Fox News is Outed as "Phox News" ("Ph" for Big Pharma)

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Fox whistleblower Ivory Hecker's tweets confirm what we've known for so many years; and we'll add: all you have to do is watch Big Pharma commercials that run on Fox News, describing (as required by law or they wouldn't do it) all the risks you take when you consume their intoxicating garbage - even the risk of death! - to realize what Fox is, along with all corporate media: mouthpieces for a mercantilist cult of death and degeneracy, what we like to call "the Phreaks."

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Fox 26 Houston Reporter Ivory Hecker to James O'Keefe: "I want out of this narrative news telling."

Telegram vid SC Ivory Hecker with James OKeefe

Houston Texas Fox News reporter busts the news corp for censoring her and preventing the truth from getting to her viewers. Project Veritas breaks another massive whistleblower story. It's obvious that Fox News and all mainstream media is run by Big Pharma since they wouldn't let their reporters tell the truth about Hydroxychloroquine. All you have to do is watch the commercials! The toxic effects - that can even kill you! - of the Big Pharma dope they peddle are always described in each commercial - forced by law, thank God - which makes their big dollar junk lousy competition to a cheap and effective therapeutic that is naturally derived and does you no harm. Find out more about the Rockefeller Medical Mafia behind Big Pharma in a recent article of ours in the "Related" section. We think Fox is a genocidal company. This is about way more than just money!


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