You don't have to work very hard to see the yuge boomerang that this "raid" trap has caused for those who are seen as perpetrators of banana-republic style police action - and with every passing moment, a whole lot more than that.

Gee, you'd almost think ... ah, forget it!



The FBI: A Terrorist Group Designed To Spy On Americans

Since its inception, astute observations have been made concluding the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is a clandestine operation designed to track, control, and/or eliminate those who disagree with federal policy.

There have been reports about the FBI abusing its power for years.

Watch this short video clip, and you realize the only difference between 1975 and 2022 is that the FBI's power abuse has worsened. 

The 8-8 Raid

Dozens of FBI goons crowded into Mar-a-Lago on Monday seemingly oblivious of how President Trump had completely set them up with what reports said is an empty safe. (We wonder: was it really?)

Calling this a meme-rich environment doesn't do justice to the absurdity of this jack-booted overreach. We know there is panic in DC, the normies are all a-twitter - and there so much false bravado in the commies. As a consequence of this hullabaloo, MAGA keeps exploding!




#NCSWIC - "Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming"


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