Parody, Politics, and Propaganda: Hotel Kalifornia Rewrite and JP Translates News Cycle Lies


We are all just prisoners here until we pull our consent

Let's face it. Where would we be if not for the daily presence of a political parody or two to help smooth out the wrinkles in our brow from a world gone mad

Laugh at the insanity, and the liberal world cries alone. Let's somberly giggle while they draw a few tears ...

Welcome to the Hotel Paranoia!

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jul 17, 2022
Length 4:03

(Side-by-side song lyrics available as one-page PDF bottom of article)

We are NOT Committing Crimes! - News Update

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jul 16, 2022
Length 10:37


We have compelling stories that will violate your psyche and help us take over your mind. Be sure to think we have your best interest at heart, or else it won't work!


~ JP


Failed Identity Politics It is pretty tragic that some people still regard anything coming out of Jill Biden's mouth as truth, let alone good. Do they not know who her husband is? Or her son?? Yet it is glorious to watch as Jill 'no she is not a doctor' Biden gets lambasted through memes, tv commentary, and social media for being a race card pandering desperate dolt....
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    Franz · 2 months ago
    Clever re-write of that Eagles song. Right on the money, plus the satanic vib definitely fits the covidiocy psyop.
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