Get the Con Jab and Get Your Free Stuff Too!

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Back on May 7, 2021, the Babylon Bee (online publisher) saw the handwriting on the wall and did a satirical spoof about state by state vaccine incentives.

That article was much closer to the truth than they may have known.

Or maybe they did know what was coming and decided to get the jump on the real news!

Either way, the covid vaccine 'freebie' incentives we see popping up today are not that far from the Babylon Bee's satire, not far at all. Take a look...

From free wine, to free beer, to free hand-rolled marijuana cigarettes (aka Joints for those in the know) these so-called 'vaccine incentives' are purposefully meant to tickle fancies while catching everyone's eye, especially catching the eyes of our already vulnerable young people.

'Pot for shots'

pot for shotsSome businesses are getting on the covidiocy vaccine train full throttle! 

Since launching their 'Pot for Shots' campaign in Feb 2021, Greenhouse of Walled Lake, a marijuana dispensary in Michigan, has given away 35,000 joints!

I could go on with the list of addictive, unhealthy offerings being doled out to bribe people into taking a vaccination which is supposed to make them healthier, but these 3 examples alone tell you all you need to know about the hypocrisy of our health care (cough cough) system. 


Judge says "Incentives work far better than sanctions."
Translated: Take the Con Jab and forgo firmer disciplinary actions.

Judge David Matia runs Cuyahoga County's drug court.
He says the majority of defendants coming before him are not vaccinated against COVID.

Judge David uses the vaccine incentive, cutting sentences in half at times, letting known drug dealers and drug users steer clear of harsher sentences.

He does admit it is an experiment in human behavior. But, then again, so is the covid experimental vaccine, so they go hand in hand. 

Source and video: WKYC - 20 MAY 2021 

Serous Situation Succinctly Cynically Summarized


McDonalds to pay employees to take the covid vaccine


Even states are venturing into the incentive game.

New York is diving into the Con Jab Lottery venture with Vax & Scratch

The Kentucky Lottery has also gone with a vax incentive.
Ohio is offering their Vax-a-Million.
Oregon joins in offering a $1 million lottery jackpot.
And not to be outdone by the rest, Maryland is to offer a COVID vaccine lottery incentive with a $2 million jackpot.


After all, it has been said by Tall Tales Fauci (aka Dr. Fauci ) that people may need to get boosters to the covid vaccination for years to come.


The choice is yours, my dear readers. It always has been.
The pharmaceutical industry is taunting and tempting people, but to what end?

Why do they hold a carrot out in front of people? 

It is because We the People are holding the medical culture more accountable than ever before for their deplorable actions, many of which have caused vaccine injury and death. More and more people distrust the pharmaceutical industry for good reason: because over and over again they have proven themselves untrustworthy!  

We can laugh at the crazy incentives being given to con people into taking a jab that is so questionable most informed folk will not get it, but we cannot laugh at the pain it may cause our neighbor, friend or a family member after they are conned into being vaccinated.

It is a Con Jab folks, not a healthful event.

Yes the choice is yours. Please choose wisely.

OH and here is a link to the Babylon Bee's satirical piece I referred to in the beginning. 
After rereading it, I think it pales in comparison to the real-ity we see happening around us! 




Antidote is Spike Protein Blocker in Dandelion Tea for Pregnant Women Exposed to Covid and Jab Contagion


When it comes to cures for covidiocy, and now antidotes against the poisonous effects of the unneeded 'protein spiked' vaccine, the first most important step to good health practices involves the mind. Simply put, the first step to wellness comes when you stop believing the politically motivated DNdoubleCP corporate controlled media lies and the sources which align with their liar ways. 

The second step is to become fully aware of the whole 'real' Truth. 

Many reported covid treatments and 'cures' put forth within the first few weeks and months of this scamdemic, such as hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin and remdesevir to name a few, have since been lied about, falsely discredited and even pulled off the shelf by a weaponized and murderously corrupt money grubbing industrialized pharmaceutical 'machine'. 

Those people who sheepishly live in fear and have already gotten the covid jab are suffering awful side effects. Some unto death. And it has been discovered there is a certain type of unhealthful 'shedding' occurring by the jabbed ones which can negatively affect those who are intelligent enough to bypass the vaccine hoax. 

But we have natural antidotes readily available! Mother Nature has divinely instilled cures and antidotes for all ills. These natural formulas for organic remedies need only be discovered and unlocked for all to partake.


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