The Narrative is Shifting Quickly.

This is the time we have been waiting for, Patriots. 

We are in the midst of the largest digital revolution ever. The fake news media psychological warfare has been waged for many years, with only one side aggressively engaged. The nefarious globalist offensive team was winning until WE, the Patriots throughout the world, united as one to defend our freedom.


And as the media narrative shifts from the corporate "brainwashing' airwaves to social media TRUTHER digital warriors (We Are The News NQW!), it is time to understand how to better help those left in a lurch, not knowing what or who to believe.

To: Patriots and Frog Family 

During my red pilling sessions, these words were repeated to me regularly: "Think Logically!" 

At this point in the mission, those words are essential because we need to remember we are at war…yes this IS a movie, but we are still at war and must play our parts. 

Ok, how the heck can that be logical? Ok, here goes…yes, 

  • Q told us this is a movie because all the major evil players were taken out (military tribunals, execution, or gitmo-forever-more) before most of us got involved. As in every war, there is clean-up, which is what we are watching happen now. But….. what about the movie? 
  • The film needs a plot, main characters, and an audience, so they are eased into a complete understanding of why this was played out behind the scenes. That is where we came in as Flynn's digital journalists….as Flynn's F.R.O.G.s!!! We started our campaign with the most potent piece initially…our #SaveTheChildren campaign. 
  • Once we awakened many on that, we showed them who, what, when, how, and why our children needed to be saved. 
  • From there, we moved on to more detailed information exposing adrenochrome, red shoe club, black eye club, pizza club, cannibalism, etc. Because of getting that info out to the public, we could enlist more frogs to assist us. 
  • We exposed the politicians, Hollywood, sports and music elite, etc., as our team of frogs grew dramatically. 
  • We became the news. Then we became the digital journalists that others trusted for the truth. The enemy never saw us coming. They were confident that the majority were completely brainwashed. 
  • We surprised them. The silent majority got off their couches and joined us. 

Do NOT let anyone tell you we are NOT the majority now because we ARE!!! now it is time to "think logically"… stop believing the mainstream media's reports and bogus C-19 numbers. Why are you even bothering to be still watching or reading their lies??? 

Think logically…Q said disinformation is necessary…an example…When asked, Q said JFK Jr was not alive. I know personally and without a question that John is very much alive. Why would Q say he isn't alive? You can figure that reason out for yourself, right? In war, you never give your game plan to the enemy. Have you noticed lately all the "that can't be true" news stories and the supposed patriots "in fighting" going on? (learn more about JFK Jr at JUNIOR JFK ON DISPLAY: IS CAMELOT ON THE WAY)

Think logically. Sometimes a distraction is necessary to keep all eyes on one hand while the other is getting the job done. I have been asked if General Flynn is really with Cabal…Holy crap, frogs…absolutely, positively NO NO NO!!! I got to look into the General's eyes; his passion is extraordinarily true and loyal to the USA and its citizens!!! He is also intensely true to President Trump and the White Hats!!!

Think logically. Think distraction. Think patriots at the top levels who must make a lot of personal sacrifices for this mission. Speaking of unique gifts, look at all the personal sacrifices you, like frogs and patriots, had to endure. 

(Source - WhiteHats on Telegram)

General Flynn talks about the Precipice

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jun 21, 2022
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Clandestine has some very good advice:

"I did a quick write-up on the methods I use to red-pill people. With the MSM continuing to lose credibility and more "fringe" narratives becoming a reality, curious minds will be searching for answers. 

I show you how to utilize some tact to spread a message. Infiltration over invasion.

Red-Pilling 101I've done this in the past, but I fear I've still been too vague. I'm going to go over my methods on how to wake up normies, as well as what NOT to do.

As a general rule of thumb, you should NOT be approaching anyone with any of this stuff. Nobody likes to be bombarded with information they didn't ask for. You should be educating yourself and conducting yourself in a certain manner, and the normies will come to you.

Carry yourself in a manner that says, "I don't subscribe to the false reality." People can sense it on you. When asked your opinion on something, state it proudly. But don't go out of your way to tell people about this stuff. The curious ones, they will detect that you are different and don't act like the rest of the brainwashed lemmings, and they will come to you.

These curious normies, who have started to notice the narrative being fed to them is bullspit, they will ask you stuff like "hey, what do you think about this?", Or "did you see this?" looking to get a response from you, for an alternative perspective to what they get from their MSM echo chamber. This is when you have opportunity to show them irregularities in what they are being fed. If you are able to show them one irregularity, they will be inspired to look for other irregularities in their narrative(s), and their search for truth begins. And depending on how close you are with the person, they will come back with more questions. And it's our individual responsibility to be as well versed as possible, so we can assist those with questions and curious minds.

Also, you need to be delicate and not throw these people head first into the deepest and most obscure of rabbit holes. They are already in a heightened state of anxiety, going outside their comfort zone and questioning their reality. Don't spook them with the crazy stuff at first. The Biltmore pool is not how you red-pill normies. Start with a smaller dose.

I was watching Patel Patriot the other day; he and his panel were discussing on whether or not using Q to red-pill people is a good idea. I agree with Jon that using Q as an entry point to get normies to believe you, is NOT a good idea. I think it's a recipe for disaster and will fail 99 times out of 100, and is ultimately doing more harm than good. But why is it so ineffective? Because the normies have been programmed to shut down and disregard anything remotely related to "QAnon." Even many of the awake ones, they don't want anything to do with it. You could show them a Q drop that says "the sky is blue," and they would call you a conspiracy theorist. That's how programmed normies are to despise Q.

But if I tell a normie that the sky is blue without mentioning Q, they would believe me because I can show some direct evidence to back up that the sky is, in fact, blue. And they weren't triggered to shut down before I presented the evidence. This is the approach I take to get normies to subscribe to Q-related themes without mentioning a Q drop. Using real-world evidence.

If they want to talk about Q down the road, after they've been acclimated a bit and unsubscribed from the mainstream reality, of course, but don't ever use it as an entry point, and don't ever bring it on to people.

And to be quite honest, Q will never be considered "real" to the masses until Hillary and Obama are prosecuted in a military tribunal. That's really what it comes down to. So I wouldn't put too much focus into proving Q is real, as much as I would focus on using Q as a tool to find real-world proof to show irregularities in the mainstream narrative(s).


(source-Clandestine on Substack)


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