Martial Law in Brazil?

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There have now been 33 days of protests in Brazil over the sham globalist-corrupted election that stole the Brazilian presidency for the enemies of the people. Brazilians are demanding that the military take control of the country in order to arrest the criminals that seized power in their country and restore power to the people and put their duly elected man into the presidency.

Samia Sittel-Faraj (on right) presents “Berlin Charter” to MP Beatrix von Storch in German Bundestag Dec. 6

The Brazilian Conservative League in Europe presented their catalogue of Supreme Court abuse and election manipulation to AfD vice-speaker in the German Bundestag Beatrix von Storch Dec. 6 and asked for an international investigation. When will the Republican Party in the US wake up and support the Brazilian people in their fight against the Communist coup?

Meeting with South America expert Beatrix von Storch, the Chairperson of the "Liga Conservadora Brasil-Europa" Samia Sittel-Faraj voiced her concern over the future of democracy in Brazil, and the left-wing pro-Lula spin of all the Western mainstream media.

"The mainstream media's refusal to report on the millions of pro-democracy protestors in Brazil is a danger to free speech, and to democracy itself", von Storch said.

(Gateway Pundit and Matt Tyrmand on War Room are the only major media worldwide covering the biggest pro-democracy revolution in history.)

TRENDING: The Receipts: Brazil Conservatives Present Election Fraud Catalogue and Call for International Investigation – Where is the GOP?

Sittel-Faraj presented von Storch with the "Berlin Charter", a catalogue of voter suppression and election manipulation tactics used by the leftist Supreme Court and Superior Electoral Court in Brazil:

  1. Punishing "opinion crimes", a crime that does not exist in Brazilian criminal law, bypassing the jurisdiction of Congress.
  2. Unconstitutional ban on publishing reasonable, professional criticism of the insecure and vulnerable Brazilian electoral process.
  3. Unlawful investigations that undermine the constitutional powers of the Attorney General and Justice Department in relation to opening, continuing and recording proceedings.
  4. Ignoring the Attorney General and Justice Department's calls for opening and closing investigations.
  5. Opening court proceedings without respecting jurisdiction and jurisprudence.
  6. Obstruction of attorney access to clients and the legitimate and constitutional right to a full defense.
  7. Unconstitutional decisions without legal basis and against Brazilian law.
  8. Extralegal formation of a Federal Police group for the illegal execution of arrests and enforcement.
  9. Ignoring elementary constitutional norms when interpreting the law on the legal limits of the electoral system.
  10. Suppression of freedom of speech.
  11. Press censorship.
  12. Control of media and social networking content.
  13. Unlawful delegation of powers to fact-checking agencies – mainly left-wing ones, with bogus arguments, with the spurious aim of removing content and profiles from conservative social networks.
  14. Blocking and banning conservative profiles on social networks, including parliamentarians, supporters, journalists, businessmen, authorities and experts on constitutional law.
  15. Demonetarization of social media, with irreversible economic and social consequences and irreversible damage to their owners, to the detriment of the free exercise of honest labor, freedom of expression and the defense of democracy.
  16. Seizure of assets, resources, electronic devices and bank accounts from Brazilians "accused" of "anti-democratic" demonstrations without the right to due process.
  17. Restriction of free parliamentary work.
  18. Threatening to imprison citizens, parliamentarians, party members, journalists, businessmen and – amazingly – also legitimate authorities who dare to question the elections.
  19. Transforming the Supreme Court (STF) and Superior Electoral Court (TSE) into political instruments at the service of the opposition, with the aim of preventing the President of the Republic from exercising his legitimate right to govern as guaranteed by the Federal Constitution.


The Biden Regime's Backing Brazilian Criminal Lula For President As Brazil's Military Prepares To Protect The Constitution, Matthew Tyrmand Reports
Bannons War Room on Rumble
Published Dec 5 2022
Length 6:09

Spirituality In Brazil
The Only Thing Brazilians Care About More Than Soccer Is...
askmen | By Alex Bellos | 

"It's the World Cup, and all eyes are on Brazil. Alex Bellos (@alexbellos) has been writing about South America's largest country for 15 years and is the author of the soccer bestseller Futebol: The Brazilian Way of Life. In this series, he shares his insights from the tournament's host cities, revealing the unique lifestyle and habits of the Brazilian male.

"Brasília is Brazil's modernist capital, a city with such innovative concrete architecture that it's a UNESCO world heritage site.

"Its sights include the striking, bowl-like parliament building, the multi-spiked cathedral and a brand new soccer stadium, where the quarterfinals of the World Cup take place today.

"Yet even with so many internationally recognized landmarks, the most visited monument in the city is a new age shrine that's almost completely unknown outside of Brazil.

"The Temple of Boa Vontade, or Temple of Good Will, is a white, seven-sided pyramid almost 70 feet high, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for meditation, prayer and contemplation. All religions are welcome. At the tip of the pyramid is a 45-pound crystal, said to be the largest in the world. The temple's more than a million annual visitors are encouraged to walk along a spiral path marked on the floor underneath it.

"It's all a bit hippy trippy, but then again, that's pretty normal in Brazil. Brazilians love spirituality in all its guises. Religiosity, in fact, is one of the great symbols of Brazilian identity, second only to soccer. The two most famous phrases used by Brazilians about themselves are "Brasil é o pais do futebol" and "Deus é brasileiro." Brazil is the soccer country, and God is Brazilian."



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