Seems that to the dimm-dumms, moving millions of "migrants" around the country is OK as long as it's for diluting the MAGA votes in MAGA country. DeSantis (Florida's governor) has a better idea. Bwaa-ha-ha!

Florida Governor Takes Credit for Sending Migrants to Martha's Vineyard
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Sept 16 2022
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Gov. Ron DeSantis 0:00
(The Left was) beating their chests when Trump was President; saying they were so proud to be sanctuary jurisdictions, saying how bad it was to have a secure border.

The minute even a small fraction of what those border towns deal with every day is brought to their front door, they all of a sudden go berserk, and they're so upset that this is happening.

And it just shows you, you know, their virtue signaling is a fraud. Okay?

They are supporting policies that are just frankly indefensible. It is not defensible for a superpower to not have any control over the territory of its country, over the borders of its country.

And he (Biden) inherited a situation where you didn't have this happening. And yes, we needed to build the wall. Well, there was more that we needed to do.

He reversed the Trump policies, knowing what would end up happening. And, you know, one of the reasons why we want to transport because we...Obviously, it's expensive if people are coming here. You got to pay taxes, social services, and all these other things.

Rep Kat Cammack: Op-Ed Dems are mad DeSantis made them look in the mirror.
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Sept 16 2022
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