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Timcast IRL segment: Emmys Hit All-Time Low Ratings, Woke Institutions Are Collapsing
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Sept 19 2022
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Unknown Speaker 0:00
From TV, "Emmys hits all time audience low". Good. Wow. Good. The end is nigh. Did you watch it? I don't even know what happened.

Tim Poole 0:10
Yeah. For those of you that are listening right now, send in your chats, super chats. Did you know the Emmys even happened?

Unknown Speaker 0:15
I did not know. I had no clue. It's not in anyone's feeds. I mean, yeah, we'd see the you know, nobody was tweeting about it. I watched it, because I feel like I have to watch those kinds of things. There was a moment where I told my wife, Adriana, I'm like, we can't do this. She says no, no, we got to keep watching. It was a cringe fest; just one thing after the other. It's so infused into everything, and saturated. It's just saturated into everything that they do; the awards that they give, the shows they give; shows that should have easily won lost out to the most woke show. I mean, it's just, I think it's just part of why the reason why those ratings are so low, that's why we have such a great opportunity right now.

Unknown Speaker 1:04
Well, I kind of think that the system is collapsing. And it's more apparent to me than I think to the average person for a few reasons. I don't know if it's going to recover. So we got a bunch of Times Square billboards. We did this over the summer, we went nuts with like 25 ads, just like dominating the space was awesome. And a lot of people were like, That's crazy. How could you afford that? And then I'm just like, Bro, it costs 20 bucks to run an ad in Times Square. One time. Yeah. So, you can get it even cheaper. There's some smaller ads, like still big screens, for like $7. And they'll say like, You got to buy at least 20 of them or whatever, it was a couple of 100 bucks, and then it'll run for the day. That's a lot cheaper than people realize. And the reason? it's dumb; like the foot traffic is down. There's no impact anymore. There's no cultural references. There's no cultural cohesion. So even having the ads doesn't do anything. It's just a statement being made. And I thought about it and I'm like, here we are, we did it. We are here in the center of American culture and we made our point. But we're only able to because the system has decayed to the point where it used to be that there's so many big companies with 10s of millions of dollars that they were all competing for these spaces, the prices were super high. Now, nobody wants them. Now they're like some of the billboards in there are turned off. So yeah, off interesting. And I'm like, Hey, that one, that's off, can I get that one? We ended up getting the entire billboard to ourselves.

Unknown Speaker 2:31
So we also ended up hitting number two on Billboard digital sales. And you know what? We sold 12,520 songs in one week. That's number two. 12,000. That's it. It used to be 100-, 200-, 500-thousand. So now I get it. We're in a different kind of economy with streaming music. But it's not just about, you know, nobody's encouraging. I mean, you can track us up to the rental economy, and you will own nothing, and you'll be happy. But my point is, we are able to stand atop the ruins. We're able to be like, Look how well we're doing, only because the system has collapsed. Like if we had a show this big 10 years ago, we would not be getting top, you know, singles and music or more Time Square. But because the system has just broken down and fallen apart, we can climb on the rubble and be like, I am King of the rubble! And everyone's like, Yeah! And then we're like, Ha-ha.

Unknown Speaker 3:27
Those would have gone for 10s of 1000s of dollars, that you could not get out of an ad for less than $100,000 for something like...

Unknown Speaker 3:35
Well, so if you want to get the biggest, the big tower, you know, they do it on like a week-by-week basis, and it's like 600 grand per week. But most of the billboards, you know, they're big, but they're not that big. It's like, you can have a run all day for a couple grand. And you can actually schedule like 20 ad placements to span over one, you know, one day over, you know, they'll play like, once every other minute for a few hours, and it'll cost you 20 bucks. It's just that demand is gone. Not only that, but small businesses have been wiped out. So ad revenue is collapsing.

Unknown Speaker 4:09
I look at the Emmys and it's like American culture is being erased. These things that we used to all be interested in and talk about just gone. And without that what happens? You end up, I'll just say, and in a big leap "civil war", because when you have completely disparate cultures that don't like each other, that don't care about each other, and aren't concerned about offending each other, they can say whatever they want about each other. It used to be that you were like, Okay, I better not say that. You know, what's the famous apocryphal quote for Michael Jordan? Conservatives buy shoes, too, right? Why don't you put all conservatives buy shoes, too, man? Nowadays, it's like, I don't want their money anyway. So I'll rag on them and hopefully that'll make more of the woke left by myself or the inverse.

Unknown Speaker 4:54
Now you've got Democrats or Republicans refusing to debate each other. You've got Katie Hobbs. She won't debate Kari Lake. But you got, who was it Herschel Walker, is that his name? He's not going to debate, Warnock. And so the reality is, what's to be gained? The hyperpolarization is so intense, you only face risk by actually coming together there. So Republicans gonna come out and be like, I'm not gonna get any of these Democrat votes, why bother talking to him? And the Democrats going back, I'm not gonna get a Republican, but why bother talking to him? Because it's not even about the policy. It's about Democrats are better or Republicans are bad, in which case, it is what it is. The chips have fallen where they're going to fall. Let's see who wins the election. Everything is fractured. And it is sooner or later, people are going to just demonize each other to the point where they're fighting in the streets. I mean, it probably already happened. It's like already happening, actually.

Unknown Speaker 5:44
We're seeing it. I mean, I don't know if it's just because of social media, that we're seeing so much more of this kind of violence happening, or, you know, in Los Angeles, I mean, you can't go a day without seeing somebody walk into a restaurant while people are eating with a gun and putting a gun to their head and taking money from them. I think you're right, there's social cohesion. There is no...What event on a national scale now is considered something that is kind of "must see", that's this cultural kind of phenomenon that brings everybody together? Even the NFL now is broken down. I mean, the whole advertising thing used to be a huge thing, where we would sit down and watch the advertisements. Which advertisement is the best? And now it's just we're constantly being bombarded with the wokeness on any of these things. So there's no cohesion, there's no culture, and a lot of that had to do, I believe, with this illegal immigration problem that we've been dealing with now, since at least the 70s, where there is no entry that where people have to say, Okay, this is what American is and this is what I bought into, and I'm signing on to this, I am buying into the American dream, into the American culture, into what it means to be American. We've lost that entirely. We lost it through Pledge of Allegiances in schools, where we're used to seeing these kinds of things on a regular basis, when I was growing up. Now you don't see those kinds of things happen so much anymore, that we've lost this cultural cohesion. And I think that you're right, it is leading to more and more violence, and social media is helping instigate it and trigger it even more.

Unknown Speaker 7:13
The next big thing to just shatter and destroy American culture will be when they have in like the NFL, and the NBA forced diversity. When they say stuff like, Hey, these rules are arbitrary. Why don't we mandate that half the team be women. Sooner or later. Wokeness has already hit sports and the weird left call has already hit sports. Sooner or later, they're gonna come out and be like, You know, we made these rules up, right? It's discriminatory that your team is all male. And you're gonna have the NBA it's like gonna be half men and half women and you're gonna be the one doing all the work.

Unknown Speaker 7:48
It's going to be so much harder to get away with it in sports. I just saw another meme, in reference to the memes you're talking about. I saw a meme where this woman broke the deadlifting record and it was 634 pounds or something. And then somebody quickly followed that up with, Yeah, man's record is 1100 pounds. I mean, there's so much difference between men and women when it comes to these kinds of things. I mean, women have their thing. I prefer watching women's tennis than men's tennis because the rallying, it's just a little bit more of an exciting game to watch. So there's not to say that there isn't a place for women in sports, what have you, but the difference between the sexes when it comes to sports is drastic.

Unknown Speaker 8:25
I think the tennis thing you know, I don't really mind. I think it's entertaining when it's like Serena or who was that other guy when they smashed the racket and screamed and raged? McEnroe McEnroe McEnroe, that's what we're here for. Everybody knows nobody actually enjoys watching tennis. We're just waiting for them to smash their racket. Like I'm kidding, by the way, but it's like NASCAR. They say that everyone just waiting for a car to crash or something. And I'm like, No, not really. You know, because I don't think that happens all the time. But yeah, man. So, according to this TV Line article that says that Emmys had an all-time audience low opposite the most-watched Monday night football since '09. I think they're saying Monday Night Football, right? Yeah. And it was at the Browns? I don't know. I was talking to somebody about the state of culture and media a while ago, and they said that sports will be the last to go. Because sports is something that can't be rerun. Like, you can watch an old game and see what's up. But for the most part, you need the live here-and-now show for what matters. With TV shows, I'm watching Breaking Bad right now. I'm on season five. And it's a 10 year old show. So but I'm like, I said I haven't seen it, it's new to me. Yeah, you were saying we can't You can't go watch old NFL games and be like, Ooh! Like, you could, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 9:39
You were saying you watched the Emmys, Patrick, and I was like, my thought was, Did you watch it on 1.5 speed? Because I have no interest. But that would mean you have to wait till it's already done to go back and watch. There's just no, there's no rush to the show anymore because I'd rather watch it later, faster.

Unknown Speaker 9:56
We watched it live. It didn't represent America in the American experience at all. And they've gone overboard. You know the whole thing with the Oscars so white, I think Hollywood really took that to heart. And honestly, it felt like we were watching the BET Awards. It was just this crazy reconnection. And I've talked to screenwriters about this the way Hollywood is they are getting fed up with it. They can't work anymore. And we're talking about very successful showrunners have huge shows on HBO and NBC and what have you, that they and I've been hearing this complaint since 2012. So this has been going on for 10 years there where they cannot get work if their skin is white. And so you're seeing that there's this constant infiltration in Hollywood. That's why we keep going back to the same thing. We have this gold rush right now in regards to being able to get in there and make stuff because people are dying for it.

Unknown Speaker 10:48
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