Self Proclaimed Antifa Member and Murderer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead by US Marshals in Washington State

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Self proclaimed ANTIFA member, Michael Reinoehl gunned down Patriot Prayer member Aaron "Jay" Danielson in Portland on Saturday August 29th, 2020, then gets gunned down himself 5 days later. 

"39-year-old (Jay) Danielson was gunned down by far left Antifa militant Michael Reinoehl in Portland in cold blood.

Aaron (Jay) Danielson was walking down the street at night when he was shot in the chest by Reinoehl."

"Conservatives were outraged that five days after Reinoehl murdered Danielson he was still freely walking around and even gave an interview to Vice News.

Reinoehl seemingly admitted to killing Danielson in his interview with Vice.

"I had no choice. I mean…I had a choice. I could have sat there and watched them kill a friend of mine of color. But I wasn't going to do that," Reinoehl told Vice News.

"You know, lots of lawyers suggest that I shouldn't even be saying anything, but I feel it's important that the world at least gets a little bit of what's really going on," he said."


BREAKING: Alleged Antifa Murderer Michael Reinoehl Shot Dead by Law Enforcement in Washington State

"Michael Reinoehl, the Antifa militant who murdered Patriot Prayer member Aaron "Jay" Danielson Saturday night in Portland was shot and killed by law enforcement in Washington state Thursday night."

Ruby Ray Media - "The Press is Really Fueling This (Violence)"

POTUS in a press briefing today (Tues 9-1-20) before leaving for Kenosha WI: They shot him (Jay Bishop in Portland Saturday night) in the street. Then they were so happy that he died. You (the press) don't mention that. You mentioned somebody s
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 2 years ago
    Suicide by cop. He had nothing to live for in Trump's America.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Beverly · 2 years ago
    BINGO @Franz ! He was totally messed up and most likely mind controlled. I do not celebrate his death, but I do marvel at God's justice!

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