Criminal Ukraine


UPDATED 9-20-23

The criminal US, UK, et al, are joined at the hip with the Ukronazi state in a global nazi mafia that includes the UN, NATO, WHO, and the EU. 

This freakshow has been rather quickly reduced in their power and their danger to us, mostly of their own doing, but strategically maneuvered into self destruction by a powerful consortium of warriors for the right fighting them behind the scenes and removing much of their assets in this war of Good and Evil at the dawn of God's new dispensation for America and her Divine Destiny.


Appearances are horrendous, especially if you insist on filling your head with media hype, which is not for you and me, it's for the walking dead, to see if any of them will get scared enough to come out of their coma.

These are "normal" people (normies) who have normalized satanism for themselves and their families. They do so in the subconscious/unconscious trauma-based state of self-denial that believes that denial of reality will spare them what the devil exacts from those who worship him (knowingly or not.)

The point is, Americans can turn off this horrorshow any time we collectively decide to do it. I predict this will soon happen, the revival of America is fast underway.

This morning in Bannon's War Room, it was revealed that the Ukronazis are putting out hits on journalists and social media stars they don't like. They even had Elon Musk on that hit list.

Jack Posobiec (Poso) is on that list, he says, so that he'll back down from the very hard hitting reports he's made at Human Events exposing child sex and organ trafficking in Ukraine.

And normies put Ukrainian blue-and-yellow flags on their profiles to signal virtue to their fellow zombies.

This is no laughing matter, as absurd a clownshow as it is - not for the kids!

BREAKING: Jack Posobiec Added To Ukrainian "Myrotvorets" Hitlist For Reporting

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Sep 19 2023
Length 28:09 (Transcript below)


Sean Hannity 0:00

You know, we talked about this last time, and I'm gonna give you news you probably don't want to hear but you probably also already know is true.

Conservative support in this country for this conflict has dropped precipitously. We've discussed some of the reasons, the last time you were here.

One, is Europe has not stepped up. It's their continent, and they needed to do more from day one; and in comes the United States flooding Ukraine with money, basically a blank check for a period of time, culminating recently with $500 million earmarked for green energy in Ukraine.

That's the last thing that is important in Ukraine right now, Green Energy. Their survival is the most important. That's what so pisses off so many people in this country. We have veterans that are homeless, we have all these people that need help in our country - and we're spending money on green energy in Ukraine. That is asinine.

I think you'd probably agree with that. Where's the other parts of Europe doing their part? We're paying the bulk of the moneys. It's like a proxy war between us and and Vladimir Putin, which is what it evolves into.

Joe Biden did something from the beginning that really infuriated me. He vetoed the 28 Migs (jet fighters). I brought this up the last time, you weren't sure of it, he did veto it. Okay.

I said, Here we go again, we start wars, we politicize them, then we say nevermind, tough luck to the people that died in those wars and left their legs on the battlefield. Americans have had it with that. Once I saw that Joe was not into winning. He should have allowed them to have the Migs. If you're gonna support a conflict, you have to go all in and you have to fight a war to win a war. Denying him that weaponry at that moment was critical. And it just infuriated me.

Sean Penn 2:07

Again, I will say that I think there were many elements at play. I don't know to say that President Biden wasn't the dominant voice and that I do know that later he did say that he didn't feel that they needed them at a certain point.

Look, I think that whether it's republican, democrat or anything in between that, and I'm of course not a political analyst, but as an observer of it as one more citizen, I would say that I'm I'm very confident that whichever party might support decisive action, complete action in this, it would be a political win, not to mention a principal one. By action, I mean, give them everything they need now rather than bit by bit over the time.

Queer US Ambassador to Ukraine in a wig (freak) 2:59 simply allowing the light of the Ukrainian nation's honesty to shine brightly. Next week, the teeth of the Russian devils will gnash ever harder and the rabid mouse will foam with uncontrollable frenzy as the world will see a favorite Kremlin propagandist pay for their crimes. And this puppet of Putin is only the first of Russia's war criminal propagandists that will all be hunted down and justice will be served as we in Ukraine are LED on this mission by faith in God, liberty and complete liberation.

Steve Bannon 3:42

The reason I played the long Sean Hannity roll up to Sean Penn is your work in exposing to the American people what the reality is, led to the big drop in numbers (of Fox viewers).

There's no chance that anybody in the House that puts up with this money to Ukraine won't be primaried and then they're gone. That's the political reality.

And they've targeted you (speaking to Jack Posobiec). What that freak right there with the bad wig was talking about. Jack Posobiec has been put on the official hitlist of the Ukrainian government. Zelensky is at the United Nations right now welcomed into this country, to our Capitol. He's put our own Jack Posobiec of Human Events Daily, Real America's Voice host,
the wing man of Charlie Kirk, on a hit list because he spoke truth to the American people and changed the political direction of this country.

Jack Posobiec, help me out here brother. War Room's done it, Tucker's done, Charlie's done it, we've all kind of put forward the reality to the American people. Being a former naval intelligence officer you have a unique grasp of the region and have done such an incredible job in articulating what reality is. Was that Sean Hannity? Has somebody taken over Sean Hannity's body? That whole tee up was kind of like he was channeling you last night? Because that brother right there basically made the reality case that Jack Posobiec talks about every day.

Jack Posobiec 5:37

As I've said many times on the show, we don't get involved with the occult. We say the prayer to St. Michael every single day. That's what we do in the Poso household, no seances around here.

So Sean Hannity, I can't speak for him and his religious convictions; but what I can say is I do remember Sean Hannity throughout all of 2022 saying what a great war hero Zelensky is, that we have to support him.

He would sit up there with the CIA lapel pin, telling us how great he is. You remember this is when Hannity used to come on after Tucker before Tucker was sacked over these very same reasons by the Murdochs. Tucker would come out and expose the lies of the Zelensky regime. Then Hannity would come on and he'd bring on Jen Griffin and he would bring on all these other people from the Pentagon and say that Tucker is lying to you, don't listen to him. Look at what Zelensky has put out today, don't believe Tucker. Now this of course is blowing back on him.

If you read what Ukraine has written on this, this hitlist, which is controlled by the Ukrainian intelligence service, the SBU, this list which is known as "Myrotvorets," where they've actually, in their words, "liquidated" various reporters and activists that have exposed specifically what Ukraine is doing in these eastern provinces of the Donbass.

One of them, an Italian journalist, Andrea Rocelli, Dugin's daughter, Daryna Dugina was killed in an actual assassination using a car bomb outside of Moscow, which may have been intended for her Father, we're not sure.

(More to come)

"Where Is The Audit?": Steve Bannon Rails American Leaders For Funding The Corrupt Ukrainian Regime

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Sep 19 2023
Length 7:54 (Transcript below)


Video clip of Tranny Freak on Mockingbird TV 0:00

...simply allowing the light of the Ukrainian nation's honesty to shine brightly. Next week, the teeth of the Russian devils will gnash ever harder, and the rabbit and mouse will foam an uncontrollable frenzy as the world will see a favorite Kremlin propagandist pay for their crimes. And this puppet of Putin is only the first. Russia's war criminal propagandists will all be hunted down, and justice will be served as we in Ukraine are led on this mission by faith in God, liberty, and complete liberation.

Steve Bannon 0:35
This freak represents the government that you've shoveled $140 billion into. When 60 Minutes said they sent 70 billion the other day there, that's just the arms we sent over. And it's much more than that. But remember you got to add in; remember that $5 billion a month. I want everybody to embrace this.

They're sitting here on Capitol Hill; you got Judas Pence, and you got Krispy Kreme Christi, you got all these folks are talking about cutting your Social Security and cutting your Medicaid because you know that 1000 bucks a month you get from Social Security, that's the problem. That's the problem. Your Social Security, having worked your entire life, the little bit you get, that's the problem. They want to cut that. We're sending $5 billion a month that nobody wants to talk about. $5 billion a month to pay for the government. You're paying for that guy with the bad wig. You pay him. You pay Zelensky. You pay all their pension funds for their nurses and their teachers. You pay for the whole kabang - five billion a month. Where's Europe in this? Europe doesn't want to give any more money. Don't want to give any more money. This is the situation we're in.

And Sean Penn's solution... and look he's a guy that's a pro-Ukrainian war guy. It's not that we're anti-Ukraine. We're anti-slaughter. And that's all this has been. Sean Penn's role is to ratchet it up, send them everything they need, go all in. And Judas Pence said the other day, including combat troops. And let's have a Napoleon-like, you know, that theory in European warfare of the massive battle, the deciding battle of Waterloo or Kursk or Stalingrad, these massive battles, many of which took place in the region around Kyiv right now and Kursk and Stalingrad on the Eastern Front of which, by the way...

Hello, I hate to bring up a sore subject. I don't know 50%, two thirds of the Ukrainians, fought with the Wehrmacht. Let's just call it like it is. Go back and read the books, the bloodlines. They got many, many books out there that are quite terrific. And it is the bloodlines. It's a killing field worse than Cambodia after Vietnam, if that can even be conceived anything worse. That's where your money's gone and they're there this week. That's all a run-in, a photo op with Zelensky as a kill.

That's where I want Tim Sheehy, the big neocon, the big-mouth neocon up there in Montana talking trash about Rosendale who's a hero in the breach right now fighting this disaster where we just hit $33 trillion last night. A trillion dollars added in 90 days. A trillion dollars since the debt ceiling deal. He's up there, you know, he wants to send combat troops in.

Mike Rogers, the disaster in Congress running in Michigan. He's Mr. Neocon. He wants to send combat troops. He wants to give them all they want.

They should both fly in this week and get a photo op with Zelensky. Rub up on Zelensky on Capitol Hill, rub up on him. And Tim Sheehy, give all the tweets you used to put out about, this is why we got to give everything to Ukraine. We gotta send troops over there. Go to Capitol Hill this week. You get a photo op. He's in the country, go rub up against him. And let's put that up on your campaign ads in Montana. How are the folks in Montana gonna take that? They're not because they're hard-headed realists.

Look at what Posobiec said, by the way, Mike Rogers come on down. And look at the Posobiec. I want she, he, and I want Mike Rogers, and I want Tom Cotton. I want them all. After Posobiec comes out with the child sex trafficking and the organ harvesting and showing the receipts on exactly what's going on in Ukraine. He calls the dark basement of the globalist the party of Davos is dark basement, their playroom, right, led by the GIMP. If you haven't seen Pulp Fiction, he's the GIMP, Zelensky. Come and rub up against, get a photo op.

You get a photo op, your political career is over. You know why? The American people had a belly full of this. They had a belly full. Look at 60 Minutes, the softball interview, the game, the T-Ball interview. He couldn't even... He can't even look you in the face and lie anymore.

Where's the audit? Why, if it's so successful and everything's going so great, why do you find the defense minister, and by the way, all the things spring offensive. You know, they took this town to really get in traction, right? Why did he fire the defense minister? Two weeks ago? Why did they over the weekend fire the next six guys ? They had six, you know, department heads, assistant secretaries of defense, like we would have under secretaries, assistant secretaries, all gone on a Saturday night massacre. Boom. All gone.

And then today Reuters is out with the story. Ben Harnwell was all over it. They're out with the story. Harnwell has been telling you this for only months. There was a story, you know, this corruption thing still bedevils these people. Corruption is... it's how those nations run rules. This is how it rolls. This is not some civics classe. It's not from the Commons. It's not some Town Hall in New England with some Norman Rockwell picture of all the good citizens sitting there having a debate about what parking should be around the Commons. Right? These countries have a history.

Remember in the 1930s as tougher things were here with Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio and Gone with the Wind and all the great cultural things that were happening. Over in Ukraine, they were starving to death 5 million people. Stalin was starving to death 5 million people and killing as many Jews as he couls get his hands on. 5 million starved to death. Starved to death. That's the history. They don't call it the bloodlines for nothing.

And they've got us so wired in there and Posobiec is going to show you today. He's going to show you. It's back to the kids. It's back to the kids. They call the Q people crazy. Hey, just saying. There's no logic of how you can make an argument in the vital national security interest of the United States. Even in World War II, General Marshall fighting a war for the Eurasian landmass. We said, Hey, that's not ours. We can't go there. We can't touch it. That's yours. We'll arm you. Good luck and hope you don't lose 60 million people which you did.

Did I mention that over 50% of the Ukrainians fought for the Nazis? Yeah, they don't say that on MSNBC. They don't ever bring that... It's an unpleasant topic they don't want to bring up. We should have no involvement whatsoever and the number should be zero. We want Cotton. I want Tim Sheehy. I want Mike Rogers. I want all those guys in the house. Rub up on Zelnsky. Let's get a photo op. Conservative Inc. go to DC, get a photo op with your boy. Let's do it.

Jack Posobiec: The Globalists Are In Panic Mode Because MAGA's A Real Threat To Them

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Sep 19 2023
Length 8:57


AG Josh Kaul 0:00
... is so intent on demonstrating their loyalty with the past election denialism that they went forward with this unlawful vote. This is a really troubling sign from our Senate that they are a fully on board with the types of attacks on our elections that we've been seeing since Donald Trump came on the scene.

MSNBC 0:19
That was Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul on this program on Friday telling us about the unlawful effort by the legislature in his state to remove their nonpartisan election chief from office, all in service of the disgraced ex president and his big lie and it is not just happening there. A new report by States United Democracy Center finds that inside state legislatures all across our country, election deniers are using their power to weaken free and fair elections. Quote, In all 23 election deniers currently hold a statewide office with election oversight power in 17 states. They include seven governors, five secretaries of state and 11 Attorneys General. That report details the critical steps these election deniers have taken. Quote, Nine states have pulled out of the Electronic Registration Information Center, a partnership that helps make sure voter rolls are accurate. Election deniers have moved to restrict donations to support election funding, hampering election officers that are already dealing with an onslaught of threats and conspiracy theories. Election deniers who hold office are also creating or expanding special units to prosecute election crimes, including voter fraud, which is practically non existent. It is about scaring voters and keeping election lies alive.

I work in a post truth, post fact, environment. I mean, there's no evidence of fraud, right? 30% of Americans, 80% of the Trump base think there is. Again, Rudy couldn't find any, Bill Barr couldn't find any... anything that's actually rigged. It's the scales that Trump uses to weigh himself on. There's no election fraud, there wasn't in '16. It wasn't in '20. How do you... Do you feel like you're talking to a wall? Like where does this conversation go from here?

Rep. Eric Swalwell 2:08
It's breaking down and it's affecting everyday lives, right? Because if in your crazy head, you want to enact, you know, election reforms, and leverage the funding of the federal government to do that, because you won't accept the outcome of the election, then you're affecting people who rely on the government to function and oh, by the way, that's kind of where we find ourselves right now with Republicans who want to defund DOJ, who want to defund, you know, any election disinformation programs that we have in the country. But I am optimistic because I believe that if we get this right, democracy just needs to live long enough to live forever. That means getting through just one more election. So the worst day for democracy is probably 2016. Then what did millions of women do? They marched, they registered. The Parkland generation showed up, beat 19 NRA members of Congress. We won the house at '18. Won the White House in '20. Kept the House, won the Senate. Beat expectations in '22. Won a Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin, one in Jacksonville, Florida, just one in Ohio. So we are winning when we organize and mobilize. And so if we can just beat down Magaism one more election, I actually think that we're going to do enough to protect democracy. Now, there's one more theater that we have added in in the last couple of years. And this battle's not just the ballot box. It's the courtroom. And people like Mark Elias and others have recognized that if we go to court, there's still enough reasonable judges who can be a firewall for many of these abuses.

MSNBC 3:37
Are you optimistic?

Guest 3:38
I'm less optimistic than Congressman Swalwell. I will say one positive thing before I give my pessimism. I liked that map that you showed earlier of the states with the election deniers. There were some states that didn't have any; Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, because we beat them in the midterms, like you said, the worst election nine candidates lost. That's a good thing. Here's what make me pessimistic. How are you breaking? This can't work forever, right? Our democracy cannot rely on the fact that the Democrats have to win every time.

Speaker 4 4:05
I know. It's scary. It's too much pressure, you know?

Speaker 4 4:08
..... a red flashing light on Friday. It's like, what if we have an economic recession right before the next election or the election after that, you know? And voters are voting on their pocketbooks on said democracy just enough, right? Like the 2020 election was too close for comfort. 2022 was better than expected, but too close.

Speaker 2 4:25
I agree with you. The threat for losing an election can't be that our democracy ends.

Speaker 4 4:29
Right. And I think that if we cannot break through in the MAGA world, and I'll just put some names to it like Mary McCord said, that the people that work for Donald Trump don't speak. If people that can't speak to MAGA world can't tamp this down and take that number from 35% of the country, whatever it is down to 20%, a real minority, then I think we're in big trouble. And so that means John Kelly, that means Jim Mattis. I mean, it's the people that were on the committee. The committee to save America needs to save America and they need to speak out this time. A lot of them just stayed on the sidelines last time and those are folks that have...

MSNBC 5:03
Leaving it to Democrats to win all the elections.

Rep. Eric Swalwell 5:05
Yeah, we can't make it about just Democrats. Right? Then what? There are people who don't want to be under that label. That's one thing. It has to be like Team Community versus Team Chaos, right? Community versus Chaos and you may not be with us in future battles, but for this battle for freedom we all have to be in it together. Otherwise, it's...

MSNBC 5:21
Sort of like Liz Cheney's midterm. I hope to not be out here for you next time. The rebukes of the Republican front runner, yet President Joe Biden told a crowded Broadway theater in New York City last night that he was running for reelection because Donald Trump was determined to destroy the nation. Democracy is at stake, he told the audience at the event, a crowded fundraiser for the President. According to the Associated Press, Biden said that hate groups have been emboldened and children to go to school fearing shootings. Let there be no question Donald Trump and his MAGA Republicans are determined to destroy American democracy. And I will always defend, protect, and fight for our democracy. Biden also took Trump to task for siding with authoritarians. I will not side with dictators like Putin. Maybe Trump and his MAGA friends can bow down but I won't. Cameras or audio recording devices were not allowed inside the event.

Steve Bannon 6:30
Okay, welcome. It is Tuesday, the 19th of September, year of our Lord 2023. You see the rhetoric that they're using. Also Tom Nichols, a former Naval War College, a professor at The Atlantic has a piece in The Atlantic one of their top pieces about the cult of Trump is now more dangerous than ever. It's metastasizing, becoming more and more dangerous. This rhetoric, the ratcheting up the rhetoric. And I want to quote the illegitimate president of the United States, standing on a Broadway stage that MAGA Republicans and President Trump are set to destroy the United States of America. I want you to think about that.

I want to bring up Posobiec. We got some other news on Posobiec we're going to get to in just a moment. Jack Posobiec. This type of rhetoric, "the cult of Trump", "the danger that we have to beat down: Magaism," "It's Team Community versus Team Chaos," that MAGA in the Trump political movement led by President Trump is out to destroy America. Mr. Posobiec.

Jack Posobiec 7:31
Well, Steve, remember this is the same type of people who said all along that the Trump movement was about destroying democracy, a danger to democracy, a threat to democracy. And the way to translate that to understand what they're actually saying is: they are a threat to liberalism. They're a threat to the neoliberal globalist order. They're a threat to globalism, they're a threat, essentially, to the regime's total control over every institution in this country.

If you understand how to translate it through that filter, you call it the big media filter, whatever you want to call it, that is them hitting the panic button over and over and over, because they can see the ascendancy of MAGA in every poll across the country.

They can see President Trump making these moves to stand with the workers up in Detroit, to stand with the auto workers, that he has reformed politics in this country to remake the Republican Party into a party that stands for the workers and the people of this country. Now, there may be some vestiges and some moneyed interests that haven't quite gotten the message yet on the Republican side.

No matter because the regime is responding exactly as you would see. They are in full on panic mode, and they're pulling every lever and twisting every dial they can.

Jack Posobiec: "Hundreds Of Thousands Of Missing Children Coming Out Of Ukraine"

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Sep 20 2023
Length 11:51

VIDEOS: Decorated Ukrainian Nazi Awarded by Obama-Biden State Department Sexually Assaulted and Beat Women With Dildos

Joe Biden's administration doesn't want anyone knowing that Biden's Asst. Energy Resources Secretary gave an award to a Ukrainian Nazi who was caught on camera sexually assaulting and beating women.

By Laura Loomer, Loomer Unleashed | Sep  19, 2023

"A decorated Ukrainian Neo-Nazi and Azov Battalion soldier who was once awarded and recognized in 2014 under the Obama-Biden administration by current Biden administration official and US ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt for his role in the Maidan Color Revolution in Ukraine has been caught on video sexually assaulting and beating women with dildos, pepper spraying innocent civilian women and kicking them as they beg for help, and physically attacking migrants and transgenders in the streets of Ukraine."

Read more here.


Ukraine got LOOMERED

Independent investigative journalist Laura Loomer was driving home from the hairstylist, passed a bunch of Feds making like Nazi white supremacists on the side of the road in Altamonte Springs, Florida, then decided to find out more.

She parked and walked over to talk to them, finding out eventually that they are Fed assets that love "Joe Biden" for funding and arming their Ukronazi buddies with whom they've even fought the Russians in Ukraine.

She also found out that Ukronazis were used to help gin up the Jan 6 fedsurrection false flag.

We have Laura's recent interview with Russia Today (RT) on video plus the transcript. We recognize that the information Laura is revealing so far is just the tip of the iceberg.

Our RELATED articles will show you some of our Ukraine coverage of the past year and a half.


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