Mankind's enemy's time has run out


Patriots took note of a special U.S. flag hanging behind the stage, yet visible, at the Sept 17 Trump Rally in Youngstown Ohio. In short, in semaphore (military flag language) this signal "tells your enemy that further aggression on their part will mean total annihilation, complete destruction or obliteration ... and if you choose to surrender you will be treated well. President Trump was sending deep state a message." (published Sept 18 by Constitutional Nobody on USSA NEWS.)

It's on, friends.

"You have the right to kill them on the spot when they're a spy." Juan O Savin regarding the laws of war.

In the internationally recognized Law of War Manual, a belligerent force invading another country has one year to declare themselves. If they fail to do so after one year, you can, by international military law, use military personnel and equipment to take your country back.

This has happened here in the United States relating to the Nov 3 2020 fraudulent election. The Jan. 20, 2021 inauguration of "Joe Biden" started the clock ticking, it was a year on Jan. 20, 2022. The operation is on. It's being done with remarkable restraint in order to save lives of innocent sleepers among the public.

Give No Quarter with Juan O Savin and Ladislav Vrabel | Unrestricted Truths Ep. 187
American Media Periscope on Rumble
Sept 19 2022
Length 59:31

Juan O Savin breaks down the American Flag without the 'Stars." He goes into detail why it was a critical feature at the end of President Trump's "Save America Rally" in Youngstown, Ohio, on Saturday, September 17, 2022. James Grundvig discusses the two other bombshells that President Trump disclosed, including the "China Virus" pandemic year being in 2021 (vaccine bioweapon) and not the lockdown year of 2020.

The featured guest, Czech Republic corruption fighter, Ladislav Vrabel, exposes the World Economic Forum and United Nations' Cabal control of the Czech government, and explains the real situation in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, where now the power is turning against the Deep State-NATO vice-grip on the truth about the war.

We are a GO | Public Takedown Operations Beginning | Expect the Coming Weeks to be Eye Opening
QNewsPatriot on Rumble
Sept 18 2022
Length 25:03

What about the enemy abroad? Putin, Xi and many other friends are taking care of them, with Trump's help.

Chinese Military Patriots Arrive in Ukraine | The Unveiling of New Alliances
QNewsPatriot on Rumble
Sept 19 2022
Length 1:16

After Xi and Putin held recent talks, Chinese military asset movement into Ukraine leads us to believe that coordination is now integrated at LEVEL-2.

"What if Russia and China are coordinating with POTUS to eliminate the NWO?"-Q

Subscriber 'Yrita' translates what Russian soldiers are saying in the video: 

"Ok guys I will translate for you. They saying Chinese military partners coming… today second battalion already… (soldiers) speak pure Russian language, not Ukraine."


Kicking Kissinger's Cabal of Creeps - Trumping the Globalist "Reset"

People in America and around the world are anxious because they allow themselves to be told what's real following the massive fraud trap that was the 2020 election. There isn't much real being talked about in our media operated by the rogue CIA Operation Mockingbird for many decades. Even alternative media isn't picking up on this.

Following election day on November 3 the president reorganized the Pentagon, completing in public view the takedown of the entire Trinity of Power of the Globalist Deepstate desperately seeking their "Great Reset," code for the hegemony they lusted after. The globalist narrative continues but isn't worth the time to listen to it, it'll only make you mad. And we don't need you mad, we need you to get even, balanced in yourself and your worldview.

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