MAGA is challenging the DC inmates running that asylum


MAGA's representatives in Congress, Lauren Boebert and Mary Miller, grilled Xavier Becerra, the fake deepstate administration's fake "health secretary," asking him "what is a woman?" and "can a man get pregnant?" The ladies insisted on putting this clown and his class of clowns on display - and it was, of course, a clownshow. We have the video and the transcript for you!

BONUS: Laura Ingraham recently delivered a whole episode of her program on "Inmates Running The Asylum". We have the video and transcript for you!

Mary Miller and Lauren Boebert grilling of Xavier Becerra
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Dec 28 2022
Length 2:48 (transcript below)


Mary Miller 0:00
My first question is very simple. What is a woman? Can you define the word?

Xavier Becerra 0:06
Congresswoman, I am looking at you and I think you're a woman.

Mary Miller 0:11
If you're in charge of Health and Human Services, we want a specific definition of what a woman is.

Xavier Becerra 0:17
Did you want the legal definition? Do you want me to give you what a definition I've grown up knowing all my life? If you could be specific, I could give you more. But I see before me a woman asking me questions.

Mary Miller 0:28
Biologically and genetically, do you agree that women have X X chromosomes and men have X Y chromosomes?

Xavier Becerra 0:38
As far as the science tells us? That's... I know of no science that would contradict that to date.

Mary Miller 0:45
Mr. Secretary, can men get pregnant?

Xavier Becerra 0:51
You're asking me something that I know of no evidence to the contrary.

Mary Miller 0:55
As the mother of seven children, I can assure you that only women can get pregnant. The American people will not take medical advice from someone that thinks that a man could get pregnant.

Lauren Boebert 1:07
Can you tell me, can men get pregnant?

Xavier Becerra 1:13
Unless you know something I don't, I think the answer is pretty obvious.

Lauren Boebert 1:17
What is that answer, Sir?

Xavier Becerra 1:18
I asked you, do you... Is there something you know that I don't know, that would say that a man...

Lauren Boebert 1:22
I'm asking what you know, Can men get pregnant?

Xavier Becerra 1:26
I'm not aware of it.

Mary Miller 1:26
Mr. Secretary, the Biden Administration released shocking guidance titled Gender Affirming Care in Young People, which encourages children to take dangerous chemicals, and have sex change operations that permanently end their ability to ever have children. Mr. Secretary, is it child abuse to perform a sex change operation on a 12-year-old child or younger?

Xavier Becerra 1:55
Congresswoman, why do you wish to interfere in what that 12-year-old child and that child's parents would like?

Mary Miller 2:01
Because the American people want to know what the Biden administration has planned for their children.

Lauren Boebert 2:05
You know, and really, it's not something comfortable to talk about. It's not comfortable conversations to have, because we shouldn't be talking about these things. You know, this isn't pleasant, but we need to know if our tax dollars are going to remove the breasts of young girls. If our tax dollars are going to remove the genitalia of young boys. These are children. And my message to the Biden regime is get out of our lives. Get out of our homes. These are our children. I totally believe that Secretary Becerra needs to be removed from his position. I am willing to call on him to be removed for what he is doing to promote this mutilation of children in America.

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen

The Inmates are Running the Democrat Asylum
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Dec 28 2022
Length 9:29 (transcript below)

Laura Ingraham 0:00
Welcome to the Ingraham Angle from Washington tonight. Thank you for joining us. The inmates are running the asylum. That's the focus of tonight's angle. Okay, what on earth is happening in the once respectable Democratic Party? Now this goes back to even since before Biden was elected. It's been engaged in kind of a slow act of self-sabotage. But why? I mean, they see the numbers, right? Biden and Harris, like the stock market, they're tanking. Failing to take inflation seriously means that Biden may be at a point of no return, which indicates what a looming political disaster for Democrats with voters in a disgruntled mood ahead of the midterms yet instead of doing the basics to address the number one issue facing American families, Democrats spend their time supporting BLM, LGBTQ propaganda in schools, obviously, open borders, limiting our oil and gas industry. Oh, and of course, their go-to, January 6.

Democrats have become political crack addicts. They know what they're doing is hurting them politically. But they still can't quit their drug of choice. It's kind of a cocktail of rabid anti Americanism with a shot of abortion on demand. And its left wing threats against Supreme Court justices, houses of worship, and crisis pregnancy centers continue to mount. We just have to understand, we have to try to understand how things have gotten so off the rails for the Democrats in America. Now they stopped being the party of the little guy of small business, and they began to cater to people like this.

Video clip 1:52
What you are doing is allowing someone who actually violated a woman to sit in the Supreme Court. What are you doing, sir?

Laura Ingraham 2:40
So, that was Teddy Roosevelt and it was Abraham Lincoln. Remember those days? A respectful and measured bunch they are. Now these are the caliber of individuals who managed to convince Disney CEO to attack Ron DeSantis. That was a great idea. And who empathized with criminals who do the smash and grabs in broad daylight, as they did over the weekend in Northern Virginia.

Video clip 3:07
The cops are on the way, man, the cops are on the way. Get out of the way. Get out of the way. I know.

Laura Ingraham 3:27
Now remember, it's not called theft. It's called consumer reparations to the Democrats core constituents. Because they kind of believe capitalism is at its heart corrupt. So a little leveling of the playing field is nothing to get that upset about. This is why there are heroes, are people like Marxist DAs like San Francisco's Chessa Boudin, who learned about protecting criminals from his parents, who are themselves dangerous criminals as members of the Weather Underground. You cannot make any of this up. It's, yeah, it's real life. But Democrats are kind of caught in a trap now of their own making. They know that being soft on crime hurts them. But they're more worried about offending the racial industrial complex that has our cities locked in a violent spiral than turning it all around politically for themselves. But think about like in Chicago, where Mayor Lori Lightfoot, might as well have put out a welcome mat for cold-blooded killers. The Democrats bargain with radicals there. It's like the revolving door of justice, limits on cash bail can easily turn deadly. On Friday night, this was a heartbreaker. A 23-year-old culinary student was ambushed in an upscale neighborhood, Lincoln Park. The thugs took his phone, demanded his password, and then shot him three times in the head and back. I want to warn you that this security video from over the weekend is highly disturbing.

He is now on life support after that attack. How we survived at all is... That the two assailants are wanted for seven other armed robberies, and last week alone should shock all Americans. How twisted that the Democrats who know darn well that getting tough on crime actually works. We saw it work in cities across America, starting with Rudy Giuliani, what he did in New York all those years ago, they could do that. Instead, they allow this carnage to continue. They've made a sick risk benefit analysis, it's just not worth it to them to offend far less rat racial activists in order to protect innocent human life. They do not care. So why would anyone really be surprised when Democrats don't condemn pro abortion wing nuts showing up at justices houses and churches? These people are fanatics. And yet they're sacred that fanatical energy is sacred base territory for the Democrat Party. Nothing is more important to them than preserving abortion on demand. It is their sacred allegiance. Their oxygen is depriving the unborn of theirs. These juvenile protests, I'm sure you saw some of the video, their clear attempt to intimidate and harass these justices also to impede the deliberative process at the court. Something the Democrats used to warn about.

Things can escalate really quickly, when people are lied to about how they're coming next for your birth control. Please. All it takes is one person to go off the rails. Justice Alito actually had to move his family out of town. My friends, this is what happens in third world countries, not in America. Of course, they'll depress lionize the woman who galvanized the Cavanaugh home protests. The truth is though, she's just another fanatic burrowed into the educational establishment. The woman is actually a teacher. The White House dragged its feet for days but finally put out a tepid statement saying it supports the right to protest, but that judges should be able to perform their jobs without concern for their safety. No kidding. Talk about stating the obvious. A tweet. That's it. Imagine if every time conservatives were offended by a Supreme Court opinion, there were a lot of them over the last, you know, 20, 30 years. Imagine if conservative activists showed up at Ruth Bader Ginsburg's apartment at the Watergate, screaming nasty things at her, accusing her of all sorts of things, or maybe Elena Kagan's place? They'd be called domestic terrorists, warned by the DOJ, and investigated by the FBI. Kind of like the upset parents who attended school board meetings.

Video clip 8:53
In response to concerns about violence, threats of violence, other criminal conduct; that's all it's about. And all it asks is for federal law enforcement to consult with, meet with local law enforcement to assess the circumstances, to strategize about what may or may not be necessary to provide federal assistance, if it is necessary.

Laura Ingraham 9:17
The statement they put out specifically referenced school boards and school officials. It's terrible for America to have one of its two political parties.....

Transcribed for Ruby Ray Media by Carol Allen


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