China to USA: "Playing with fire will set you on fire"


UPDATE 8/2  Nanshy lands in Taiwan? Is that real? Is DUI-hubby shorting superconductor stocks? Word to the wise: don't believe any of this! LOL

This Near Death Experience theater we're experiencing (akin to Kabuki but far more scawy) has the brainwashed normies glued to the fearporn meisters spitting threats at them on their screens and beginning to worry about a nuclear war between China and the USA. Frankly, I think most people have caught on to the joke - whatever version that is of vodka-soaked Nanshy PeLoser that might be flying around like she's in charge. LOL.

Commentators are seeing her as shark bait. They know there's a desperate warmongering crowd, in the throes of adreno withdrawal and losing control of the public's mind, who are going to be pretty easy to bait and snare at this point, trying to launch WW3 (or is that WW4? 5? Oh well, who's counting, eh?) Where's my popcorn?

Nanshy loves to play with fire - and she makes pretty good shark bait

Wherever there's a war brewing, those Churchillian Brits craft their towering tomes to courage

China not messing around

Tucker: China Repeatedly Threatens to Shoot Down Pelosi's Plane, Yet No One Thinks It's a Big Deal
UngaTheGreat on Rumble
Published Aug 1 2022
Length 5:13

Russia and Iran add a bit of drama to this play

Scotty mar10 on Rumble
Published August 1 2022
Length 4:31
Song: Leaving on a Jet Plane by John Denver

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GrandmasHands, 2 hours ago

Irregular warfare, special ops, game theory, precision military planning. Everything is an info op. Icing on the cake, Rep Nunes "Every Republican, Senator, and member of Congress should be saying "this is over. We want every damn bit of evidence that every intelligence agency has, or it may be TIME TO SHUT THOSE AGENCIES DOWN BECAUSE AT THE END OF THE DAY OUR LIBERITES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN ANYTHING ELSE WE HAVE IN THIS COUNTRY AND THEY HAVE BEEN STAMPEDED OVER BY THESE DIRTY COPS AND THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND THE MEDIA WHO FAILS TO REPORT ON IT." We have waited a long time Patriots, I'm not scared, I'm dancing.


Pelosi Cancels Taiwan Trip Over Fears of China's Newly Developed Vodka-Seeking Missile | Babylon Bee

WASHINGTON, D.C. — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been forced to cancel her planned flight to Taiwan after China announced they have developed deadly surface-to-air vodka-seeking missiles.
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