer, in his relentless infiltration of every religion, and every decent and holy thing. Two hundred Protestants, three hundred Southern Baptists, many of them pastors and church officials, arrested by Trump's team for massive Child-Trafficking, Satanic Rape, Torture and Child Sacrifice Rituals: As with the Catholic Church, caught red-handed throughout history, not a peep out of either denomination condemning it. You will find every major "Christian" denomination on earth, is guilty of this horrifying omission. Silent, while our children scream.

Silence is consent, in earthly and heavenly law. However sweet and otherwise "faithful" they are, this doesn't exactly bode well for the followers of any of the major denominations when it comes down to it, does it.

Question: How could Persians, the Three Wise Men, before Christianity existed caravan hundreds of miles to be there for his birth, becoming the very first converts to Christianity, without truly knowing God? How many months prior to his birth did their conversion take place, before Jesus was even born, loading up all the camels etc for the long trip? Why didn't Mary start calling them things like "Pagans!" and chase them away? Why do most "Christians" hate, curse and revile every other religion, with zero actual knowledge of them?

What agency is it, that sets the Children of God at each other's throats.

Judaism, both the Old Testament Torah and Synagogue of Satan Talmudic factions, also held the vast power of Systems Knowledge, the ability to manage complexity, one of the most closely guarded secrets in human history. The (reptilian) Ashkenazi Khazars converted to Talmudic Judaism en masse in around 600 AD, specifically to capture the prize of General Systems Theory, weaponizing it in cahoots with the Vatican--particularly the Jesuits, the CIA and similar Child-Devouring, Foreverwar Satanic cults across the earth, working to enslave the entire planet, keeping us as livestock.

With so much horror and suffering directly attributable to the power of Systems Theory, can there be any possible redemption of it? Well, think of Systems like any other tool, which can be used for either good or evil. Happily, we discover by studying him carefully from a Systems perspective, that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is clearly the Greatest Systems Thinker of all time.

Systems Thinking gives any man or woman with the will to study, regardless of station in life or alleged measure of intelligence, massive power over his or her world, indeed it is the power to exponentially increase intelligence itself. Systems Knowledge is the specific wisdom Jesus is referring to when he issues the remarkable imperative, "Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves." 

All of Christianity, every preacher, pastor, priest--the theocracies of every denomination, personally and institutionally to the last man and woman, willfully, utterly ignorant of Christ's True Teachings: Chanting at us in his name, what they want us to think.

"Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

Zoroaster, Abraham, Moses and all the Old Testament Prophets, Gautama Buddha, the Three Wise Men, Sun Tzu, Lao Tzu, Saint Francis, Sir Thomas Moore, the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Henry Ford, Donald Trump, Elon Musk and many other worthy Systems Thinkers whose names have intentionally been erased, have used General Systems Theory in splendid service of mankind, to which service I also aspire.

This, not by any person's opining but by our Systematic Witness to the facts of the matter presented, stands as the indictment of all Christianity, and every other religion. It is my invitation to every son and daughter of God, to "Come out of Babylon," to personally rise above every faction and division, to follow in the footsteps of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on our own two feet rather than running with the herds in the dead-end paths of the institutions which have forsaken us and him, which includes every institution of the earth, amen.

DEAD PRESIDENTS DON'T LIE: Your gentle friends think you're crazy trying to tell them this stuff? Presidents since George Washington have been trying to tell us!!


"A Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy" - Winning World War Three

How Many Presidents Have Tried to Warn Us

When ordinary people attempt to tell us this, they get shouted down as "Conspiracy Theorists." Continue reading to hear it from some of our greatest Presidents, several of whom died fighting the evil we are facing...

You will likely never know of President Trump's most exquisite accomplishments

You may never realize how much we will all owe him, for the many things we will never hear about. We may not have numbers to calculate, how much he saves us by taking them down as gently as possible and in some cases, not at all. By doing so, he is certainly saving not only our country, but the nations of earth, poised to topple like dominoes into chaos, in the wake of our own fall should he fumble this...

Kicking Kissinger's Cabal of Creeps - Trumping the Globalist "Reset"

There is much anxiety in America and around the world as people allow themselves to be told what's real about our world after the massive sting operation that was the fraudulent 2020 presidential election.

Decades of globalist infiltrators have allowed for their proxy agent of perfect totalitarian communist tyranny to infiltrate into every aspect of our society.

President Trump is purging it...

Hussein and the Ravening Maggot Treason Club

There is a history that may not otherwise be told. The military patriots laying down their lives in fulfillment of their sacred oaths, including rallying in support of a Champion for our nation, our Commander in Chief, President Donald John Trump, would have no more whispered hints of this a year ago or earlier, the most disgusting betrayal of America and all of mankind in recorded history...



A HISTORY OF NONSTOP FALSE FLAGS: "What," you may ask, "does Israel have to gain by funding "terrorist" attacks against itself?"

This map shows EXACTLY what Israel gained, each time they were allegedly "attacked by terrorists." This has never stopped. Every single time, anyone who questions this blatantly genocidal progression, gets shouted-down by the Fake News Media of the entire planet, accused of being--you guessed it, "ANTI-SEMITIC!"

Since this trick was first pulled on us, railroading the ENTIRE PLANET into WORLD WAR ONE, the Fake News Media has been the essential accomplice in EVERY FALSE FLAG ON EARTH.

It has finally dawned on most Americans that our own drug and gun-running, child-trafficking CIA is about as evil as it gets, perhaps it's time to consider that "Israel" is exactly as infiltrated and evil as most of the other governments on the earth are?


After a lifetime of study, here are the differences between Satanism and Zionism:




When Rothschild tried to buy Palestine (1829)

Israel / Palestine - This Needs To Be Heard

Russell Brand on YouTube
Published May 27, 2021
Length 19:46

Many of you wanted clarity on the subject of Palestine and the current conflict. This, from Holocaust survivor Dr. Gabor Maté (on my podcast Under The Skin) is the most beautiful and powerful testimony on this subject I've ever heard. From someone with deep connections to the history of this situation. #Israel #Palestine


Killing Gaza - A documentary film on Israel's 2014 war in Gaza

Killing Gaza is a documentary film by journalists Max Blumenthal and Dan Cohen, documenting Israel's 2014 assault on Gaza during the war, and chronicling its horrific aftermath.



Can't Have a War Without Lining Politician's Pocket$!

BREAKING: Here is every US politician in Congress who currently holds stock positions that directly benefit from war in the Middle East:

Another GOP Congressman Outed For Purchasing U.S. Defense Stocks Before Hamas Attack

"Another US Congressman has traded stocks before the start of the Middle East Conflict, stocks that benefit directly from war," Unusual Whales posted.

"Representative Markwayne Mullin disclosed purchasing up to $50,000 of Raytheon, $RTX, on Sept 13. He sits on the Committee of Armed Services."

A little comedy here goes a long way...


Twitter Space on Ukraine (Khazaria of old)

I spent some time in a Twitter Space on Ukraine as a listener. I was able to type in comments related to the discussion.

You can tell how important their spin on Ukraine is to the deepstate (some would call them the Khazarian Mafia.) They make sure to have their many propagandists involved, intimidating participants that then hesitate to speak forcefully about what is obvious.

These deepstate shills included a guy using the name, Malcolm Nance, who actually has no problem advertising on his Twitter bio that he's "US Intelligence +36 yrs." LOL


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    Beverly · 1 months ago
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    SamInBerlin · 1 months ago
    If you just google Khomeini, he was born in Khomeyn, in what is now Iran's Markazi province. Not "India", and obviously no "Hindu".
    The woman on MEMRI is questionable in every respect - she just throws it out there, and the statement is supposed to be her sole argument. She's like cabaret stand-up.
    If I'm going to post something or someone, there has to be substance backing up the statement.
    I could get up there and claim all manner of things, "just because", I'd be shut down by facts in an instant if I can't provide something concrete, and rightly so.
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    SamInBerlin · 1 months ago
    Hamas Co-Founder’s Chilling Warning Amid Israel-Gaza War; ‘Entire World Be Under Our Law…’
    Amid the Israel-Gaza war, an old video of Hamas co-founder Mahmoud Al-Zahar has resurfaced in which he gave a chilling warning to the world about the militant group’s intentions. The Hamas co-founder had said that Israel is only the first target of the militant group, and that they plan to bring the entire planet under their law. Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel has killed more than 1200 people which include mostly civilians.
    (HindustanTimes) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79V1WUJ_1zo
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    Franz · 1 months ago
    I haven't dug into Khomeini but he was installed by the freaks, that's for sure. He came on the heels of the CIA's coup in Iran.
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