GI Joe? No, it's CGI Joe! LOL

The Team is leaking out hilarious vignettes like this to help the sleepers come along. Watch the CGI (Computer Generated Images) "press gaggle" at the "White House."

Question: does anyone believe that the Corporate Media Whorehouse ABC News would purposefully put a glitchy CGI video up on Twitter if it was really them doing it, or on the other hand, if they weren't doing what the Trump team was telling them to do? C'mon, man! LOL 

CGI Joe freeze frame 3

CGI Joe freeze frame marked hand and head

In case Twitter or ABC News (or whomever - lol) decides to take it down from Twitter, we have a couple of different angles for you to look at on our YouTube channel (unlisted)

ThreeSevens on GAB writes:

"There are damage control shills trying to change the narrative about the recent Biden video, saying that only the mics were edited in post. This is clearly not the case, because a cut-out of Biden's hand floats over the microphone. See video for proof.

The mics were added in post, but so was a chroma-keyed Joe Biden. This was a layering mistake during compositing. Joe was green-screened, the mics were green-screened (probably video assets that they reuse often). They were all overlayed on top of a film set, but someone goofed and put one of the microphone layers behind the Joe Biden layer.

If mics were edited in post, Biden was on the lawn and walking to Marine One. If Biden was on a green screen, there was a state media film crew recording nothing on a film set, and Biden was not walking to Marine One.

The news will report this as a "post production error" and continue on with their propaganda. Don't be fooled - this was a green screen."

CGI Joe meme R2D2 hologram

Joey's lookin' for some luck on St. Patty's!

Joey with Clovers in his pocket on St Patty

Bonus entertainment from Scotty Films


What Happened to Joe Cover Photo

What Happened To Joe?

Incredible isn't it?

I mean for a man who declared that if he was elected president his administration would provide a "transparent approach to press and public relations," Joe Biden has done exactly the opposite.

Just the News reports " recent weeks, his administration has closed off — at least for now — several key avenues via which the press and public have for years gained a modicum of transparency, accessibility and accountability from the White House."

Those closed off avenues include the non-existence of the normally available online schedules for both the president and the vice president. The White House comment line has also ceased to exist and there are no citizen petitions on the White House's website.

The alarm is sounding my friends. Big red flags are going up the suspicion flag pole of our collective minds. Something is not right. 

What is going on in Washington DC is far from normal. And certainly what is changing drastically within the new administration can be described as a lot of things but being transparent is not one of them.

I have heard the excuse used that covid caution is a reason for this 'new normal' approach by Biden and staff. Yet that is not what's masking a full disclosure to the American people about current events at the White House. Too many Americans are aware of the obvious missteps and the closed off attitude of the current administration to allow a ruse like covidiocy to be the accepted excuse for Joe Biden's lack of candor.


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    capture · 28 days ago
    What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive"
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    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 28 days ago
    Wonder who really is playing Tricky Joe in this movie! Has the pauses and daffy idiosyncrasies down to an art form!
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