Woke career suddenly died


UPDATE JAN 19: Bribery scandal grows as rumors are circling that Ardern will join BlackRock to profit from forcing New Zealanders to get the jibby-jab.

Written earlier: The Suddenly Died film is anything but funny when someone you love does that! The world we live in makes the irony SO RICH when those pushing the cause of this phenomenon see their careers suddenly die. 

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (Kiwi version of AOC?) announced yesterday (Jan 18) that her career suddenly died. This seems to be happening to a number of woke leaders here in the U.S. and around the world - not to mention woke celebrities like ... oh ... Alec Baldwin for one, who was charged today (Jan 19) with Involuntary Manslaughter for shooting a director on his movie set.

Who's next, Canada's Castreau?

Woke careers that suddenly die, though, may be going into a kind of witness protection program.


We're told that colleagues and family were all shocked and surprised by the announcement, suggesting Cindy just suddenly decided, my tank is empty! 


PM Jacinda Ardern's colleagues dumbfounded by resignation
Newshub on YouTube
Published Jan 18 2023
Length 6:41

Just a little bit on "Cindy's" style of governance

Something BIG is happening in New Zealand, and the WEF is winning
Redacted on YouTube
Published Nov 2022
Length 17:54

This failed leader is just another WEF wiffer, a doomed Davos darling.

That whole New World Order / Great Reset / Polycrisis thing is burning to the ground in front of us, even as they pretend to double down on all the global tyranny. We're waiting to find out if Chrystia's next or Castreau or conman Macron. Nanshy PeLoser's been fired and we're going to soon see some heads roll around that whole DNC-DOJ-Biden-Clinton-Hussein crime syndicate state side.

Suddenly Died
Stew Peter Network on Rumble
Published Nov 21 2022
Length 1:08:21


Polycrisis for Polyclowns

In yesterday's (Jan 16) opening session of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual conference of global thieves that present themselves as your betters, their head polyclown, schwabbie of all schwabbies, zee Klaus himself, realizing that people were not feeling all warm and fuzzy about zee "Great Reset" con, coined a new grift saying, trust me, we all face a 'POLYCRISIS' in our world.

This is being peddled as a convergence of out-of-control crises across society, the economy, energy and of course, when there's not enough snow on the Swiss ski slopes!

As I allude to here, these are "crises" they themselves manufacture or engineer to freak us all out, dumb us down, make us sick and poor, and kill us off in big numbers.

I will show here that, despite the rote script of the failing mockingbird media, these large-scale fakes seem to be largely having little impact in an environment in which self awareness is quickly rising.

We see WEF wiffing. "Three strikes and you're out!"

"There will come a time none of them will be able to walk down the street" Q

Hollywood has gone from glitter to gutter.

The once untouchable celebrities in music and movies are being exposed for who they are.

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