EYE ON LIBERAL HELLHOLES: Portland Shootings Skyrocket But Who Cares?


This is the way Looney Libs want us to live. 

While the PeLosers and NWO Joes of the elite set jet around pretending to be important, they expect American Citizens to live in hellholes created by their destructive governing policies. Ordinary citizens need to get on TikTok and broadcast the actual hell they are living through because the lamestream media fake news will not report it. 

Shooting incidents have more than tripled since 2019. 2020 they more than doubled and that is the year fondly remembered by Americans as a time of riots, teargas, business burning, and the great Antifa-Portland takeover. (tap the image above for more fun facts)

@Rickonawalk of TikTok lives near Portland, Oregon.

His video reports are followed by over 4000 people and receive 1000s more views. The one I share below has gotten over 38,000 hits as of this writing. 

This is the truth, my friends. And for every Rick out who shows up on TikTok, Instagram, or FB, there are 100s more whom they represent who do not go public with their views. 

The dissatisfaction with a Democrat regime in any form of government is growing. This is why people are moving away from such places. They don't want to live in a socialist-commie liberal hellhole. 

Listen to Rick as he tells about only a tiny percentage of the bizarre events happening in Portland.

Crazy violence perpetuated by crazy politicians in crazy Portland

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Published Jul 30, 2022
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Rickonawalk on TikTok Says: 

So I live near Portland, Oregon, which is kind of like saying, I live near what used to be the Soviet Union. 

In any case, in 2019, the City of Portland had just over 400 shootings, and they had a violence task force assigned to shootings and gun violence. And basically, those guys followed known gangbangers around and known violent felons around and tried to intervene before they started shooting people. And they were very successful.

But in 2020, you'll recall we went through quite a year of rioting, fires, looting, attempting to burn police stations, and burn the federal building while it was occupied, for many months. And in response to BLM and Defund the Police movement, put out and put forward by the Democrat Party, the City of Portland get away with its violence task force, stating that it was stopping more black people than anything else, and therefore was racist.

Well, immediately at the end of 2020, we experienced more than a double in our shootings; went to the mid-nine hundreds. And in 2021, we went up to a little over 1300; more than triple what we saw in the last year of that task force. And this year, we're on track to do it again; over 1300 violent shootings. I don't know what other kind of shooting there is, but okay, violent shootings, and a disbanded task force and a cut of the budget for the Portland Police Bureau, all in answer to BLM and Defund the Police.

And yet, they want to take our guns away from the people who are law-abiding. And all we want to do is take care of our family, take care of our property, protect ourselves. We're not the ones out there committing the crime. 

I'll tell you, man, it is really frustrating to live in a place that's led by crazy people. And that's pretty much what Portland is these days. Led by crazy people.

Visiting a 3rd world country, I mean Portland

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Published Aug 1, 2022
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ANTIFA summer camp for 10-year-olds being held in Portland

"If the Drag Queen Story Hours and Critical Race Theory aren't enough for your little progressive tike, you can now send your child to ANTIFA summer camp!

"Budding Roses, an anarchist organization in Portland, will hold a social justice camp for children in 4th to 8th grade. The organization brags about the children who attend their free camp later participating in protests and encourages them to be anti-fascist "social justice activists."

"The curriculum provided by Budding Roses includes a plethora of ANTIFA-style protest documents including "Tear Gas for Portlanders" which teaches campers on what to do if they come in contact with tear gas and to donate to bail funds to help the cause." (~ Antifa Summer Camp)

This is not a joke nor sarcasm...this is a real camp. Here are a few key elements the children will remember from their brainwashing, camp stay:

The Looney Libs plans also include adult indoctrination.

There is a Portland outdoor market, much like those street fairs, one can find in cities and towns throughout America. But Portland's street fair stands out in its effort to divide and conquer as their little market is geared toward helping "business owners of color":

"Launched in November 2017, My People's Market grew from a desire to create pathways for entrepreneurs of color to connect with the travel industry and new market opportunities. My People's Market is a collaborative event organized by Travel Portland and Prosper Portland. The marketplace is aimed to advance opportunities for business owners of color by connecting them to the travel industry and other professionals who can help expand and scale their businesses." (~ mypeoplesmarket)

They neither define who MY PEOPLE are nor acknowledge what color they are giving opportunities to. Yellow, red, pink...?? I am sure no discrimination goes on there, right?? 

But we did find out that they allow entertainment to perform. And I use the term entertainment very loosely... 

Portland: "My Peoples Market" Talent Extraordinaire

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Published Jul 20, 2022
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    Peggy · 10 days ago
    Great article, Beverly. Thanks for sharing. If all of this sharing of what the left wants doesn't wake up some of the normies, I don't know what will.
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