OH LOOK! There's Joe on fake news again...But Wait!  Who are we really watching??

His mouth is moving, but half the words coming out are incomprehensible. Even while reading a teleprompter, this faux president continually fumbles.  

And if you are following social media's Patriot news hounds, you know he hasn't stepped foot in the White House in over a year. His fake presidency is replete with a faux White House studio set and faux sheeple who call themselves journalists. Joe doesn't seem to like to fly in Air Force One or Two and barely makes it out of whatever basement he started living in during his sham presidential campaign.

And many WE ARE THE NEWS NQW reports echo how NWO Joe is not himself. He's not the man born as Joe Biden. Many digital warrior researchers say he is a computer-generated image, a fake, a masked con, being played by more than one actor. And there is a theory that all those possibilities have come into play since the imposter and thief took the fake presidential office.

Nothing about NWO Joe is real...

He follows orders, reading what has been written for him and doing what his nurse (handler wife Jill Biden) and a few fellow Karens tell him to do. (Of course, the masters of the New World Order (NWO) are his masters also, but we don't see them hanging out changing his Depends)

More evidence

Here is another controversial video bite to add to our tinderbox of evidence showing that 'Joe ain't Joe.' 

This video clip of Joe (or is it?) was released, and we see him mouthing some spoon-fed information. The DC Swampland claims this is NWO Joe.


Biden released a video today (July 25, 2022) attacking President Trump

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jul 25, 2022
Length 1:32

I must have missed this earlier, but Joe Biden released a video today attacking President Trump the day before DJT is speaking in DC?!

"Medieval hell"… "Dripping in blood"…" surrounded by carnage…" 😂 Can you say… PANIC!!!

This is unbelievable - and I mean that in a good way. They have completely lost control of their narrative! None of their old propaganda techniques are working. We are awake like never before. (~ TheStormHasArrived17 on Telegram)

Now let us watch a sample comparison of the above video with another made the same day.

"These speeches by Biden were hours apart. These are entirely different people.
Clones, CGI (computer-generated images), who knows? (~ UNN on Telegram)


NEWSMAX says, "Biden Goes 33 Seconds Without Blinking Once 🤔 That's not normal!"

When a large news conglomerate, who may or may not be compromised by the DC Swamp, points out this anomaly in a close-up view, it's not a conspiracy, folks! 


So is that video real, is it a masked actor, or is it CGI? Or it could be that Hunter Biden is helping "The Big Guy" (aka PedoPeter) stay awake! 


Back to the original question, dear ones. Who is this person the fake press keeps putting forward as Joe Biden? Will we ever know? 

James Woods
Arthur Roberts


To understand something, it is best to define it by facts, not dogma. The true definition of Occultism... Its meaning has been thoroughly studied by a scholar, CW Leadbeater, and after due deliberation, he concluded...
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    Franz · 4 months ago
    Enjoy the horror picture show! It had to be this way. You can't always tell them.
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