Polycrisis for Polyclowns


In yesterday's (Jan 16) opening session of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual conference of global thieves that present themselves as your betters, their head polyclown, schwabbie of all schwabbies, zee Klaus himself, realizing that people were not feeling all warm and fuzzy about zee "Great Reset" con, coined a new grift saying, trust me, we all face a 'POLYCRISIS' in our world.

This is being peddled as a convergence of out-of-control crises across society, the economy, energy and of course, when there's not enough snow on the Swiss ski slopes!

As I allude to here, these are "crises" they themselves manufacture or engineer to freak us all out, dumb us down, make us sick and poor, and kill us off in big numbers.

I will show here that, despite the rote script of the failing mockingbird media, these large-scale fakes seem to be largely having little impact in an environment in which self awareness is quickly rising.

We see WEF wiffing. "Three strikes and you're out!"

Quick! Be Scared of the Polycrisis!

Yes, the globalist clowns are creepy and dangerous, they got hundreds of millions of people around the world to agree to take the potentially poisonous C19 jabs when they absolutely did not need it. Many are being permanently damaged or killed.

It's as if people were intimidated into being masochistic or suicidal for the good of us all! This herding of the lemmings is what the globalist polyclowns have been really good at, for some time now.

Evil ruses such as these can only work if people live their lives like "hooman beans" that ignore or take for granted the divine inheritance of the children of God. (Look up what God promised Adam, certainly nothing we want to take for granted.) Someone tied to God can more readily and easily see through the devil's lies, no?

We have deep faith in God's Love and Light. We pray hard daily and hourly for His intervention and being accessible to all who turn their hearts to heaven, no matter their circumstance.

We do see people everywhere awakening to their divinity and catching on to the con, making the polyclowns look decreasingly authoritative and increasingly ridiculous with every dismissed conspiracy theory that becomes a headline.

We ask our readers to check out a video report covering the World Economic Forum gathering in Davos by War Room's Noor bin Ladin, a Swiss resident who is on assignment in Davos. We ask you to appreciate the laughter shared by Steve Bannon and Ms bin Ladin over the polyclowns' newly minted "polycrisis."

Another clip from War Room has Steve Bannon affirming that patriots are quite "undefeatable."

Steve Cortes shows us what a disaster globalism is for the nations.

Raheem Kassam's The National Pulse is behind takedownthewef dot com, linked below.

Elon Musk weighs in on what looks to him to be a desperate attempt of WEF to be "boss of the world." LOL

Our Related article is all about the DumpsterPfizer we are warming ourselves by.

Noor Bin Ladin Live From Davos: Climate Change Is The Globalists' Trojan Horse To Introduce Social Credit Scores
Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published Jan 17 2023
Length 8:07

Steve Bannon On Davos 2023: "We Are Defeating Globalism"
Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published Jan 17 2023
Length 5:12

Bannon to the deplorables: "You are undefeatable"


What is the World Economic Forum?

The World Economic Forum is an untransparent, corporate entity which lobbies politicians to change YOUR life for the worse. Find out more. Now.

Davos 2023: Fragmenting the World - Global ResearchGlobal Research - Centre for Research on Globalization

The annual Davos Boys Club (it's also open to girls as long as they know their place) is meeting Jan 16 – 20 in the Swiss Alps. The uber wealthy technocrats will discuss how to fix the fragmented world they broke. The promo for the event says it all, no need to dig for a hidden agenda:

Elon Musk criticizes WEF Chairman Schwab's call to 'master the future' - Rebel News

Schwab, a proponent of 'stakeholder capitalism,' made his remarks at an awards ceremony for 'cultural leaders' who have worked on issues such as climate change.



Thanks to President Donald J Trump and his stable-genius Operation Warp Speed, we are all alive and well still to witness for ourselves the pharmakeia death cult choosing on their own to be self-consumed by their own evil as they are outed, kicking, screaming, jabbing, to the light of day. All you have to do is hold up a mirror to them!

Investigative journalist Lee Fang published in a Twitter thread today Jan 16 a "new piece from the TWITTER FILES. How the pharmaceutical industry lobbied social media to shape content around vaccine policy."

My version of that: "How the panicked pharmakeia cult overreached so much that, as hard as they tried to conceal their corruption, their lies and their censorship and gaslighting have only served to show the world what genocidal psychopaths they and their globalist co-conspirators really are."

They told you who they are on their Georgia Guidestones and of course, in many other writings. Their tinfoil hat pejoratives are sounding tinny.

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