U.S. Senator from Ohio J.D. Vance endorses Donald J. Trump for President to end warmongering

This morning Stephen K. Bannon invited Ohio Senator J.D. Vance to the War Room on the America's Voice streaming network to discuss his Wall Street Journal opinion piece endorsing Donald J. Trump for President with emphasis on President Trump's foreign policy that resulted in not starting any wars for the first time in presidencies going back decades.

In contrast to this, we have the RINOs like DeSantis and Nikki Haley and others saying that Republicans need a change from Trump and of course, we need to go to war with Russia.

Our view is that these RINOs are self-immolating. We predict that, as election fraud Democrats implode in their blasphemy we will see the Republican party follow suit.

We agree with George Washington that there was no constructive use of political parties in this nation, ever. Political parties were promoted by those with false agendas, with divide-and-conquer of the People in mind.

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Revisiting Nuremberg 1.0 on the way to Nuremberg 2.0

The 'new normal' is an old idea.

There is a push for medical passports to track one's health status. There is another push for  'Smart Cities,' with housing in 'convenient' quarters within 15 minutes of work, school, and recreation. There is a big push for only digital currency. And there is yet another push for facial recognition identification systems in all public squares.

The global network of cabal deep state agents wants you to think Big Brother is looking out for you. But Big Brother wants to look AT you, track you, and control the narrative to control YOU.

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And you thought it was about a virus

It's about much more than a 'viral bioweapon.'

The plandemic is just one of many steps the Global Cabal took to gain control over a planet of many sleepy-sheepy people.

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Twitter Space on Ukraine (Khazaria of old)

UPDATED JAN 26 with more on the Khazarian Mafia which came forward from Shelanite Judah that perhaps helps us better understand Jesus' "synagogue of Satan" from the Book of Revelation.

Hebrew scholar Dr. Shmuel Asher has written extensively on this and speaks of his findings in a two part interview we've added to this article.

UPDATED Jan 25 with deep research on Khazarian Mafia and Ukraine-located US-funded biolabs.

I spent some time in a Twitter Space on Ukraine as a listener. I was able to type in comments related to the discussion.

You can tell how important their spin on Ukraine is to the deepstate (some would call them the Khazarian Mafia.) They make sure to have their many propagandists involved, intimidating participants that then hesitate to speak forcefully about what is obvious.

These deepstate shills included a guy using the name, Malcolm Nance, who actually has no problem advertising on his Twitter bio that he's "US Intelligence +36 yrs." LOL

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Globalist Cabal Meets Again to Prepare for World Domination

Story at-a-glance

  • Attendees at the exclusive January 2023 World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Davos, Switzerland, included FBI director Chris Wray, MI6 chief Richard Moore, Secretary-General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg, the CEOs of Amazon, BlackRock and Pfizer (just to name a few), Gates Foundation executives and Cybernetics School director Genevieve Bell
  • The publisher of The New York Times and CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria were also in attendance, as were Ukrainian President Zelensky and a long list of other presidents, prime ministers, ministers, senators, House representatives, commissioners, governors, mayors, bankers, royalty, officials from the UN and Red Cross, as well as military, customs and space agency officials
  • The people gathering at this meeting, which is by invitation only, are among the ones deciding how the rest of us are going to live our lives, what rights we'll have regardless of local constitutions, and how the world is to be run
  • The WEF works closely with the World Health Organization and the United Nations to make sure the UN's sustainable development goals are met. The sustainable development goals are the foundation upon which the WEF's Great Reset agenda is built
  • The WEF is also helping the WHO seize power through its pandemic treaty. If enacted, member states will surrender their sovereignty to the WHO, making it a de facto one world governing body
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Elon agrees with us - Davos is SO booooring

You know how it is when you're stuck having to be with someone that you know ALWAYS makes things up. Their unwillingness to relate to the REAL WORLD is so booooo-ring! You can't wait for them to leave or to get the chance to leave yourself.

Thank GOD Davos is over, right?!

Because we find Elon's take on WEF so spot on, this article features every one of Elon's tweets, replies and likes of tweets regarding the WEF in Davos this past week.

[These Party of Davos clowns are what Noor bin Ladin calls the 'Malthusian Psycho Freaks'. Read Malthus and you'll get it.]

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Big Data, Transhumanism and Why the Singularity May Be Faked

Story at-a-glance

  • Silicon Valley is essentially fused with the national security state. Silicon Valley is now also entering into joint ventures with medical companies, and many of these ventures are financed by groups like In-Q-Tel, which is the CIA's venture capital arm
  • There's a concerted effort to frame transhumanism — which is really the new eugenics — as health care. Joint ventures involving Big Tech, Big Pharma and the security state typically focus on products and services that normalize and further the transhumanist agenda
  • Food and agriculture are also being tossed into the mix. The U.S. government has launched a "Food is Medicine" program, which is yet another way for the government to seize control of the population. Food as medicine will be used to get you into their control system, and keep you there
  • In 2023 and 2024, watch for the rollout of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). It's crucial that as many people as possible refuse the system during the initial voluntary phase. Once it becomes mandatory, it cannot be stopped and all freedoms will be lost
  • If the singularity cannot be achieved, technocrats may end up faking it, because if they can blame eugenics, depopulation and other unethical decisions on artificial intelligence running the government, they can do whatever they want, with no repercussions
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The woke criminal witness protection program

I wrote yesterday about New Zealand's Prime Minister's sudden resignation, saying that her career "suddenly died" in the way many of her victims do after she's forced the jibby-jab on them.

It took less than a full day for me to realize that these power elitists are into burning a public career down just to build up another one behind the scenes that pays them off for their wretched crimes. It's sort of a witness protection program for globalist psychopaths. And, there's no accountability until we stop letting them take office by election fraud.

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Woke career suddenly died

UPDATE JAN 19: Bribery scandal grows as rumors are circling that Ardern will join BlackRock to profit from forcing New Zealanders to get the jibby-jab.

Written earlier: The Suddenly Died film is anything but funny when someone you love does that! The world we live in makes the irony SO RICH when those pushing the cause of this phenomenon see their careers suddenly die. 

New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (Kiwi version of AOC?) announced yesterday (Jan 18) that her career suddenly died. This seems to be happening to a number of woke leaders here in the U.S. and around the world - not to mention woke celebrities like ... oh ... Alec Baldwin for one, who was charged today (Jan 19) with Involuntary Manslaughter for shooting a director on his movie set.

Who's next, Canada's Castreau?

Woke careers that suddenly die, though, may be going into a kind of witness protection program.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: World Economic Forum Plots Misinformation Plan

Story at-a-glance

  • At the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2023 annual meeting, countering misinformation is a key agenda
  • WEF claims a "wide range of actors with access to sophisticated technology and weaponry, as well as an ever-increasing capacity to spread misinformation" are a threat
  • WEF hasn't defined the misinformation it's targeting, but it likely includes criticism of the WEF and challenges to mainstream COVID-19 narratives
  • In 2022, WEF held Sustainable Development Impact Meetings that also featured panels on "tackling disinformation"
  • Among the participants were the United Nations, which noted it had partnered with Big Tech giants like Google and TikTok to censor the narrative on environmental issues and COVID-19
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Russian NHL player Ivan Provorov says nyet to woke

As globalist-marxist sports institutions make life increasingly uncomfortable for athletes with a conscience, the ones that stand up to woke really stand out!

The National Hockey League's Philadelphia Flyers ice a guy, now seven years with the team, by the name of Ivan Provorov, who is a top-four defenseman playing well over 20 minutes every game. "Provy" is a Russian Orthodox man who very politely said, 'net, spasibo' (that's Russian for 'no, thank you') to wearing a rainbow Pride jersey in warmups, on religious grounds.

Very nice to see his coach, American John Tortorella, back him up too!

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: New Startup 'Cult' Releasing Chemtrails

Story at-a-glance

  • Make Sunsets, a startup company with primary offices in Mexico, claims to have released two balloons with sulfur particles in April 2022, which they hope exploded and released the particles in the stratosphere
  • Without monitoring devices, the company is unsure of what happened to the balloons, but claims the sulfur they released will offset a substantial amount of warming in 2023
  • The idea was inspired by weather changes after major volcanic eruptions spewed ash into the atmosphere and the weather temporarily shifted; experts call the actions of Make Sunsets "wildly premature," noting it isn't possible to estimate the potential consequences that could unilaterally alter the climate
  • The CEO, Luke Iseman, didn't appear to believe that transparency or governance is required when manipulating the environment, making a move he called provocative and geoengineering activism, without public engagement, scientific scrutiny or approval from government authorities or scientific agencies
  • Not all experts agree on the degree to which warming has changed Earth's climate, but as we have learned in the last three years, without honest disagreement and debate, the science community cannot contribute to policies that govern how medicine or technology is implemented to protect humanity
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Big Pharma is the Cult, Universal Energy is the Cure

From the archives of our past, there come reminders of a bygone era where life was lived much differently, much more communally, and much simpler with less stress and disabling disease. 

What did they know, do, or not do that made this difference? Has humankind been so swayed and manipulated by the fake world of academia and the corporate-compromised media that much of mankind has forgotten how genuine universal science can help us?  

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EYE ON PfizerGate: Brook Jackson suing Pfizer on Behalf of all American Citizens

Can big pHARMa be sued for c19 jab deaths and injuries? 

As we have learned, the government allowed all liability to be removed from jab-producing companies, like Pfizer, when they declared c19 a scamdemic. 

This is why: 

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Polycrisis for Polyclowns

In yesterday's (Jan 16) opening session of the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual conference of global thieves that present themselves as your betters, their head polyclown, schwabbie of all schwabbies, zee Klaus himself, realizing that people were not feeling all warm and fuzzy about zee "Great Reset" con, coined a new grift saying, trust me, we all face a 'POLYCRISIS' in our world.

This is being peddled as a convergence of out-of-control crises across society, the economy, energy and of course, when there's not enough snow on the Swiss ski slopes!

As I allude to here, these are "crises" they themselves manufacture or engineer to freak us all out, dumb us down, make us sick and poor, and kill us off in big numbers.

I will show here that, despite the rote script of the failing mockingbird media, these large-scale fakes seem to be largely having little impact in an environment in which self awareness is quickly rising.

We see WEF wiffing. "Three strikes and you're out!"

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: The Most Important Topics of Our Time

Story at-a-glance

  • Supply chain disruptions causing food and energy shortages appear inevitable, as both industries are being intentionally targeted and dismantled under the guise of combating climate change, and global economic collapse is a mathematical certainty
  • The economic collapse will usher in programmable central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which will be used to control your behavior and your health
  • The globalist cabal is also pursuing a one world totalitarian government through the World Health Organization, under the guise of global biosecurity
  • Inside the U.S., the transhumanist movement is fusing medicine with Silicon Valley and the national security state. There's a concerted effort to frame transhumanism — which is really the new eugenics — as health care
  • People all over the world face a long list of growing crises. It's important to understand these threats, and what you can do to prepare, resist and overcome them. Action items, solutions and guidance are presented for each
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Archbishop Viganò 2023: Calls Out Globalists by Name and Blesses the War Room

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Stands out as a most courageous man of God. 

His welfare is always in jeopardy because fallen ones cannot control him. His life has been threatened many times, but this man of God waivers not in his mission. He steadfastly faces upward, continually moving forward, red-pilling his vast audience regularly. 

Oh, that every man who says he is of God would do the same. 

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Now Brazil!

The globalist stooges think that they're going to get away with squashing Brazilians. We say nah with our Brazilian friends! But this won't be without a fair heaping of drama along the way to wake up more sleepy-peeps - and also, to make sure all criminals are caught in the act; please don't forget how important that is to this process too.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Jeffrey Sachs: I’m Not Pessimistic for Telling the Truth

Jeffrey Sachs is a world-renowned economics professor and global leader in sustainable development, so, when he speaks, people who know him not only take note of what he has to say, but take him seriously.

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Richardson Post: Zelensky and the 112 Billion Dollar Swindle

We feature Howell Woltz' latest.

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