Russia just grew - and Ukraine just shrank - by 8 million people


Do you think Russians care that the globalist pedocult says that they won't "recognize" the referenda in Ukraine?

Wicked Losers.

V Nuland has nothin' to say about it.

... neither does Joe Magoo ... LOL

What a total joke! The hate-Russia crowd is a clownshow!

Secretary of State Blinkin' has nothin' to say about it, either. Loser.

"With Russia forever!" - a banner about the long-awaited unification with Russia has already been hung in Lugansk.

8 Long Years
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Sept 27 2022
Length 6:37

Russians have fought off the corruptocrats of the world attacking them in Donbas for 8 long years.

This vid celebrates their great victory, won after much patience, pain and loss.

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