The Left's Orwellian Response to the Waukesha Massacre


Paul Joseph Watson expertly summarizes the upside-down response of the Left to the Waukesha murders. We have the five-and-a-half minute video and transcript. Head-shaking, at the very least - but we shouldn't be too surprised in this time of the flushing-out of the toxic swamp.

The Truth About the Christmas Parade Killer

Paul Joseph Watson on YouTube
Published Nov 24, 2021
5:31 viewing length (see transcript below)

"The real story is magically disappearing."


Paul Joseph Watson 0:04
Well, what do you know? It turns out the media lied again. The narrative that Christmas parade killer Darrell Edward Brooks was just fleeing a knife fight when he plowed through dozens of people was complete bunk.

Police Officer clip 0:16
I want to dispel some rumors. There's no pursuit that led up to this incident.

Paul Joseph Watson 0:20
The affidavit has now been released containing on the ground testimony from eyewitnesses and police. They say Brooks, quote, "appeared to rapidly accelerate" and quote "took an abrupt left turn into the crowd of parade participants" that this was, quote, "an intentional act to strike and hurt as many people as possible" and that the vehicle was observed quote, "to be intentionally moving side to side striking multiple people". Another eyewitness said the SUV was driving in a zigzag pattern with quote, "a direct intent to hit as many parade participants". As we told you from the beginning, this was a deliberate attack. But the media seems to be afraid of asking the one crucial question: Why did he do it? It was deliberate, intentional homicide. Why? What was the motive? What did he tell the police? This, in Wisconsin, two days after the Rittenhouse verdict, the killer is posting on Facebook about the Rittenhouse verdict. He previously posted his support for BLM.

Tucker Carlson clip 1:18
He posted a picture of a fruit bowl arranged to display the letters BLM with a raised fist.

Paul Joseph Watson 1:23
Calls for random attacks on white people and anti police rap songs where he name drops George Floyd. Do you think any of that could possibly inform the killer's motive? Or did he just randomly, in the spur of the moment, decide to rampage through a crowd of people for no reason whatsoever? One prominent BLM supporter even tacitly embraced the attack as a form of revenge for the Rittenhouse verdict.

BLM supporter clip 1:48
This has to do with the verdict. The revolution has started in Wisconsin.

Paul Joseph Watson 1:53
But according to Wikipedia, it was just a "car crash". According to CBS News, it was just a "parade crash". NBC News is still calling it an "accident".

Clint Watts MSNBC clip 2:05
...whether it has anything to do with this accident last night. Accident accident accident...

Paul Joseph Watson 2:11
Leftist media outlets like The Daily Beast are angry. But not at the killer. No, they're angry at Andy Ngo, because he posted screenshots from the killer's Facebook page. Why was it pertinent to troll through Kyle Rittenhouse's social media history over a self defense incident which had nothing to do with race? But after an incident where a race supremacist deliberately runs over tons of people in a deliberate attack, going through his social media history, Oh no, that's the bad faith work of trolls. Imagine if a white supremacist who had advocated violence against black people who would express support for far right extremist causes, who would name dropped Dylann Roof or Anders Brevik, but then deliberately plowed a vehicle through a BLM rally. Do you think the media would be calling it an accident or a car crash? Do you think the authorities would be refusing to divulge any information on a potential political or racial motive? Do you think they'd have largely brushed it under the carpet in the space of 48 hours? No, of course not. They'd be all over it like white on rice. This would be Charlottesville times 100. We'd never hear the end of it.

Victims of this horrendous attack, including children, are still dying in hospital. No visit to the victims from Biden. No national mourning. And an increasingly diminished media interest. Kamala Harris visited Jacob Blake in hospital and helped raise bail money for violent criminals. Yeah, in this case, the White House hasn't even helped promote fundraisers for the victims. Well, I will and they're in the description below. Darryl Edward Brooks was set free to conduct his rampage. Thanks to being freed on bond two days before for the measly bail sum of $1,000. The district attorney responsible for this suicidal policy even previously admitted that it was quote, "guaranteed" someone is quote "going to go out and kill somebody as a result of this bail reform". But bail is racist, see? So apparently it's all worth it.

And what was AOC's response to the attack in Wisconsin? The day after the massacre, the day after, she took to Twitter to lobby for more bail reform. And not a single tweet, not a single word about the attack in Wisconsin. These people are truly sick. Six people are dead, at least 62 were injured. 13 children remain hospitalized and six are in critical condition and purely because the entire thing completely demolishes the media's contrived moral panic hysteria about white supremacy being the biggest terror threat. They'll do whatever it takes to obfuscate, ignore or bury the truth.

Tucker Carlson clip 4:50
News organizations spent more than a year telling us that a case that had precisely nothing to do with race was somehow a referendum on the civil rights of black people and the rise of white supremacy. So if it turns out those lies, and they are lies, got six people murdered, they'll probably be the last to tell us that.


With the slaughter of innocent deplorables in Waukesha the day after the Rittenhouse acquittal, emotions are high and they are raw - and it's very clear that there is a war on for your mind. Make no mistake. America is a state of mind. We will decide if she'll be great!


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